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Saying Goodbye To Our Dog

Updated on March 12, 2013

Saying Goodbye to Our Dog, Our Beloved and Devoted Friend

This lens is dedicated to our loving dog that loved us as we loved her. It is not easy for me to sit here and write about this, but I am not having an easy time coping with her passing and I am hoping this will help. I like to think she lived a great life and I really hope she gets an afterlife she truly deserves. If there is something after life, then I know in my heart she is very happy and awaiting us in heaven. She was there with us through thick and thin and always gave us unconditional love. Nobody may ever read this lens, and I don't really care. Actually, if it will in any way help someone else who has lost a pet, I hope those people find it when they most need it. I am here writing to help me find peace with her death, if you think it may help someone else in some way, feel free to pass it on. I am no great writer so this will be mostly random thoughts that pop in my head. It is all about the unwanted event that I hope I can come to terms with soon. I do not wish to forget our dear friend, because I would never be able to do so, not if I lived a million years. I may be uncertain of many things but this I am very certain of. I don't wish to forget, just accept, which isn't easy. It would take a real pet lover to understand this. Others may think I've cracked. Who knows, maybe I have.

Please Care for You Dog

I love dogs and I hope everyone treats their dog the way they would treat anyone else. You dog will give you unconditional love and all you have to do is feed he or she. But please consider you canine a friend. Here are some books on being kind to your dog. We can all learn a lot from a dog. Maybe you will see something that pleases you.

Jetta Our Dog
Jetta Our Dog

I Guess It Was A Respectable Age

Is There Anything We Could Of Done?

A question that keeps popping into my head, is there anything we could of done better for her to live longer? I even had to turn to Google to help me answer this question. From what I had discovered, dogs live anywhere from 6 to 15 years on average depending on the breed. Our Jetta lived to be almost 14, so according to my findings, I guess she lived an average lifespan. It may have helped a little to know her time had come and not premature. Although it seemed like an eternity I guess her passing was relatively fast. You see she was at home on her bed and we were with her when she took her last laboured breath. We were only at the Vet as an emergency on Friday evening just before they closed. She had stopped eating and had a little diarrhea. We noticed in the snow that it was red all around the perimeter. The Vet said she was very sick and gave us a few things to take with us for the weekend. Just a few days before, she was out playing in the snow. The next day the diarrhea at became more intense and she had become so weak so quick. By early evening in a snowstorm, she passed. It was the hardest thing I have ever went through. We ran out of heating oil around the same time. We couldn't get out because of the storm was so bad so we left our dog lay in her bed with her favorite toy. She looked as though she was sleeping but it was so hard to face the fact she would never again wake up. It was Monday before the winter storm slackened and we were able to bring her to the Vet office to have her cremated so we could get her ashes a couple days later. It was a very harsh weekend and I would not wish it on my worst enemy.

Losing Your Dog Is Hard - They Can Be Like Family Members

I have listed some books below you can get on Amazon for a very low price. I think they may help with your loss. If you get one, please come back and comment on it for others grieving for their dog.

Jetta with Treat
Jetta with Treat

Her Face Was Turning Gray

I Guess I Knew It Was Coming

With every passing year, her little face was getting a little more gray. We knew she was getting old but it still doesn't make it easy when the time comes. There were many obvious signs, like it was getting harder for her to get up the stairs. Harder for the little bugger to jump up on our bed, taking up half of the bed and leaving my wife and I with the other half. She started out in her bed but it seems she always found her way up on our bed through the night. We have no kids at home now and it seems she had become so close. As I write here, I find myself having to go back with a tear in my eye and change has to had.

I knew before it happened that when the time came it was going to be hard on my wife. She loved that little dog sooooo much. I knew it would be hard on myself as well but I didn't know it was going to be as hard as it is. I keep telling my wife to remember the good times we had with her and the joy she brought us. I tell her and realize myself that we will all be together in heaven some day where she will no longer need a leash so she will be safe to run and play.

She was a very timid dog but loved to greet us and others when they came to the door. She hated so very much to be alone and that is why we wanted to stay with her every moment while she passed and after until we could bring her to the Vet for her final visit. She loved her treats but when we gave her one as we were leaving it would still be on the floor until we came home. This was usually when we were running late and waited too long to give it to her. She would not eat it when she knew we were going. As soon as we opened the door to come in when we got home, she would run and grab the treat we had given her when we were leaving for work.

Special Remembrance Items

There are a lot of little items and figurines available that may help bring a little joy to your heart and help you cope with your tragedy. These items are on Amazon which is one of the safest places to shop online.

Jetta at Christmas
Jetta at Christmas

She Brought Us So Much Joy and Happiness

Our little Jetta brought us so much joy and happiness. She loved when company came and sat or layed where she could see everything that went on. She wanted to be part of our lives as much as we wanted her to be there. She loved Christmas as much as any kid. When our kids and grandkids came to the house at Christmas and started opening gifts, Jetta had to be right in the middle of the wrapping paper sticking her head down in the gift bags. She knew exactly where hers was and didn't want to wait to pluck the tissue out of her gift bags to get at her gifts. Like a little kid she enjoyed Christmas. We didn't realize that Dec 2012 would be her last Christmas. I found a great lens on help for animals.

