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The Best Raised Dog Bowls & Feeders

Updated on February 4, 2013

The Top Rated Elevated Dog Feeders Of The Year

Big dogs need big dog feeders that sit high off the ground. The following page is full of excellent feeders and dog bowls which have all received the highest of reviews. These are best sellers and they perform well.

A little lower on this page I've also included some of my favorite large dog dishes in case you don't want to get a tall dog bowl on a stand. You can also find information on limiting the speed with which your dogs eats his food as well as other related pages.

I hope you find something you are looking for here!

Photo Credit - POSTURE-PRO Adjustable Double Diner via Amazon

My Favorite Raised Dog Food Bowl

As noted above I love the Posture-Pro elevated food bowl because it's well made, looks good, and it works well for dogs. This elevated stand scores top ratings from many prior customers and it is one of the best selling raised dog dishes you can buy. It's simply the best in my opinion.

POSTURE-PRO Adjustable Double Diner, Black, 2-Quart
POSTURE-PRO Adjustable Double Diner, Black, 2-Quart

Also available in both larger and smaller sizes.


And here are a few of my favorite alternatives.

Below I've listed some excellent dog feeders and elevated dog bowls on Amazon. Each of these are bestselling items which have received the highest reviews in their class.

More Elevated Dog Food Stands

These are stands that you put your normal dog food bowl on. These are different from elevated dog food bowls.

A lot of the dog food bowls on this page are simple bowls on streamlined food bowl stands. There are however a lot of different types of raised dog dish stands some of which are built for attractiveness while others have lots of built in storage. In all case an elevated food dish can help limit spills and messes as well as minimize the chances of you or your dog stepping in or on the rim of the bowls.

For the dog a raised food dish means easier and more healthy eating habits too. You don't necessarily have to buy the fanciest food bowl stand but having one of any kind is a great thing for you and your dog.

See the following page for even more raised dog dish stands.

Elevated Dog Feeder Stands
It's always a good thing to get your dogs dishes up off the ground. Regardless if you have a small dog or a large dog or any sized dog in between a raised fe...

Raised Dog Feeder Bowls

These bowls are sold on eBay in new condition.

Does Your Dog Eat Too Fast?

Consider getting a food bowl design to slow your dog down at dinner time. See the following page for more info.

The Best Dog Bowls To Slow Eating
Some dogs just eat to fast. By slowing their eating down you can more easily limit the amount of food they consume and keep them from getting sick. Below are...

The Best Dog Food Bowl For Big Dogs

In case you don't necessarily want an elevated dog dish for your bigger dogs you can always opt for a large, deep dog bowl instead. There are a number of good options including this stainless steel bowl by Our Pets which is my favorite.

OurPets Durapet Premium Rubber-Bonded Stainless Steel Dog Bowl 4.5 Quart
OurPets Durapet Premium Rubber-Bonded Stainless Steel Dog Bowl 4.5 Quart

This bowl is safe to use in the dishwasher and it won't slide across the floor either. It makes for a great large dog food bowl.


If stainless steel isn't for you then make sure to see this page full of ceramic dog food bowls. Many of these will be large enough for big dogs and they will fit with your style a lot better.

Unique Ceramic Dog Bowls & Feeders
Ceramic bowls are great for dogs and pet owners alike. They are easy to clean and care for, they can be decorated in just about any style you like and they a...

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