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Sheila's Schnauzies Miniature Schnauzer Rescue & Sanctuary

Updated on November 4, 2015
SheilaSchnauzies profile image

SheilaSchnauzies is a Miniature Schnauzer rescuer, writer, crochet designer, gardener, crafter, wife, mom & friend living in Omaha, NE.

Ladybug enjoys her first taste of corn on the cob! All schnauzers I have met love corn!
Ladybug enjoys her first taste of corn on the cob! All schnauzers I have met love corn!

Meet Sheila's Schnauzies!

Hi, I'm Ladybug and I'm the littlest one of Sheila's furkids. We were all rescued by the Miniature Schnauzer rescue called Sheila's Schnauzies in Omaha, Nebraska. Our mom adopted us permanently and now we get to live here forever!

Our nonprofit rescue has been going on since 1998 but none of us has been here that long... I came here when I was just 13 months old after my old parents lost their home to the economy. That's when I went into rescue in Kansas, then I eventually ended up here.

There are just two of us living here right now: me, now 4; and SueSue, who is 9. Whizzer, 14, just went to Rainbow Bridge last month. Over the years more than 60 Miniature Schnauzers and a few other kinds of dogs have been rescued by Sheila's Schnauzies from Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, and Minnesota.

Sheila's Schnauzies rescues, rehabilitates and places Miniature Schnauzers for adoption, and provides sanctuary to dogs who are un-placeable. We hope you will stay and meet all of us, say hello, and let's be Schnauzie friends!!

(All images and content ©SheilaSchnauzies.)


Sarge needs six rotten teeth removed right away.
Sarge needs six rotten teeth removed right away.

Our Newest Rescue, Sarge!

Sarge is a seven year old puppy mill survivor who I purchased from a breeder release auction in October 2015. We are currently running a fundraiser for him for his medical expenses (which are huge) at - We would appreciate your sharing his page link with your social media!


Whizzer first came to us in 2007 when we lived in Missouri on the farm, along with his brother Koby. Both the boys spent many years with us. Whizzer was adopted in 2010 shortly after we moved back to Omaha. He got to be "Only Dog" with his new owner. I received a phone call back in January 2014 from the owner, whose life circumstances had changed. He was working three jobs and Whizzer was being kept in a kennel 20 hours per day. He wanted to know if he could return him. Well, of course!

Sadly when I picked Whizzer up he was a different dog. He was sad, withdrawn, and seemed out of it. He was so stiff from the inactivity and had developed arthritis. He could barely limp around.

We took Whizzer and put him on the preventive health plan at our Banfield Vets. They helped us get Whizzer on pain meds and arthritis medication so that he could get some relief. We also scheduled an immediate dental cleaning for his rotting teeth. We got him groomed - he was a matted disaster.

Between getting some physical relief and excellent nutrition, along with a LOT of love and attention, getting re-acquainted with his doggie friends here, and plenty of fresh air and outdoors time, Whizzer gradually began to improve. After a couple of months he was coming back to his old frisky self! I got him some of his special favorite toys, like the huge plastic ball he loves to bat around the back yard like a cat! Also learned that he loves balls that make animal sounds so we kept him supplied with those. Whizzer was diagnosed with glaucoma in 2014 and we are treating that. Now he is his old happy personality, just a really goofy happy dog! Back in February we had Whizzer's remaining teeth removed because they were rotten and causing him too much pain to eat. Now he eats a steady diet of soft food and is eating much better.

He has gone fairly senile and does a lot of "daydreaming" staring off into space. But he loves being petted, loves his food, loves to play outside and his pain is kept managed. As long as he continues this way he has good quality of life. He will never be adopted again and will spend his last years here with me.

Whizzer Update... Sad News

Sadly, Whizzer's dementia worsened dramatically and we were unable to control his pain adequately. We let him go to Rainbow Bridge on September 9, 2015. We miss you Whizzer.

SueSue is a Salt & Pepper Miniature Schnauzer.
SueSue is a Salt & Pepper Miniature Schnauzer.


