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Reporting Animal Cruelty!

Updated on February 6, 2013

Who can help?

OK! Now I'm disgusted! Who can help when an animal is being mistreated? The local law does nothing. Local animal control drives by so that they can say that they investigated. But no-one does anything!

I went to the ASPCA site to make a complaint and gave up after a half an hour of trying to find a way to do it. Same thing on the state Animal Rescue League.

These so-called animal rescue sights make it real easy to leave a donation and have some great animal stories, but they sure don't seem to be interested in complaints about animal cruelty. If they are, they should have a prominent link to file a report on their main page.

After I get through venting, I'll be searching for some "honest to goodness" agencies where a person can report animal cruelty and list them here.

In the meantime, scroll down to see what has me so upset!

The Stories' Beginning!

I just moved here last September and really hate to make enemies, but there's only so much that a person can take before doing something.

My neighbor had two dogs. A young Boxer and a Miniature Dachshund. I never saw either one outside unless someone was with them and they seemed well taken care of. That is until early January when I noticed that the Boxer was tied to a bush right next to my property. I didn't think too much about it as I figured that the dog was tied outside to do his "duty".

It seemed a little weird when I got up the next morning and the dog was still tied there. There was a foot of snow on the ground and the temperature was running right at the zero mark. While it's true that a lot of dogs live outside, this was a house dog and there was no shelter, food or water.

While this disturbed me, I figured that it was none of my business but I got more irritated as the second day passed, then the third and the dog was still tied there without shelter, food or water. I decided to bring it to the attention of the police chief who lived just across the street. He said that he would call animal control and have them check it out.

I never saw animal control at the house but later that afternoon, there was a pan of food and another with water sitting by the boxer. Still no shelter!

A few days later, I saw the neighbor walking the dog down the street. When he returned, he didn't have the dog with him so I assumed that he had given the dog to someone else.

While I consider this part of the story as animal abuse, it was nothing compared to the next incident!

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What Really "Got To Me"!

This spring our neighbors moved. No-one seemed to know where they had moved to but there was no "for sale" sign in the yard and a little over a month went by with no sight of them. Most of the neighborhood was a little upset because the yard was growing up in weeds and was a real eye-sore.

Then one day the ex-neighbor showed up with two kids and they started mowing the yard. My wife told me that something really struck her as strange because one of the kids had a long pole fastened to a small pet taxi and had pulled it way out to the back of the lot.

As we talked, we thought, "Oh no!". Once or twice we had heard a dog barking but never gave it a thought as there are quite a few dogs in the area, but now we wondered if that barking could have came from the neighbors garage.

While our suspicions did not give us any real reason to question the neighbor, we did walk out to the back of the lot the following day to see if the dog taxi was still there. It was, and laying in it was the remains of the Miniature Dachshund! They had apparently left the pet taxi with the Miniature Dachshund in the garage to starve to death.

Then they did not even have the decency to bury it. They hauled it out to the back of their lot and hoisted it over the fence onto another neighbors property.

My wife and I were both furious. She picked up the phone to report the incident to the police chief only to get his answering machine but even though she left a message and asked him to return her call, we have not heard back from him.

We don't know if this is because it's a small town where everyone knows everyone else and doesn't want to stir up trouble or what. We do know that cruelty like this goes on all the time and such acts should not go unpunished!

I added the X to the picture because I thought that it would be too graphic to post otherwise.

Find A Local Animal Shelter Here:

Local Shelters!

Does Iowa Condone Animal Abuse?

It appears that lawmakers in Iowa are considering a bill that would punish those who would report animal abuse to farm animals.

Apparently there have been a few incidents where someone has acquired a job in a slaughterhouse as a way to video the abuse that goes on in these places. To prevent this, farmers and slaughterhouses are lobbying to punish anyone who might do this.

While Iowa would be the first state to in-act such a heartless law, we all know that other states would soon follow. All of the effort put out by animal activists could well be wasted if these laws are passed!

At this time the House and Senate are considering imposing a $7500 fine and a five year prison sentence for anyone involved in filming animal cruelty. Click on this link (Read this article!) to see the full story.

Anyone who is against animal cruelty should write or email the Iowa Statehouse to protest such a law. You can email your protest Here!

Confronting Animal Abuse!

Confronting Animal Abuse: Law, Criminology, and Human-Animal Relationships
Confronting Animal Abuse: Law, Criminology, and Human-Animal Relationships

Confronting Animal Abuse presents a powerful examination of the human-animal relationship and the laws designed to protect it. Piers Beirne explores the heated topic of animal abuse in agriculture, science, and sport, as well as the potential for animal assault to lead to inter-human violence. He convincingly shows how from its roots in the Irish plow-fields of 1635 through today, animal-rights legislation has been primarily shaped by human interest and why we must reconsider the terms of human-animal relationships. To confront animal abuse, the book argues, attention must be paid not only to one-on-one cases of animal cruelty, but also to those far more numerous institutionalized harms where animal abuse often defined as socially acceptable.


"Share your animal abuse stories with us. It might help to put an end to some of it!

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      This story is so infuriating! I can't imagine what the poor dogs went through at the hands of your neighbour. I'm afraid that I can't stay silent or polite or 'politically correct' when I come across stories of animal cruelty - I totally lose it. And I understand your frustration with lack of action from the authorities. The RSPCA in Australia is meant to be our ultimate animal welfare organization, and they also inspect abattoirs, battery hen farms etc. but they are pretty much useless in reality when it comes to taking any action. It seems to me that the only 'power' for change is the MEDIA... contacting TV stations and newspapers is the best way to attract attention and shame authorities into taking at least some action to investigate etc.

      More than anything.... KEEP SPEAKING UP... be a squeaky wheel and never miss the chance to be vocal in the support of animal welfare. This is something that ALL of us can do.

    • darciefrench lm profile image

      darciefrench lm 

      7 years ago

      When we take the stance that everything we witness is our own personal responsibility to address, if doesn't take long for effective change to occur. Thank you for writing this article- perhaps you may not address the specific incidence of animal cruelty, but you raise the issue well. I think it's everyone who witnesses the abuse's responsibility to speak up, as you did. And also like you did, keep talking to whomever will listen.


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