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Dachshund Lover & Breeder -- My First Piebald, PJ

Updated on September 23, 2014

PJ my first Piebald Dachshund

I have been blessed with being able to have, love, & raise dachshunds for 20 years and I LOVE them. They are the quirky, fun, loyal pet that everyone loves. I have raised and known many personalities and the dachshunds are definitely a people doggies.

I had almost all reds and black & tans when I was younger, but this time around we started with a PIEBALD.....!!!!

PJ, short for Pepper,Jr. is so adorable and a new father. He is my brown and white spotted doggy.

PJ as a puppy
PJ as a puppy

My 1st Piebald

Weenieville -- PJ

Around my house each day we let the dogs out of their runs to play together. When we do this it is like getting to see a long lost friend, even if you saw them 30 minutes ago. They run to greet us like we are the long lost buddy that they haven't seen in eons. Ears flapping and tails wagging -- their long weiner body bouncing of the ground like a pogo stick to try and get a pet or rub.

I have one male and he is my stud dog, PJ (Pepper, Jr.). PJ is a piebald dachshund, and if you don't know what a piebald is it reminds me of a spotted terrier dog, but in dachshund form. He is brown and white spotted, as you can see in the pic here where he is "visiting" our push mower.

He will run my entire yard to mark his territory, and then he comes back to pal around with the girls. :) He has 3 "red" girlfriends, Taffy, Miss Piggy, & BooBoo, a "chocolate" girlfriend, Rolo, and a black & tan girlfriend, Lulu. They keep him busy vying for his attention.

They romp and play at free time when I let them play on our acre of land. He loves to explore and try to burrow out the dirt, searching for who knows what. He chases the girls and rolls with them. It is a great way for them to get their exercise and a great way for me and my family to enjoy playing with them.

When it is time to come in the dachshunds are happy to do that as well. The dachshunds are a smart dog, though they can be very stubborn. Most of the time though if whatever you are wanting them to do comes with bragging and commendation, they will be happy to oblige.

Dachshunds For Dummies (For Dummies (Pets))
Dachshunds For Dummies (For Dummies (Pets))

This is a great read for those new to the breed of dachshunds! :)


Raising & Loving Dachshunds

P.J., Taffy, Miss Piggy, BooBoo, Rolo, & Lulu

Raising dogs period, is a full time commitment! It is to be taken with great knowledge that you are dealing with a bunch of loving, wonderful individuals that will help make homes complete with that little extra weenie dog.

I love raising dachsies, they always make me smile, regardless of my mood. My mom and I care for them, mainly, with some help from my 12 & 10 year olds. Each morning we clean their runs, talk to them and check that everyone is ok. Later in the day is the fun part/work, but mainly fun! We let them out on our land to run!!! Weenies everywhere. This gives them fun exercise and social time with their friends that aren't run-mates.

They roll and tumble, but mainly they are adventurous. They root out any critters or anything new in the yard. They dig in the dirt, which comes naturally to the "rabbit hunters" and they just overall have a blast.

While they run and play we give the runs a good wash down and refill on food and water, so that when they return they have a comfy, cozy place to call home.

Sleepy, Red & White Piebald Dachshunds
Sleepy, Red & White Piebald Dachshunds

a little Dachsy History

Dachshunds originated from Germany where they were raised to help hunt burrowing animals. Their name actually means, badger dog. They can burrow and get way into holes because of the shape of their long little body. Often the fact that they are a burrowing hunting dog, it will mean that they like to dig. If they smell something interesting, you might just end up with another hole in your yard. :)

They are long, muscular, with stubby little legs. Their front paws are somewhat paddle like for easy digging and getting to the rabbit hole.

Mine are very curious! We actually have a neighbor next door that has a rabbit loose in her yard!!! It drives my dachsies nuts to see a rabbit that is fenced off from them, but boy do they enjoy watching it. Guess it gives them hope. lol

We actually keep PJ part-time outside in our fenced in yard. He absolutely loves to watch for squirrels. If one lands in our yard, he gets a run with PJ chasing him.

Red & White Piebald in her personal pool
Red & White Piebald in her personal pool
Dog Training For Dummies
Dog Training For Dummies

If you are going to have a pet as a family member it is best to have a well behaved one. So, do your research.


PJ is a Papa! - Weenieville -- PJ

Here is the newest additions to our dachshund family......
Here is the newest additions to our dachshund family......

Deciding on a Pet

As a breeder, I see all to often how many people decide to have a pet like they would decide to get a new toy. Pets are WAY more of a decision than that. It is like choosing to adopt, as simple as that. That pet will become a loving, devoted, giving member of your family.

You must research and know what you are committing to BEFORE adopting. Know the breed -- their quirks, their habits, their nature; know what size is best for you; know that someone will be able to give the constant care and attention that that new family member will require.

As far as dachshunds go, you need to research what makes a dachshund a dachshund. Especially in regards to physical attributes. If you want a purebred dachshund, you need to know what to look for.

Choosing a pet is expanding your family it can be AWESOME. Make it so, by knowing ahead the great little life you are bringing into your family.

Sterling Silver, Teeny, Tiny, Dachshund, Doxie, weiner dog Charm, Bead,fits European, Large Hole
Sterling Silver, Teeny, Tiny, Dachshund, Doxie, weiner dog Charm, Bead,fits European, Large Hole

My mom has one on her charm bracelet, now, I just need to get me one.


Red, Black/Tan, Piebald or ???

What color dachshund would you pick?

See results
The Ugly Dachshund
The Ugly Dachshund

This movie was what got me to loving dachshunds in the first place! I LOVE it!!!! Priceless!


Piebald Puppy Playing Hide-n-Seek

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    • profile image

      TommysPal 4 years ago

      I don't have a dog at the moment though we're planning on adopting one in the near future. Right now I have three cats (Sadie, Shy and Tommy), a pet rat (Kimble), a pet garter snake (Ninja) and a betta fish that I haven't officially named yet. I think a dog would complete this big happy family.

    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 4 years ago from Arkansas USA

      I have a friend who bred dogs - so I know how much work it is. Love your little PJ! I've never seen a piebald before and really love the look. Fun to read more about him and his girlfriends and the whole gang!