Hi, I'm Susie (or Sue-Sue). My name used to be Gretel and Mom renamed me after her oldest best friend Sue. I came to the rescue as a 4-month old puppy back in 2006, I nipped at a toddler who was pulling my ears. I've never nipped at anyone since coming to the rescue, so... who knows.

I am a nervous girl but very lovable. I'm afraid of loud noises and the smell of cooking. I have bad panic attacks. That last part is recent because I went through a kitchen grease fire with my Mom that was pretty scary and I refused to go outside while she and her friend were putting the fire out. During the four years we spent down on our farm in Missouri I roamed around a lot exploring, and I am having trouble learning that I can't do that now that we live back in the city again! Mom says, "Grrrrr."

I adore going bye-bye with mom and dad, I am the fastest dog here at "get the ball," and I try to boss all the dogs around. I do admit i am kind of jealous of mom, and every now and then I will do this mean barky-snappy thing at another dog. When I do that, I have to go for a time out. ("m'I bad??") My favorite things besides bye-bye are playing doggie dressup in pretty outfits and playing fetch, plus wrestling with the other girls. (check out my videos!!)

I have been adopted by Mom and will be with her forever.

Ladybug Schnauzer works for our rescue doing fundraising at local events. She is a rock star at meeting new people!
Ladybug Schnauzer works for our rescue doing fundraising at local events. She is a rock star at meeting new people!


Hey it's me, Ladybug!!

I came into Mom's rescue in July 2010 when my former family lost their home due to the economy. My brother and sister and I all went to different rescues. It was the 4th of July weekend when I made the long car trip from Junction City, KS to Omaha, NE with 8-10 other dogs on a rescue transport. As soon as I saw Mom, I fell in love with her and she says she was the same with me. She calls me her "Heart dog" because I just cuddle up so quiet to her and just sniff, or snuggle, or sit still. It's like she and I communicate on some deep level I guess. Anyway, my people aunt Celia was up visiting that weekend and when she saw me looking at mom, she told her "You HAVE to keep this puppy, look how she's looking at you like she's saying 'MOM.' "

I was a 13 month old baby when I came here and I am a Big Girl now. When I first came I was very shy but I got a lot braver since then, especially with the other dogs. I am a tiny girl, I only weigh about 11 lbs.

My favorite things are writing the gossip column for this web page, being Mom's shadow, meeting people. I love playing tuggie with Sue. I love watching the critters out the front window and getting a bath. Mom says I will never leave her side, so that's that.

OH I forgot - I love to play dressup too. And when my people uncle John's big 90 lb. dog Otis was here, (he was my same age) he was my very best friend. He went to live at the lake last spring.

Here is the pic of me with mom on the first day I was here, before I got groomed. Mom was shocked at how tiny I really was under all that hair!

Lady Has A New Job!

Ladybug's first official Therapy Dog visit on 5-09-15
Ladybug's first official Therapy Dog visit on 5-09-15

Ladybug And I Certified As Therapy Dog Team!

So PROUD of my Ladybug!!! She and I passed our therapy dog team certification test on 05-09-15 through a national organization with flying colors!!! Can't tell you how good it felt to do the visit with four other awesome dogs. Fabulous!!!! A very longtime dream of more than five years realized. We plan to do our visiting at one local hospital and one local retirement facility.

A Few Of Our More Recent Rescues...


Kirby meets his new family!
Kirby meets his new family!


Kirby was one of those "new baby, dog's got to go" rescues. He had snapped at a two year old girl when she jumped on him while he was sound asleep, Kirby is a lovely well behaved boy and he is now in an excellent home with two older adults and no kids to torment him!

Izzy (RIght)

Izzy (far right) on her rescue trip next to my Ladybug
Izzy (far right) on her rescue trip next to my Ladybug


Izzy was on death row at an eastern Iowa shelter one afternoon with ONE HOUR to live when I received a call from my Iowa volunteer asking if we could help her. "YES - pull her!" was my response. Volunteer Sheryl asked another dog rescue volunteer in the city where the shelter was to go and pull her out, which she did. Thus began Izzy's long rescue journey. She was driven to where Sheryl lived, then Sheryl met my son John and I in Des Moines, Iowa to transfer her to us. We figured out pretty quickly that tiny little Izzy was a mix of Cairn Terrier and Schnauzer, commonly bred and called Carnauzers.

