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The Squirrel Buster Bird Feeder. Bye, bye, Squirrels.

Updated on April 2, 2014

I love watching the wild birds feed in my own backyard but nothing makes me madder (ok, lots of things make me madder...) than seeing a number of squirrels belly up to the bird seed feeder for a few hours at a time, thereby robbing the birds of a meal. That's when I decided to get serious about my bird feeder, squash their squirrely party and buy this Squirrel Buster Wild Bird Feeder. I couldn't be more pleased....or more entertained. Poor cute rodents. NOT.

I had an existing bird feeder which I replaced with this new bird feeder so the birds were already used to feeding off my deck. If this is your first bird feeder, it may take the birds a few days to find the seed so don't despair if they don't come calling to the bird seed feeder immediately.

This particular feeder works by shutting the seed holes when an undesirable lands on the bottom of the feeder. The animal's weight is the trigger. You can even set this feeder to shut if you don't want, say, heavier birds like blue jays stealing the littler birds' food.

I've had a lot of bird feeders in my time and the Squirrel Buster Wild Bird Feeder is the only bird feeder that works. It's also pretty funny to watch the little fellas try to find a new way into this marvel of a feeder. One of my squirrels kept trying and trying. He finally gave into frustration, jumped onto the deck railing, stomped his little feet and left with a 'harumph.' So, I'm a customer of Squirrel Buster products from here on out.

Update 1/2/14: I have had this bird feeder for 3 weeks now and just love the thing. It was quite entertaining to watch the squirrels try everything in their power to bust through it. I only wish I'd spent the extra money and bought the bigger one.

No matter if you just want to feed small birds from a small feeder or have a feeder that holds over 5 pounds of bird food, Squirrel Buster has the right feeder for you.

Note: for this bird feeder to actually be squirrel proof, you need to make sure that the squirrels cannot grab onto the bottom while hanging on a tree. The weight of the squirrel is what closes the bottom seed portals so, if the squirrel is hanging, it might not work optimally.

Green Esteem Stokes Select Bird Feeder Pole, 36-Inch Reach, Wall Mounted, Black Metal
Green Esteem Stokes Select Bird Feeder Pole, 36-Inch Reach, Wall Mounted, Black Metal

It took me forever to figure out to turn this hook so it hangs over the grass instead of my deck. Much cleaner that way.

Squirrel Buster Mini 4.4"x4.4"x21" (w/hanger) Wild Bird Feeder with 4 Metal Perches, 1.3lb Seed Capacity
Squirrel Buster Mini 4.4"x4.4"x21" (w/hanger) Wild Bird Feeder with 4 Metal Perches, 1.3lb Seed Capacity

This mini bird feeder is the perfect size to attract little birds like the Chicadee.


Here's a few fun videos on youtube regarding the Squirrel Buster feeders. You can see them in action.

Comments welcomed!

Comments welcomed!

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    • profile image


      4 years ago


    • Lucildoll LM profile image

      Lucildoll LM 

      4 years ago

      Lovely background suits the lens!

    • PAINTDRIPS profile image

      Denise McGill 

      4 years ago from Fresno CA

      What a great invention. I love it. Oh and congrats on Review of the Day.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Nice squirrel deterring bird feeder! Now, if they would just create a bird feeder that would not attract the black bears, I would be a happy camper!

    • DreyaB profile image


      4 years ago from France

      I love feeding the birds, but we're also lucky enough to have Red Squirrels here, so at the moment I don't mind seeing them at all and they haven't plucked up the nerve to pinch food from the bird table yet either. I love your review and will bear it in mind if we ever struggle with that problem in the future. Congrats on RoTD too. :0)

    • Brite-Ideas profile image

      Barbara Tremblay Cipak 

      4 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      congrats on ROTD!

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Nice, love my birds too! Congrats on Review of the day!

    • Erin Mellor profile image

      Erin Mellor 

      4 years ago from Europe

      Last year the squirrels did themselves out of the feeder, they got so fat they couldn't climb up the pole - it was fun to watch them slide back down in chubby frustration - this looks like the next step.

    • Diana Wenzel profile image

      Renaissance Woman 

      4 years ago from Colorado

      I don't have squirrels here, but the scrub jays are the gluttons when it comes to seed. I'd love a feeder that allowed my little birds to enjoy the feast. What an ingenious product. Congrats on Review of the Day!

    • Merrci profile image

      Merry Citarella 

      4 years ago from Oregon's Southern Coast

      Fun review. Congratulations on Review of the day! I can watch the squirrels and the birds for hours. We had the opposite problem at one point. The blue jays were always getting into our squirrel feeder!

    • sierradawn lm profile image

      sierradawn lm 

      5 years ago

      Beautiful review! I have given up on feeding the birds and now I just feed the squirrels! (: That's fun too though. My cats love watching either one from their window.

    • Nancy Hardin profile image

      Nancy Carol Brown Hardin 

      5 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

      So glad you like the bird feeder. Those rascally Squirrels can certainly keep the birds away. But I guess they are trying to survive like the rest of us, haha! Excellent review!


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