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Should You Adopt or Buy a Rabbit?

Updated on May 18, 2020
Priscilla Roza profile image

I love all pets but especially rabbits, so here's some awesome rabbit care that you might be interested in learning about!

Lets Get Started!

You're probably interested in getting a rabbit and have no idea where to purchase or adopt from. You may be looking into alternatives to shopping, this article will tell you pretty much all of the options for getting a bunny. Also please please please do your research before getting bunny! I cannot stress that enough! I have some more articles on bunny care in case you're interested. You might be thinking I'll go to a shop or look on craigslist but I'm here to tell you all of the options before you make the final decision! Without further ado.

Pros for purchasing from a shop

I don't think there are any pros for purchasing from a shop other than the fact that you ended up with a bunny. Although if you don't have a rescue in your area and you really want a bunny you just might have to. Personally, this for me is not the right route to go.

Cons to purchasing a bunny from a shop

  • Supporting mass breeding
  • Supporting sad conditions
  • Will have to spay or neuter yourself ( 300 - 500 dollars )
  • You might buy a store cage if you're buying a store bunny ( ain't good )
  • Most likely only baby bunnies will be available ( won't be able to see how they look and act like adults )
  • Unknown medical conditions

Getting a bunny from Craigslist pros

You are able to text or email the person you would like to purchase the bunny from. There are two options on Craigslist, you can buy or adopt (some people are looking to rehome their bunnies). Sometimes supporting bad conditions, but you also could be taking bunnies out of those bad conditions only if it's rehoming. (Breeders will continue using the same bad condition).

Getting a bunny from Craigslist cons

  • Could be giving into breeders who breed in bad conditions
  • It could be a scam
  • They might try to make you purchase the bunny with a small cage
  • Unknown medical history and conditions
  • You probably will have to spay or neuter the bun bun yourself (300 - 500)
  • Prices could range from free to 200 dollars for the rabbit ( free is not good because the other bunnies or bunny could become snake food, and 200 dollar rabbits won't get homes as quickly or at all.

Cons of adopting from a rescue

They might be a kill shelter, they only have so much capacity and that's about it. Rescues are really good!

Now the moment you've all been waiting for rescue pros!

  • Depending on the rescue prices usually range from 20 - 80 dollars
  • When you adopt you save 2 lives, the one you adopted, and you also made room for another bunny!
  • More than 7 million rabbits are euthanized each year due to overpopulation so it goes to show craigslist and shops are the problem of why many rabbits are being euthanized.
  • Most shelters pay for the rabbit to be spayed or neutered and an extra medical exam ( saving 2 lives plus 300 to 600 dollars)
  • Some rescues let you're bunny meet other bunnies to see if they're okay with each other.
  • You can volunteer to help save these beauties!
  • Usually, you and you're family are able to meet the rabbits unlike the pet store or craigslist where it's usually a done deal.
  • They also sometimes have 5 dollars adopt weekends
  • They do their best to actually have good conditions with the money their working with
  • You can meet adult rabbits and baby rabbits of all breeds and sizes.

A little summary....

By looking through this I hope it helped you make a decision on which way to go. While the craigslist and shops had little positive notes the rescues had about a dozen. The rescues definitely won and if you have a rescue or humane society near you I highly advise you to adopt. If you shop you are basically killing other rabbits because if the shop is still in business then other people are buying and dumping which leads to overpopulation in the shelter which leads to rabbits getting euthanized. The cons of craigslist and especially shops are so high it's just not worth it! Rescues are such an amazing way to adopt a bunny and make your experience so much better. There are too many benefits to adopting to not adopt! My final message is adopt don't shop!


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