Izzy is one of the smartest dogs I have ever met. She came very close to living with me permanently because I adored her, but I knew someone else needed her more... My longtime friend Pat had adopted a dog from me in the past who enjoyed a wonderful life with her. Pat had adopted another dog, a bit of a problem child because he, a full bred Schnauzer, was an attention junkie! He would not stop pestering Pat for a minute! Well, enter miss Izzy... Sam the problem child instantly fell in love with and became totally obsessed by Izzy! Pat's problem was pretty much instantly solved. Sam and Izzy play nonstop all day long, every day. They are both very playful and high energy. Pat adores Izzy. I'm very fortunate that they live close to me so I get to see her furkids frequently.

This is one of those rescue stories all too common where you say "Yes, we'll help this dog" on faith knowing the right person is waiting out there somewhere for them. You just have to find them.

We're Stars!! - Check Out Our YouTube Videos!

Our Rescue, Shyla Sue! (Now Josie!)

A Tiny 8 Lb. Schnauzer Who Had A Horrible Experience But Made A Recovery!

Shyla, which I named her because of her initial shyness, is one of the tiniest Schnauzers I've ever worked with. She is coal black with the most gorgeous brown eyes! She is one of those dogs who just melts into you when you hold her. (I call her "fully poseable!")

We believe Shyla was picked up and carried away by a large bird, since she had big claw holes on both sides of her torso when she was found wandering stray in eastern Iowa.

Shyla came into Sheila's Schnauzies at age 4. In this picture, in Des Moines, Iowa, she is being transferred from an eastern Iowa rescue to Sheila's Schnauzies. She underwent treatment for hookworms and a bit of dehydration, and got a little better each day. Her side puncture wounds completely healed although she had a bit of residual soreness for some time.

She's amazingly friendly, smart, and the perfect house dog! I was lucky to find THE best home in the world for this special little girl with our long-time volunteers Larry and Bonnie of Gretna, NE.

My 2013 Summer Vacation...

By Ladybug

I got to go on a Big Bye-Bye with Mom and Dad and we drove down to Gladstone, MO (right by KC) to visit my Aunt Celia, Uncle Randy, and their teeny Yorkie Lucy Liu. We had SO much fun napping on the deck, playing together, and listening to the grownups yapping! Mom and Dad took me to the Kansas City City Market, where lots of people oohed and aahed over me and I let several little kids pet me! One person even tried to adopt me but Mom said nope, I'm not available! So Lucy, when you gonna come up and visit ME, girl??

Shattering News!

An idyllic evening on the patio... From a Summer awhile back...

As usual in the summertime, the Schnauzie family was chilling on the back patio, doing all the usual Schnauzer things... but mostly snoring! Mama was playing Jewel Quest on her iPhone and fighting off some very determined mosquitoes. Koby was lying on the patio next to mama, his favorite place.

The silence was broken suddenly by tapping on the back door window, followed by the sound of shattering glass! Apparently there was a crack in one of the back door windowpanes, and when Daddy tapped on it, the glass splintered into a zillion pieces. Koby stood up and "mooed," meaning "What do I do, Mama?" There must be nothing scarier than being a blind dog surrounded by broken glass! Not like anybody had little doggie shoes on! Mama scooped Koby up and kind of gently tossed him through the back door to safety, then started grabbing the other furkids who were equally confused at the sudden drama.

Once everyone was inside, Daddy saw that Koby had blood on his back! There was no glass on him, but apparently a piece of sharp glass had fallen on top of Koby and cut his little back right on top of the spine! Mama grabbed a wet towel and put pressure on the wound and finally got it to stop bleeding. Then Koby had to have the 1/2" long cut flushed out with "mean medicine" (peroxide spray). He did NOT like that!

Scrappy did his best to keep everybody in line by barking nonstop through the whole adventure. SueSue helped him, and also circled around trying to herd everyone where she wanted them. Ladybug stuck close to Mama, not knowing what in the world was going on. Bailey took off for the living room, knowing that in all the excitement the favorite Dog Bed was probably empty. Monty headed for the food bowl, hoping to sneak a few extra snack bites before bedtime.

