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Why Should You Feed Your Dog Blue Buffalo?

Updated on September 5, 2012

Blue Buffalo Dog Food is Highly Recommended!

If you are dissatisfied with your dog's health, then you might want to consider switching to a natural dog food.

Grocery store brands of dog food include "filler" ingredients that can result in a dull coat, lack of energy and skin problems, along with loose stools.

Blue Buffalo is one of the top natural dog foods on the market. You are sure to notice a difference in your pet's health and quality of life when you switch.

Read ahead for more information about Blue Buffalo dog foods!

Blue Buffalo Official Site

What brings you here?

What are your reasons for considering switching your dog's food to Blue Buffalo?

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Blue Buffalo Dog Food is Highly Recommended!

Blue Buffalo advertises a lot. In fact, that was how I first heard of them, and then immediately dismissed them. Most brands that I see advertising on television are of the Grocery Store Brands variety, meaning that they aren't particularly high quality, but they are often high in price due to a lot of advertising. In fact, I would much prefer to purchase a brand of food with little to no advertising because I don't want to pay for their marketing. I have found that word of mouth and then buckle-down comparison is the best way to choose a pet food. I also get a lot of help from Dog Forums.

When one of my best friends started feeding her pets Blue Buffalo pet foods, she began to talk about them a lot (she has both a dog and a cat). I was impressed with her results, but still not sure about Blue Buffalo, especially considering with regard to the price. We started our dog out on Taste of the Wild first, and had great results until her first vet visit, after which our dog developed diarrhea that just wouldn't quit. We know now that the diarrhea was a reaction the vaccines, but at the time we thought it might be the food. That's why we switched her to Blue Buffalo.

Choosing a Premium Dog Food

What are the differences?

I have already talked about why you should feed a premium dog food in my page about Taste of the Wild dog food. Not only is it healthier for your dog, but it may actually cost less than many grocery store food brands (such as Purina or Iams). Premium foods also generally include less (or no) corn, which is not good for your dog's skin and coat, and which may also be an allergen for your dog.

Feeding a premium dog food is the obvious choice. However, how do you choose which food to feed your dog?

The answer is both simple and complicated: Feed your dog whatever they like best and whatever they tolerate best. Provided that the food meets the nutritional requirements of your pet (and all premium foods should), then the food you feed depends entirely on your dog, his preferences and his health. This pertains both to brand and to flavor. Some dogs are allergic to chicken, so you might try a lamb-based food for your dog if that is the case. Another dog may not be able to tolerate grain at all without having skin problems: so you switch to a grain-free brand such as Taste of the Wild.

Blue Buffalo is not grain-free.

Blue Buffalo Poll

Our switch to Blue Buffalo occurred only when we were able to find the food at a comparable price to Taste of the Wild. Otherwise, we probably would have given a chance to the Sierra Mountain blend. Blue Buffalo is not by any means the most expensive premium dog food on the market, but it is also not at the lower end of the spectrum, either.

Do you feed Blue Buffalo Dog Food?

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Blue Buffalo Puppy Foods - Thirty-Pound bags, which should last a month or more for a puppy.

I generally prefer an all life stages diet rather than a puppy food for my dog. However, our vet has recommended that we put Libby on a puppy food for large breeds. I'm not sure I agree with her decision (due to the fact that an all life stages formula tends to promote slower growth which is better for the joints) but we are going to give it a shot. Below you will find a listing of the various different puppy foods that Blue Buffalo offers. As you can see, there is quite a range here!

One exception to the thirty-pound bags below: the small breed puppy is a fifteen pound bag.

Puppy Food or Adult Dog Food?

Which is right for your puppy?

I am coming to the conclusion that this is probably a personal preference.

Puppy foods generally contain more protein than adult dog foods. Growing bodies require more energy to keep them going and growing. Ever wonder why puppies and young children sleep so much? It is generally due to the fact that they are growing rapidly and using up a lot of energy! Protein provides for muscle growth, which is very important in youngsters of all species. The high protein content in puppy foods is meant to promote growth in your puppy.

However, this can be a problem, particularly for larger breeds such as our Rottweiler puppy, Liberty. Rapid growth, particularly of the skeletal system, can be hard on the joints. Larger breeds are prone to joint problems such as hip and elbow displasia. You protect your dog's joints in other ways, such as avoiding running or jumping until your dog is finished growing. The food you feed your puppy should also reflect your concern for his joint development.

A high-protein puppy food might not be the right choice for your large breed dog. We have chosen to feed an adult dog food (Blue Buffalo adult blends do have sufficient protein for puppy development) or an all life stages food as an alternative to puppy foods.

Go Ahead and Argue!

There are different schools of thought on what a puppy should be fed. What's your opinion?

Is adult dog food or puppy food better for a large breed puppy such as Liberty?

Blue Buffalo Adult Dog Foods

We are currently feeding our young Rottweiler the Chicken and Wild Rice formula. Ours is in an orange bag, and I'm not seeing that on Amazon for some reason. Perhaps the pictures were uploaded incorrectly.

She has been doing very well on this food and is gaining weight steadily. During the three weeks between her second and third round of puppy shots, Libby gained more than five pounds. Her coat is very shiny and you can see the muscles ripple underneath it even at her very young age. I am very impressed with this food. However, it does contain grain, which I ordinarily would not recommend.

Note: I know that the large breed puppy is in an orange bag. My bag says large breed adult.

Blue Buffalo Other Blends

I do not personally see the need for a different dog food for senior dogs or those dogs who are having trouble maintaining their weight. The solution to weight management is more exercise. Regarding elderly dogs, of course ask your vet. However, for those who prefer these types of blends, here they are.

And Grain Free - Blue Buffalo Wilderness Blend

The Blue Buffalo Wilderness blend appears to be grain-free. I have examined both the ingredients list on Amazon and on the bag at the pet store.

Grain-free is a much more natural diet for your dog. However, I find the price of the Wilderness blend to be prohibitive, given the relatively low cost of the Taste of the Wild brand (which is, granted, more difficult to find in pet stores). If you are brand-loyal and do not mind eating the cost of the Wilderness blend, then Blue Buffalo Wilderness is the way to go.

Please remember that high-fat foods may be disruptive to your dog's digestive system. Please monitor him closely while he is eating a high-fat diet such as the Wilderness blend foods!

Do you think it's worth it?

The grain free formulas are often more expensive than blends which include grain. Often this is because the cost of meat is higher and grain is added as a substitute for protein rich meats. Blue Buffalo's Wilderness blend is significantly more expensive than their basic blend, especially if you consider the per-pound cost of the food.

Grain, or Grain-Free?

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Please try to keep your comments related to Blue Buffalo dog food. Spam comments are not appreciated, though the angels should of course feel free to leave their blessings here so that I know whether or not this lens has been blessed. If you don't know what that means, don't worry! You're still welcome to post!

If you want to drop some keywords in here, I wouldn't mind that one little bit. But please keep to the topic of dog food, particularly related to the grain or grain free argument. Thanks!

Have you tried Blue Buffalo Dog Food? - Please share so that other visitors can get your perspective!

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