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Unique And Fun Shiba Inu Gifts

Updated on January 6, 2014

Let's Go Shopping For Shiba Inu Gifts!

If you have landed here, you probably fall into at least one of the following three categories:

*You own a Shiba and want to find some cool Shiba Inu gifts.

*You know someone who owns a Shiba Inu and realize anything Shiba related in the perfect gift for them!

*You are considering a Shiba Inu as a pet and want to know more!

Since I am a Shibamom, I have fallen into each of these categories at one point in time. I took some time to put together some of the coolest Shiba Inu gifts I could find so you could Shiba shop in one convenient location!

I found some Shiba figurines like in the picture here, cool posters, calenders, Shiba PJ's just for you, Shiba signs and, well, too much to keep listing here! I truly hope you enjoy your visit and find that perfect Shiba Inu gift for yourself or your favorite Shiba!

A Shiba Sculpture - An Ideal Shiba Inu Gift

Sandicast Original Size Red Shiba Inu Sculpture, Lying
Sandicast Original Size Red Shiba Inu Sculpture, Lying

A Shiba figurine is a thoughtful gift that will last a lifetime. This sculpture looks virtually lifelike and captures the Shiba likeness very well, don't you think?


Why We Spoil Our Pets

We love our pets, make them members of the family and often take them wherever we go so it's perfectly natural to want to buy our beloved canine companions gifts and celebrate special occasions with them.

Our pets give us unconditional love and loyalty. They can put a smile on our face when all else fails. And those eyes. Who can resist "the look" only our canine BFF can give at just the right moment?

Since our K9 buddies gives us all that unconditional love, isn't it natural to want to give something back? Spoil them with a special gift?

I think so, what about you?

Extra Cute Stuffed Shiba

Mini Shiba 6" by Fuzzy Town
Mini Shiba 6" by Fuzzy Town

What a cutie-pie this Shiba is! The perfect gift for the Shiba owner or perhaps your Shiba Inu needs a friend?


Shiba Inu Picture Frame

Have You Heard About The Shiba 500?

A Unique Characteristic For Sure

The happy Shiba Inu is known to run the Shiba 500. It usually goes something like this:

Shiba flying through the door and leaping onto the sofa. Frantically runs back and forth across the sofa about four times, leaps off the sofa and runs around the dining room table three or four times, runs up the stairs through a couple of bedrooms, leaping onto a bed then off a bed and dashing off to the next bedroom to repeat the bed leaping, comes flying down the stairs, to dash across the sofa once more and then a little slower around the dining room table for a Shiba 500 victory lap. This usually ends with a little skip before whoever might be watching.

Unfortunately if the person who is presented with the skip reacts in any way, the race is on again. It's better to just kind of nod a little or maybe raise your eyebrows.

Shiba Calendars & Books - A Classic Gift Idea

You Have Now Entered The Shiba Zone

Another Unique Characteristic

The Shiba Zone is a personality trait that can come in many forms, but a good example is when you find your Shiba staring intently out the window for long periods of time....but the blinds are drawn.

Another example is upon witnessing the Shiba 500, you decide your Shiba needs a little exercise so you take her outside with her favorite toy. When you throw it and encourage her to, I don't know, chase it or fetch it, she looks right through you with a stare that says: "Excuse me, you didn't think I was getting that, did you?" Then she calmly walks away....never looking back.

Do You Shop For Your Canine BFF?

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    • profile image

      sandi_x 4 years ago

      Lovely gifts, I love dogs.

      Great lens ;-)

    • scottemak lm profile image

      scottemak lm 4 years ago

      haha i love my shiba! awesome gift ideas i actually got mine one of them for christmas this year!

    • HotChristmasGifts profile image

      HotChristmasGifts 6 years ago

      Don't really shop for my canine BFF, but that's mostly because she's a mixed breed. Did have a towel made with a picture of her. Been in love with the Shiba Inu ever since I discovered it though. That Shiba smile always puts a smile on my face :-)

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      Such beautiful dogs, I love reading about them and looking at the great pictures. 5 Stars

    • MissPuppy profile image

      MissPuppy 7 years ago

      I Wish I could buy all of the cute things on your lens. I really love puppies.

    • Sylvestermouse profile image

      Cynthia Sylvestermouse 7 years ago from United States

      These are so cute! I am falling in love with your puppy. I do love dogs!

    • divacratus 2 profile image

      divacratus 2 7 years ago

      Cute gifts. Loved the posters especially!