(Note: Koby, Monty, Scrappy and Bailey are all at Rainbow Bridge now. I'm leaving this story here in their memory for my boys).

Talk Around The Water Bowl... - Ladybug Schnauzer Models Her Hand-Sewn Dress By Mom SheilaSchnauzies!

Chelsea Plays Dressup With Ladybug
Chelsea Plays Dressup With Ladybug

Enquiring Schnauzer Minds Want To Know!

What's Your Favorite Thing To Do For The Weekend?

See results


The furkids at your local shelter aren't as lucky as you are! They would really love your used but clean old toys, blankies, and any other stuff you're tired of playing with!

We LOVE Our Volunteers!!!

I may be prejudiced, but I believe we have the world's best volunteers! I can call and they will drop everything and RUN to save a dog(s). And each couple has done it, many times over. Both couples have taken dogs into their own homes many times. Both couples have driven long distances, spent sleepless nights worrying about the fate of a furkid, and so much more.

I will respect their privacy and just use their first names and locations for now, since they don't know I am doing this:) Sheryl & Bob live far across the state of Iowa and began volunteering after the loss of their beloved schnauzer, Heidi, as a way to help fill the void in their hearts. They soon adopted one of my furkids, Baxter followed by another little girl, Lily Rose, both of whom are now at Rainbow Bridge. Sheryl has arranged many rescues and placements with other rescues or with new forever homes. She is simply amazing. And tireless!!

And I love you too, Larry and Bonnie of the Omaha metro; we go back many years as well and you have adopted our furkids, taken them in poor health and lovingly nurtured them back to health! I hope you will have your two lovely rescue kids with you for a long, healthy time. They sure are doll babies! Larry has been a major sounding board for me, has run transports, has delivered and picked up things, and so much more. And his wife, Bonnie, is an amazing seamstress - soon you will see the amazing fleece blankets she just embroidered with our rescue's name and delivered for the furkids (they are snoozing on them right now, Bonnie!!)

I will edit and expand this story (a lot) about all our volunteers, later on but for now I just want to say a thousand thanks for everything you do and have done for the furkids, for the small fortune you have donated to support the furkids, and much more. I love you both!

It's all about the dogs. And these people all exemplify that. If you would like to volunteer your time or resources to help us, please email me at

Our Ongoing Needs

  1. Gift Certificates to PetsMart, 1-800-PETMEDS, or Banfield Veterinary for the dogs' ongoing needs such as treats, collars, leashes, toys, prescription food and regular veterinary care.

    Or, you may Paypal your donation to

    The Schnauzers say "Woo-Roo," which is Schnauzerese for "Thank you so much!"

  2. Veterinary Care - email me at for contact info

Scrappy Jack At Rainbow Bridge

"The Boss Schnauzer!"

Scrappy Jack (SJ for short) was not a rescue, he was my personal pet whom I purchased as a puppy before I knew about rescue. Scrappy was my constant companion and I adored him. At age 12, he contracted a MRSA infection during a dental procedure and later passed away after a four month agonizing illness that we thought we could beat. Scrappy's favorite things besides Mommy were his squeaky toys. He loved to "get his Squeaky on!" Scrap also had a cool trick he taught himself - when I would finish a bowl of cereal I'd leave just a scrap of milk in the bowl and set it on the floor. He'd lap it up, then he'd pick up the spoon, gingerly remove it and set it on the floor, and continue cleaning up the bowl. It was comical to watch. My heart still hurts from losing my baby boy even two years later. I adored him.

I Got To Go To PETSMART!!!

Ladybug's Big Adventure

On Saturday afternoon, my mom was wanting to take me somewhere fun, and she told me about this place called Petsmart. I really couldn't believe such a place existed... but it did! When we got there, I saw myself in their front window and barked like crazy! Almost crashed into myself:) We looked at clothes, and toys, and treats, and mom showed me the guinea pigs and the birdies. Now you know, of course you can't touch their aquariums because they'd get scared. But I could smell them and it was wonderful! Oh and I met three doggies, too.

