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Raising Domestic Turkeys

Updated on May 20, 2013

Are you planning on raising domestic turkeys?

Raising domestic turkeys is a great way for individuals to earn extra income without putting up too much capital in the process. It's also a sure way to have something delicious to eat for Thanksgiving, allowing families to save on what would have been a fairly expensive meal. Prior to raising domestic turkeys however, homeowners should first consider several factors that will guarantee their success in the endeavour. For those who are currently thinking about raising turkeys at home, following are important tips to keep in mind.

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Top 5 Tips on Raising Domestic Turkeys

raising domestic turkeys
raising domestic turkeys

Tip 1: Decide on a Breed

There are actually different turkey breeds of domestic turkeys available in the market today. The Broad Breasted Bronze turkey is an ideal choice because they're specifically bred to quickly retain meat in their bones. For those who want traditional turkeys with a delicious taste, the Heritage Turkeys would be the ideal choice although they are slow to grow.

Tip 2: Buy when the Price is Low

The best time to buy turkeys would be around spring since this is when their prices are at their lowest. Make sure to obtain one-day old turkeys in different genders for breeding purposes. This way, homeowners wouldn't have to buy a new flock for the succeeding year. What's great about this is that springtime is also the best season to start raising turkeys.

Tip 3: Consider Area Size

Like most animals, turkeys are fond of territories and love to flap around and spread their wings. Make sure to have an ample backyard size for the turkeys to play in, otherwise they might become stressed and resort to bad behavior. An 8x8 foot area is usually the best size to raise several turkeys as they reach four weeks. Note though that after this, a bigger enclosure might be necessary. Typically, a dozen turkeys should be housed in an area measuring 75x75 feet. This can be fairly large compared to the regular backyard so make sure to have something like this handy before attempting to purchase multiple turkeys.

Tip 4: Watch out for Signs of Roosting

Place upright branches around the area and watch out for signs that the turkey is ready for roosting. Try to lift the branches around one to two feet off the ground, making sure that each turkey will have ample space to perch on.

Tip 5: Keep it Clean

This might sound obvious but the fact is that turkeys can leave dozens of droppings behind as they live within the enclosure. Make sure to routinely clean up the space to prevent buildup of manure and prevent any illnesses among the turkeys. Some owners raising domestic turkeys prefer to keep a moveable fencing, allowing them to shift the enclosure to another area in order to clean the droppings.

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Of course, those aren’t the only things people should be concerned about when raising domestic turkeys. The fact is that there are numerous factors to think about including how the turkeys will be fed, what type of food they should eat, health concerns and proper housing when the weather changes.

Interesting Video On How To Raise Turkeys

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