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Tote Style Or Bag Style Collapsible Cat Carriers?

Updated on June 5, 2013

The Top Airline Approved Cat Carrier

Sherpa Original Deluxe Cat Carriers are as tough as they come. Whether you need to use it on the plane or in the car, the Sherpa soft cat carrier is designed to withstand hazards on the outside and your feline friend on the inside.

On this page we have presented the medium Sherpa cat carrier and the small soft cat carrier. With any of the products presented here you can be sure you will have no problems at check-in due to your Sherpa cat carrier. It is the airline approved cat carrier recommended by almost all airlines.

Collapsible Cat Carrier Tote

Pink Sherpa Cat ToteCHECK PRICE

Sherpa Cat Bag And ToteCHECK PRICE

Sherpa Sport Sack Cat CarrierCHECK PRICE

Collapsible Cat Carrier Bag

Ultimate Sherpa Cat Carrier Soft BagCHECK PRICE

Sherpa Original Classic Deluxe Soft Cat CarrierCHECK PRICE

Sherpa Deluxe Collapsible Cat Carrier, Olive GreenCHECK PRICE

I Can See Clearly Now, The Roof Is Gone!

For some cats, travelling is an extraordinary experience, full of unfamiliar sounds, smells and movement. Not being able to see what is happening around your pet can be quite stressful for him or her.

Sherpa Cat Carriers have solved this problem in 2 ways. The carriers have mesh on the sides and ends to enable sounds, smells and sights to be experienced. And, the top flap unzips like a sunroof. These features also mean that the Sherpa has excellent ventilation.

The back and both ends can be closed up for privacy and to keep cold drafts out.

How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill YouOrder From Here

Training Your Cat To Get Into A Soft Sided Cat Carrier

I'm A Cat, I'm A Cat, I'm A, Cosy Cat

Why Cats Love Confined Spaces (Like Comfortable Sherpa Collapsible Cat Carriers)

My Burmese cat, Misty, is forever climbing into our closets and bathroom cabinets. We sometimes hear her meowing because we have closed the door without realising she was in there. If we leave a cardboard box on the floor she is in it like a flash.

Why do cats do this?

Quite simply, cats love smaller spaces because they feel safer in them.

The same principle applies to a soft sided cat carrier. Vets have noticed that most cat owners buy carriers that are too large for their cats. This creates 2 problems - a less secure environment for the cat and a carrier that is more difficult to stow on the plane.

The solution - buy the smallest soft cat carrier that will accomodate your cat comfortably, not the largest.

Up, Up And Away With My Sherpa Cat Carrier

How To Be Airline Savvy With Your Collapsible Cat Carrier

The Sherpa Airline Approved Carrier weighs next to nothing, so it won't compromise your carry-on allowance or break your back.

They are airline approved for inside the cabin, not the cargo hold. For the hold you will need a rigid carrier.

They have a large side pocket for carrying a ziploc bag of cat snacks or cat accessories.

There are two points of access to the carrier - through the top and the end.

If you want even more peace of mind, you may want to look at the information provided by the Guaranteed on Board program too.

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