I got to pick out a t-shirt for me, one for Sue, and four for the boys. They were on clearance!! Then we got to pick out a treat, my favorite part. Oh and a toy! I picked out one of those unstuffed toys, a big pink Flamingo. Mom says I have good taste:) Boy am I gonna have sweet dreams about this big adventure! Mommy said I was a Very Good Girl.

Winnie Mae

My Fairy GrandDogDaughter

Ahhh... when you imagine the perfect Schnauzer, there's Winnie. Winnie is a lovely girl, born in 2007, perfect in every way, and the sweetest personality you'd ever want to meet! I was fortunate to spend a couple of months raising her as a small puppy when my daughter first bought her, until she had an apartment that would allow dogs. Then we barely saw her for four years while living at the farm. Now that we're back in Omaha, I get to spend time with Winnie! I simply adore her, spoil her rotten every chance I get! Her favorite trick is trying to sneak her plush toys outside when she goes out. It's hilarious. She never plays with them outside, just wants to TAKE them outside.

She gets along with all people, all dogs, the whole world is her friend.

You Can Help The Schnauzers NOW

Without EVER Costing You A Dime!

If you like to shop online, you can start your shopping at each time and the retailer you shop with will donate a varying percentage of your purchase to our rescue! They have a toolbar button you can install on your browser where you don't even have to remember to use iGive - it happens automatically! All you need to do is go to, and do the quick free one time sign-up and that's it! iGive will give our rescue a bonus of $5 per person who signs up! Doesn't ever cost you a dime and we so desperately need the contributions. Please pass this info to all your friends who love animals too!

We have huge vet needs. Our furkids currently incur a $140 per month vet bill for preventive care through Banfield. Then there are medications which are extra. There's the occasional new collar, new toy, and ongoing grooming expenses (every 6 weeks per dog at $40 each). These things cost lost of money, and I support it out of my own funds and the help of donors!

How COOL - you can help us without it costing you a dime!

Use your special joinLink:

And please pass this on to all YOUR Schnauzer friends, and ask them to help too!

Thank you SO much, I know we can count on our Schnauzer friends! God bless, -Sheila

PS: Here's some details:

- Since 1997, iGive members have donated (for free) $5,600,000+ just from shopping.

- Over 28,000 causes have received checks.

- $5 donated for using iGive (the iGive Button) through 10/31/11. No purchase necessary.

- Another $5 (or more) is donated if the new member also makes a purchase by 10/15/11.

- Shopping more means helping more. Over 900 great stores participate.

- No pop ups, ads, toolbars, special search engine, or unwanted emails.

- Our Facebook Page has great testimonials:

A Sheila's Schnauzies Rescue Story - Lily Rose, Before & After

First the sad news – we lost our Lily Rose to a very aggressive cancer in 2014. But before that, Lily enjoyed many wonderful years as a spoiled rotten little girl living in Iowa with our volunteers Sheryl and Bob, where she spent most of her beautiful little life.

Lily was dying as a 14 week old puppy when I got a call from a vet saying her owner had refused to pay for medical care, and wondering if our rescue would take her over. My answer was "YES - save her!" and the vet got IV's started and did the emergency care. Lily ended up needing a surgery for obstruction of her stomach outlet. Sheryl and Bob assumed all the expense, and I nursed Lily, a tiny puppy, back to health. Then she got to go to live with Sheryl and Bob when she was well.

I was so lucky to be able to have a visit with Lily and Sheryl in August 2013 when we worked a rescue together! She was indeed a beautiful girl inside and out and will be forever missed.

Bark! Woof! Woo-Roo!! Wag-Wag!! (THANK YOU!)

We got a much needed present...

Our friend and volunteer Bonnie is a wonderful seamstress and she made these incredibly soft fleece blankets for us and brought them by the other day. Bonnie, they sure do pass the nap test!! Thank you SO much for all the wonderful things you do for us furkids!

What NOT To Let Your Doggie Eat! - 25 Common Foods Poisonous to Dogs

Found this great link, thought I'd better share!

Howl-O-Ween - Ow-WOO!! Woo-Roo!! (That's Schnauzerese for "Trick or Treat!")

