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Russian Blue Cat

Updated on December 28, 2013

Masen : The Russian Blue

I adopted an unwanted cat named Masen. He is a Russian Blue. He's different than any cat I've ever had and I hope these photos and insights tell you more about the breed in case you are considering adopting one too!

A bit of history--the Russian Blue did take it's name from cats in Russia. They date back to the 1860's-. They are also referred to as Archangel Blues. Perhaps this is why my cat is the opposite of an Angel? It is proven in the US Russian Blues were cross bred with the Siamese. There are similar characteristics in behavior and overall look. There has even been breeding of the "Russian White" wherein a Russian Blue and White Cat were bred.

I am so happy with my Russian Blue, but it took me awhile getting used to him. I hope this gives you some insight into the Russian Blue.

Russian Blues are Sensitive - To Humans and Other Pets Too!

Russian Blue Cat
Russian Blue Cat

What you read about the Russian Blue is very accurate, especially about them being "sensitive to humans." I want to tell you out of all the cats I've owned, Masen is really intuitive to my moods and feelings. It is almost like these cats are given a special gift.

Masen was given up for adoption because two Maine coon cats were being very mean to him. It seemed as though other breeds are somewhat jealous of the calm and gentle demeanor of the Russian Blue. Because he could sense their animosity, he spent most days hiding from them. I adopted him into a home with three dogs (2 mini doxies and a bassett hound) who love him but it did take some getting used to the large bassett hound. Masen was more upset over the size of the large basset at first, but soon sensed he was gentle and accepted him.

Russian Blues love people, small children and other animals. They are curious and sneaky at first, until they feel comfortable, then they will simply strut in front of your other pets as if they are too busy to be bothered. My dogs often stand toe to toe with my cat, and their noses touch as if they are saying hello.

As for being lovey dovey, Russian Blues are not so much. I have had a bunch of cats over my lifetime thus far. Some have been so loving always wanting to jump in your lap and be petted and purr. Masen does NOT want to be botthered until he is ready. I find that the Russian Blue will approach you only when they want something as if they are saying, "Hello human, I need a refill on my food."

More than once I've been awoken in the middle of the night to my cat sitting next to me staring at me to wake up. I do want to say I find that eerily strange. Especially in the middle of the night after he's done stalking his imaginary victims, he's looming over me and somehow it wakes me up from a dead sleep. It is only then I extend my hand and I may get a small purr coming out of him. He does have a gentile side, but only when HE chooses to show it. I often wonder just how long has he been looming over me?

My dogs have a doggie door that leads out back to a fenced in yard. Masen was an indoor cat but it didn't take him long for his curiosity to lead him outdoors. He mainly stays on the porch or will lay around the yard, stalking birds or chasing butterflies. I haven't seen him actually kill much prey, he's too fat to jump after the squirrels or birds.

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Russian Blues are Sneaky and Quiet - Meowing Isn't Common

Russian Blue Cat
Russian Blue Cat

Overall Mason sneaks around and is super quiet. Some cats are out playing and running around, meowing and acting crazy, but not this guy. He sneaks around like a thief in the night all day long. You may not hear him or have even noticed that he's not hovering over you, which is a bit freaky. He tends to sneak up on you, and blend in with his surroundings. If I didn't know better, I would think he had super morphing powers.

Believe it or not, he hardly meows, but instead when he sees you come in a room he does a mini purr mixed with greeting, as if he's talking. Very odd.

Russian Blues Approach When They Want To

Even after several years of loving Masen, he wasn't the "cuddle me" kitty like some were. Russian Blues seem to have a mind of their own, and approach when THEY want to be loved.

For me, it is not uncommon to wake up and have him looming over me in the middle of the night.

Warning: Russian Blues Do Attack - When Good Cats Go Bad

Masen recently attacked a friend of the family aka dogsitter he knew and liked. I was on vacation and i think he was mad. A $100 drs bill!
Masen recently attacked a friend of the family aka dogsitter he knew and liked. I was on vacation and i think he was mad. A $100 drs bill!

Eating Habits and Weight - Big and Fat ?

Russian Blue Cat
Russian Blue Cat

I don't know if this is the fact with all Russian Blue's, but my cat waits until I am around, then jumps to his food and eats a few morsels at a time. He's a picker, not a chower. He eats moist but doesn't like it. Could care less about the smell of fresh tuna. He's more into dry food and only eating a few morsels at a time, and almost wants your approval in doing so. He isn't into cat treats. How strange is that.

I wouldn't say he's fat, or even overweight but he has a very large build. Russian Blues tend to be puffy and large built- mine is certainly a large cat. On a scale of small, medium or large, he is toppling a XL. He is solid and muscular and even though his butt is wide from the back he can jump very high and can run very fast. I think it is strange that he eats so little at a time but has such a large weight.

Oddly, he was large when I got him, and I'm not just talking obese. I'm talking tall, long, large. When you cut back on his food, you may find him nibbling on dog vittles. That is just wrong.

Don't you think....

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      athensfever 6 years ago

      You have a beautiful cat... nice lens!

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      AussieWolf 6 years ago

      cool looking cat.

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      nice lens