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Shrek the Sheep

Updated on September 21, 2014
VladimirCat profile image

Vladimir is a former champion ratter (retired). His hobbies are bushwalking, birdwatching and nature studies

Shrek, the Spartacus of Sheep

Shrek the Sheep is a real hero

Feathered, furred or finned, the fire of freedom burns in every breast. Even a sheep will hear the Call of the Wild and, tossing security behind, will make a break for the ancestral jungle.

In Shrek's case, it was flight to the wild mountains in South Island, New Zealand.

Shrek fled from his flock, dodged capture and evaded the baaarber for six whole years.

Mountains of Otago

Shrek hid in the mountains of Otago

Did Shrek the merino sheep dream of freedom while hiding out on the rocky mountain tops in New Zealand's South Island?

He survived on the high country 4,900ft above sea level, getting through the summer heat and bitter winters with snow metres deep. (Tenacious is a word that springs to mind).

He probably lived under a rocky ledge, meditating on the mysteries of life, scraping enough of the sparse vegetation to get by.

Shrek is found after 6 years

Shrek's luck came to an end when he was spotted by Ann Scanlan, at Bendigo hill station on South Island.

With his nose barely protruding from his poll and his feet only just visible, Shrek nonetheless put up a good chase before he was finally cornered among some rocks, and carried away.

The biggest woolly you've ever seen!

Now for the Shearing ..

Even though Shrek was deprived of his wild mountain freedom, it would be a relief to remove that six years growth of merino wool.

Although his enormous fleece impeded his vision, Shrek's knowledge of the terrain had kept him safe on the 60m cliffs.

How could he see with the wool over his eyes?

Who says Sheep aren't Smart?

Who would have thought to write a book about sheep investigating the murder of their shepherd?

Three Bags Full: A Sheep Detective Story
Three Bags Full: A Sheep Detective Story

A disparate set of sheepy personalities work together for the greater good.


Sheep make you sleepy too

Does anyone really count sheep to go to sleep?

Sometimes small humans have trouble counting, they don't need to with this furry, squishy, cuddly lamb.

Winner of several industry awards, including the National Parenting Council's Seal of Approval and the iParenting Media Award.

Cloud b Sleep Sheep On The Go Travel Sound Soother
Cloud b Sleep Sheep On The Go Travel Sound Soother

Soft, adorable and compact sleep time pal plays calming sounds and is great for home or on-the-go use--anywhere baby needs a little extra help drifting into dreams


The Shearing of Shrek

Shrek was carried into the shearing hall at Golden Gate Lodge in Cromwell, and placed in a pen on a platform surrounded by an admiring audience.

Peter Casserly, former world blade shearing champion, removed Shrek's huge 59lb fleece, big enough to make suits for 20 men.

Twenty-five minutes later his 15in coat of heavily matted wool, said to be rock hard in places, was lying on the floor and Shrek emerged from under the shears unrecognisable - small, white, and considerably lighter.

Casserly considerately left him a covering of wool.

Thousands tuned in to watch the event, televised for charity.

Shrek and Fans

High Paw to Shrek!

Congratulations, Shrek!

You tasted freedom, you beat all the odds, outwitted adversaries and lived as one with Nature. Now you've returned to the fold to find you're too old to be sold for mutton.

Instead you devote your time to raising donations to Cure Kids, turning research into hope for many thousands of children throughout New Zealand.

What do you think?

Should Shrek have been left in freedom?

See results

We bid Farewell to Shrek

When Shrek finally crossed the Rainbow Bridge, his ashes were scattered on Mount Cook, New Zealand's tallest peak.

© 2014 Vladimir

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    • Elle-Dee-Esse profile image

      Lynne Schroeder 

      5 years ago from Blue Mountains Australia

      and in true trans Tasman tradition, Shrek has a pretender for his title. It's a pity Shaun from Tasmania didn't quite produce the goods

    • PaulWinter profile image


      8 years ago

      A great shaggy sheep story.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I love this! I am currently writing my own tales of Rocky... more later!

    • ellagis profile image


      8 years ago

      I was fascinated by Shrek too, but unfortunately I met him when I read on newspapers that he was dead.

      Actually, I wondered too if it was right to catch him or not. The "romantic" part of me just saw his free spirit, and the will of freedom, but I think that it was going to become very hard for him to stay in the wild to such that quantity of wool. Probably dangerous, because he could not move quickly. What do you think about? Do you agree?

    • indigoj profile image

      Indigo Janson 

      9 years ago from UK

      Good for Shrek! He clearly responded to the call of the wild. I did feel for him at the thought of how hot he would have been in summer though!

    • MrSquiffy profile image


      9 years ago

      Thanks for Shearing (get it) But you spelt Otago wrong.

    • purplesheep lm profile image

      purplesheep lm 

      9 years ago

      Fantastic - The more sheep the better

    • WildFacesGallery profile image


      9 years ago from Iowa

      What an interesting story. Though he really looks like he was in need of a good shearing. Frankly I'm amazed he looked so clean. That much wool for that long I would think have gotten a bit manky.

    • Stazjia profile image

      Carol Fisher 

      9 years ago from Warminster, Wiltshire, UK

      Lovely story. I wonder if Shrek was secretly glad to get back amongst a flock of sheep instead of being on his own? I hope nobody makes him into mutton chops.

    • jmsp206 profile image

      Julia M S Pearce 

      9 years ago from Melbourne, Australia

      Wonderful story Vladi and a wonderful lens!

    • mysticmama lm profile image

      Bambi Watson 

      9 years ago

      Wonderful! :)


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