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You know you are owned by a Saint Bernard when...

Updated on February 22, 2009

You know you are owned by a Saint Bernard when...

·         You fall over your dog instead of tripping over them.


·         Your huge lazy boy recliner is just big enough to be "the dog’s chair".


·         You choose your wall paint color by what hides slobber the best.


·         You duck and run for cover when your dog is about to sneeze.


·         You understand the difference between shedding and "blowing the coat"


·         You go through several vacuum cleaners a year


·         You have a part time job just to pay for the dog food


·         Your dog can "counter surf" just by turning his head and grabbing as he walks by


·         You open the door when you come home and then flatten yourself against the wall to avoid an excited dog running to greet you


·         You know sheer terror when your dog is REALLY happy and running towards you


·         Your neighbors refer to your pet as "the neighborhood pony"


·         You've planned out the "tail wagging " zone on every table


·         Closing the trash doesn't help because your dog can drag off the whole trash can


·         You know trying to shove a totally asleep saint Bernard off the bed is fruitless


·         Your dogs favorite ball for catch is the size of a small basketball


·         Every time you sit in the floor your dog tries to "rescue " you


·         You find out your tub is just really a huge dog bed in his eyes


·         You have realized being barefoot around a saint is hazardous to your health


·         You can never have more than one friend in your car with the dog because he fills the entire back seat


·         You carry towels everywhere for doggie "dribbles" and to dry your face if he kisses your cheek


·         Your dog can sit on the couch without taking his feet off the floor


·         You could make a Chihuahua with the dog hair that gets on your clothes


·         And know in spite of it all you've got the most loyal companion and friend ever!


Boomer  my Saint, takes over the tub
Boomer my Saint, takes over the tub


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      10 years ago

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