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Mom always gets into the Halloween spirit and dresses up with the furkids!Trying on costumes is always fun!Winnie decides she likes Ladybug's costume better than hers!My beloved MontyA Halloween cartoon I drew many years ago
Mom always gets into the Halloween spirit and dresses up with the furkids!
Mom always gets into the Halloween spirit and dresses up with the furkids!
Trying on costumes is always fun!
Trying on costumes is always fun!
Winnie decides she likes Ladybug's costume better than hers!
Winnie decides she likes Ladybug's costume better than hers!
My beloved Monty
My beloved Monty
A Halloween cartoon I drew many years ago
A Halloween cartoon I drew many years ago

Author Unknown...

"It came to me that every time I lose a dog they take a piece of my heart with them. And every new dog who comes into my life, gifts me with a piece of their heart. If I live long enough, all the components of my heart will be dog, and I will become as generous and loving as they are." Unknown

In Memory...

The four elderly boys who spent over five years each with our rescue all passed away in 2012 and 2013. They were beloved Harry, Monty, Bailey, and Koby Schnauzers. Each of the boys has their own page here on HubPages. They will be forever missed and each took a piece of my heart with them.

You Can Help Sheila's Schnauzies!

We gladly accept your Paypal donations to the email addy, . We operate as a nonprofit organization and your contribution is tax deductible!

You can also help our rescue by purchasing any of our items on eBay or Cafepress, or by doing your online shopping through (ID = Schnauzies). iGive donates a percentage of your purchase at any of almost 1,000 retailers to us automatically.

The furkids say "Woo-Roo!" Which Is Schnauzerese for "Thank You!"

Welcome to our Schnauzer Friends page! We hope you'll stop by often, see what's new, and say hello whenever you're here!

Please Bark & Sniff As You Pass By! - (No Marking, Please!!)

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    • profile image

      Goldie Lane 

      3 months ago

      We had our miniature schnauzer for over 17 human years and our other dog for 15 human years before they each passed of natural causes. Since then, my husband has passed and now I am retired and I need to be rescued by a miniature schnauzer to live out the rest of my years with. I live close to Des Moines, Iowa. Please rescue me!

    • profile image

      Kylee Hastings 

      7 months ago

      Hello, my family and I are looking to give a rescue a wonderful and loving home. We have always been big shnauzer lovers. We live here in Lincoln as well. I would need the furbaby to get along well with my almost 3 year old son and my cat. Just let me know! Thanks

    • profile image

      Jeanann Jelinek 

      20 months ago

      I would like a mini Schnauzer for Christmas. Do you have a fur baby that needs a good home with an older couple- we are 60. I live in Lincoln.

    • profile image

      Katie Dauzat 

      2 years ago

      I love reading your stories. We just lost our very loved Mini Schnauzer Jezebelle. She was the love of our lives!! We live in Georgia and she was difinetly a Georgia Peach. Maybe in a while we will get another one. If you have any in awhile I would love to know and would definetly drive there to pick up one who needs a forever home. I'm not sure if we have a schnauzer rescue here in Georgia or around the south. Keep on being an "Angel" for those babies.

    • SheilaSchnauzies profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Omaha, NE

      @Meganhere: Thanks so much! She has a wonderful home now!

    • Meganhere profile image


      5 years ago

      Shyla's adorable. I'd take her but it's a big gap between Omaha, Nebraska, and Melbourne, Australia. You're doing good work for a good cause.

    • WildWilliams profile image


      7 years ago

      Thanks for sharing your many great lenses. Schnauzers are so darn cute.

    • fionajean profile image


      7 years ago from South Africa

      Hey there, what kind of schnauzer would I be if I didn't leave a mark - we have two little monsters and they are definitely the most intelligent dogs.

    • Karicor profile image


      7 years ago

      My very first dog was a Miniature Schnauzer called "Hexe" (German for "Witch"). She was all black, tiny compared to today's Minis, bow-legged, and she had a huge ego. Hexe made it clear that she was no children's toy; instead she preferred to be spoiled rotten by the grandparents. Schnauzers have such strong personalities, and it's good to know there's a place like Sheila's to care for the unlucky ones (rather, unlucky once!). SquidAngel blessings for your wonderful work!


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