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Raising Sheep For Profit

Updated on August 6, 2013

Introduction On Rearing Sheep

Are you planning to venture into raising sheep for profit? There are many livestock where one can consider but sheep is among the easier one to take care and also there are a lot of by products from keeping them. Some of them are wool, meat, leather, milk and etc. It depends on the budget that you have to start but you may start on any number of sheep in view of the space you have. Here are some guidance and tips to help you start your project successfully.

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10 Tips Before You Start Raising Sheep For Profit

raising sheep for profit
raising sheep for profit

1. First, collect wool from the sheep. Wool is a famous product in the sheep industry. It is used in making clothes such as jackets and sweaters, making carpets and rags, and in the furniture trade. It is considered as an insulator so it is very helpful during the winter months. Wool is also very useful during oil spills because it can soak up oil.

2. When raising sheep for profit, you could also gather lanolin from raw wool. Lanolin consists of fatty acids and alcohol. It is used in making tapes, motorcycle oils, and ink of printers. It also functions as an auto lubricator. Lanolin is also present in cosmetics such as mascara, lipsticks, hair treatments, and the like.

3. Third, the sheep’s skin can also be a good source of income because it is being sold as leather. Remove the skin and let it undergo a process called tanning until it becomes a high quality soft leather.

4. In raising sheep for profit, you would want to know that you could gather the lambskin of a newborn Karakul sheep. The material is used in making full-fur coats, accessories, and skirts. They are usually seen in Central Asia and Namibia. The Karakul sheep serve as a food and a source of income for the people in those countries.

5. Fifth, as said earlier, you can gain dairy products when raising sheep for profit by collecting their milk. Most cheeses are made from sheep’s milk. Other functions of their milk include production of butter and yogurt.

6. Sixth, you can gain profit from the sheep by selling them to scientists and professionals because of their possible contribution to the field of science and medicine. They are usually used as models in studying certain diseases and surgical procedures. In microbiology, the sheep’s blood is being used to culture certain bacteria. Wools are also used in making wound dressings and surgical sutures.

7. Seventh, sheep are also raised to control unwanted vegetation. Let them feed on unwanted weeds and grasses during a landscape project.

8. When raising sheep for profit, note that the sheep’s meat is a very good source of profit. Pick a meat breeder when buying your flock of sheep, then sell them to the market when they are already fit. Lambs can also be raised for profit because some companies prefer their meat. They are often more expensive during the season of spring. That is the reason why sheep breeders schedule lambing of Polypay and Rambouillet during fall. If interested in sheep breeding, allot enough time to take care of ewes and lambs during lambing. They should be kept in a safe place away from predators. Close monitoring and assistance is needed for ewes and young lambs because labor can be intensive especially during this time. Supply of hays are given if that is their preferred source of food. Maintenance of health and grooming are also ensured such as vitamin administration, immunizations, foot trimming, and the like.

9. Ninth, the sheep’s waste is an excellent fertilizer containing nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus which is very beneficial in gardening. Let them wander around the field as long as they are still under the protection of the electric fences. Electric wired fences are preferred to be used in the area in order to protect the sheep from unwanted animal attacks.

10. Tenth, be knowledgeable about the marketing plan. It is very important to include a plan when learning how to raise sheep for profit should be a win-win situation when it comes to the balance between the investment and the income. You can sell your sheep to the market, slaughterhouses, or restaurants. The wool can be sold to the market or to some clothing companies and carpet makers. The sheep’s milk is marketed in milk companies who are making cheese and other dairy products. Purebred sheep, however, can also be sold to other farmers.

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New Video Module - Understanding & Raising Sheep : Why People Raise Sheep

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