Christmas Gifts for Dogs

If you allow your dog to enjoy Christmas as much as anyone else they will. You will have so much fun doing it and you will treasure them moments. Take pictures to remember. Our Jetta loved having her picture taken. Her are some special Christmas gift ideas for your dog.

Goodbye Jetta
Goodbye Jetta

Goodbye Dear Jetta

What Our Granddaughter Saw Was Amazing

After that last visit to the Vet with our Jetta, we went home and some hours later after we gathered our thoughts and emotions we went to visit our daughter and grandkids. We haven't seen the grandkids for a while because of everything that had happened. When we got there, our just turned 2 granddaughter Felicity, ran to greet us and then ran to the window on the driveway side of the house in the kitchen and yelled out for Jetta, like she usually does. You see, my daughter has 2 rather large dogs, they get along with Jetta but there is a large commotion when we bring her in, so when we stop for a moment, we leave Jetta in the car. Felicity came running back over to us with her hands sticking out asking "Where's Jetta?" Then her eyes kind of looked up and her head then followed very quickly and said "There's Jetta, Jetta Flying". Felicity had a t-shirt with a child angel with rather large wings, she then pointed to the wings on her shirt and then started reaching toward the ceiling in a grabbing motion while dancing around and going up on her toes, smiling and excitedly talking her quick little jiberish with Jetta's name being mentioned "Jetta Flying". Me and my wife looked at each other and could not believe what we were seeing and hearing. We knew Jetta was there with us in spirit. We smiled at each other while failing to hold back the tears. Later I asked my daughter did she or any one else speak to Felicity about what happened to Jetta, and she assures me that her or no one else spoke to Felicity and were waiting for us to try to explain it to her.

Goodbye for now Our Dear Jetta, We Love You and Miss You, but we know you are with us in spirit.

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Hello, Brad - No, you have not "cracked". I have loved and lost more than one dog over the years, and I know exactly how it feels to do so. Only the passing of time can ease the pain of loss. It's never easy.

      I'd like to share with you this little poem someone gave me... it might make you cry, and I'm sorry for that, but it's so beautiful...

      A Dogâs Name

      When God had made the Earth and sky,

      The flowers and the trees,

      He then made all the animals and all the birds and bees.

      And when His work was finished

      Not one was quite the same.

      He said, âIâll walk this Earth of mine

      And give each one a nameâ.

      And so He travelled land and sea

      And everywhere He went

      A little creature followed Him

      Until its strength was spent.

      When all were named upon the Earth

      And in the sky and sea,

      The little creature said, âDear Lord,

      Thereâs not one left for meâ.

      The Father smiled and softly said:

      âIâve left you to the end â

      Iâve turned my own Name back-to-front

      And called you 'Dog', my friend".

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      You made me cry - you write with so much love about your beloved Jetta. Our Jack, a beautiful German Shepherd passed in 1999 and I still think of him every single day. Not long after he passed, my mother received a call from a family member who had been to see a medium. This family member did not even know we had lost our dog, but we were the only people she knew in London. The medium had told her that a beautiful German Shepherd was insisting on getting a message to his family in London, that he had been in pain and she even described the tumour he had had in his stomach, but he wanted his family to know that he was OK now. That was just like Jack; always making sure we were OK, no matter what it cost him. & I'm crying again. Jack and Jetta are somewhere now, playing and running about, waiting for when they will see us again. Thank you so much for this.

    • JimHofman profile image


      5 years ago

      My sympathies for your loss. What a beautiful way to honor a dear dog friend. You gave Jetta a very good life and you should be very proud. It's so tough to lose a pet. We bought a commemorative brick in honor of our dog Daisy when she passed. It's located in a park near a decorative fountain in our town where we used to take her on long walks and picnics.

    • tfsherman lm profile image

      tfsherman lm 

      5 years ago

      Your profound love for Jetta shines through so clearly in your lens. It's wonderful that you have the capacity to be such a caring pet owner. I truly admire you and wish you the best.

    • BLemley profile image

      Beverly Lemley 

      5 years ago from Raleigh, NC

      The love of a pet is profound! And their loss is so hard ~ essentially, a new life has to come to be around an acceptance that is almost impossible to make. Allow yourselves at least a year's worth of time for the pain to ease, and then it still won't be easy. But happy memories start to surface and it gets a bit easier, the pain a bit less. I'm so glad to hear your story with Felicity seeing Jetta ~ I have longed believe pets must surely enjoy heaven as they so deserve from their time of giving joy on earth. I would love to read more about Jetta ~ her tales must surely be very sweet! A beautiful story, please give a pet and a sweet nod to Jetta for me! And a hug for Felicity! I will include this angel story on my lens about Angel statuary ~ Thank you for leaving a great note on that lens. I hope others will pop over and read your story of your beloved Jetta! Squid Angel Blessed!

    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 

      5 years ago from Central Florida

      This is a loving tribute to your pet, Jetta. Very nicely written and thanks for including the marvelous story about your granddaughter.

    • HealthfulMD profile image

      Kirsti A. Dyer 

      5 years ago from Northern California

      People (particularly non-pet owners) often underestimate the impact of the loss of a beloved pet. Thank you for sharing your experiences with the loss of your beloved Jetta.


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