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Puppy Love

Updated on August 30, 2012

Meet Skittles!

I've had other pets...even puppies...but, Skittles is the first puppy that is ALL mine! She's a little 'Morkie', a Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier mix...and she is a Love!

I named her Skittles as it fits her personality to a tee...tangy and sweet!!

She loves everyone...literally!! She wants to jump and hug and lick everyone she meets. Most folks are okay with this...though there are some folks that don't want that much affection (I do understand)...but, her outgoing personality is part of who she is.

I try not to discourage this's almost like stifling her personality. So, I just try to keep her from 'greeting' folks until I see how they respond to her.

I decided to do this lens just to share the joys and fears of sharing life with a new companion.

I'm the human.

I'm the mother to six wonderful children and grandmother to nine (soon to be ten) of the best grandchildren EVER!

In 2006, I lost my husband to cancer and have been, pretty much, alone ever since.

I do have my art...and many online keep me busy (and I am.)


My Grandson...bought Skittles for me

Shortly after the new year, 2011, one of my grandson's said..."Grammy, you need a dog."

"I can't have a dog." I replied. "I signed a 'no pets' lease."

"You need a dog." He insisted. "I'm getting you a dog."

He'd heard that getting me a pet might make me live longer:)

Well...we went back and forth...him insisting he was getting me a dog and me responding that I couldn't have

one...per my lease. Besides, I'd been so busy raising children that I didn't really think too much about getting pets.

Long story spite of what my lease said...I got a dog. And it was 'instant love'.

Skittles tugging the towels on my work chair.
Skittles tugging the towels on my work chair.

How Skittles got her name

My grandson asked, 'If you got a dog, would you want a boy or girl?'

'A girl'.

'What would you name her?'

'I dunno....Scout'.

So...he bought 'Scout' and brought her to me wrapped up in a baby's receiving blanket.

She gave me a big kiss and then started tugging at my slippers.

'Oh my goodness...'Scout' doesn't fit her personality at all...she's more of a .... Skittles! She's sweet but a little 'tart' at the same time.'

So...that's how she got her name. It just fits her so well!

Skittles Favorite Games

She loves tug of war. She has an orange cloth bone with a rope running through it. She likes to grab one end of the rope while I pull the other end. She tugs and tugs until she gets it free, then she shakes it with all her might.

If I 'ignore' her when she wants to play, she grabs the toy in her mouth and bangs it against my legs until I finally play with her.

She has a few other toys that she frequently plays with, but I think the orange 'bone' is her favorite and the most 'interactive'.

Skittles love/hate relationship with Squirrels

Squirrels drive her crazy. I don't know if it's because she wants to play with them...or if she wants them out of her yard. But, she barks at them as though they were intruders trying to break into the house.

Skittles makes me smile!

There hasn't been a day since she came into my life, that Skittles hasn't made me smile or laugh.

It has been a long time since I smiled this much!

A Few of Skittles' Favorite Toys

She has her favorite toys...

Skittle's Favorite Interactive Toy

This isn't the 'exact' toy but very similar. I couldn't find an exact replica...and hers' is too battered to photograph! I don't want anyone to think I'm a 'bad mother':)

Skittles' Spring Haircut

Skittles' Spring Haircut
Skittles' Spring Haircut

Lap dogs and 'old' people

I may not be that 'old' today's standards...but having a little furry companion has done wonders for my mental and physical well-being. Even though I manage to keep myself so busy with my online shops and sites, there was such a void in my life after losing my husband. My children had pretty much 'left the nest' and I found myself watching way too much TV to keep me 'company'.

Since I've had Skittles....

I go out more (it's necessary for her to potty)

I smile more (she has quite the personality...and makes me laugh a lot)

I'm not such a 'workaholic' ... I spend some time everyday playing with her.

I don't sleep alone anymore...she either sleeps in bed with me or right under my bed on her little blanket.

I have someone besides myself to 'worry' about...I need to be sure she is fed, warm, bathed and happy.

I get, at least, one kiss a day. Skittles loves to 'kiss'.

I meet more neighbors...nothing like a friendly little puppy to 'break the ice'.

Designer Dogs

I'll be honest and tell you that I haven't read any books about my little 'Morkie Love'. I could have rescued her from a shelter and been just as happy. But...I know there are folks who might want more information, so I thought I'd recommend this book, as it was recommended to me.

Horror of Horrors ==== Skittles is In Heat!

I took my little Skittles in and got her all of the check ups and the shots. I discussed whether or not I would be getting her spayed and decided I had a little time to 'think about it'.

Well...who knew I had barely more than six months????

She's in heat...and the poor little thing is behaving like she has 'no earthly idea what is going on'.

I confess...I wanted to wait until she was closer to a year old...I thought I had time.

Now...I am certain she WILL be spayed before she comes into heat a second time!

I do feel so sorry for her...I think she's a little embarrassed by the diaper.

Skittles' "guarding" the yard

Skittles' "guarding" the yard
Skittles' "guarding" the yard


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    • MrsZ LM profile image

      MrsZ LM 6 years ago

      I'm not sure if it is 'normal' or not...or if I just don't know much about dogs in 'heat'...but she is still in heat. Seems like a very long time for a puppy to be in heat...

    • MrsZ LM profile image

      MrsZ LM 6 years ago

      @imolaK: Thank you so much! I do love my Skittles so much! She has brought so much joy and laughter into my day to day life...I think everyone (especially if you find yourself alone a lot) should have such a wonderful companion!

    • imolaK profile image

      imolaK 6 years ago

      Thank you for sharing this story with us. Skittles is a nice and cute dog. Blessed!

    • imolaK profile image

      imolaK 6 years ago

      Thank you for sharing this story with us. Skittles is a nice and cute dog.