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stop cats from sleeping on your car

Updated on June 23, 2011


How many times have you ever come across the sight of your car with scratch marks and/or residue stains that were left by the cat sleeping on the hood of your car the previous night?

I know exactly how you feel, the anger and frustration of it all; fortunately there is a solution.

Other than using your daddy's 12-Gauge shotgun, there are other options available that are more straight-forward than you'd think.

1. Car cover
You could buy a cheap car cover from your local auto accessory store if you're not planning to invest in a quality cover like the ones found at your local car dealer. But be aware that cat's claws can easily tear up a weak cover. Look for covers that use a strong material that lasts.

2. Orange Peels.
Cats absolutely hate the smell of oranges or most citrus fruits, I 'm sure there is a scientific explanation to this but I can't explain why. I use to scatter orange peels around the car and even on the car itself; not a single cat in sight. Just a friendly reminder that orange peels won't last long and will start to decompose sooner or later.

3. Mints
Cats also hate the smell of mints, but I wouldn't recommend wasting a whole pack of Mentos.

4. Pepper Granules
Just like dogs, cats also hate pepper granules too. But be careful though, the pepper can get into their eyes and cause inflammation. If you decide to use pepper granules, sprinkle some around the car, cats won't like the grittiness and will be forced to lick it off; HOT!!!

5. Water Sprinkler
Cats won't go near your car if it’s all wet and rainy looking.

6. Mothballs
Drop a few in a jar or can, cover it up and pierce a few holes on top or around the sides if using a can and leave it around the car. No cat is going to bother your car anymore.

7. Commercial Cat repellent (aerosol type)
A very obvious option that can be purchased at your local supermarket. Look for types that are organic or safe to use around children and plants, because the older type absolutely stinks and will repel you too.

8. No "Pussyfooting Around"
Cats don't like to walk on bristly material. Mulch stuff like old leaves and bark, or sharp-edged pine cones around the car.

9. Vinegar
White (distilled) vinegar. It will have the same effect on you as it would to the cat if you take a strong whiff; meaning cats won't like it.

10. 21st Century Technology
And last but not least; Ultrasound technology. Ultrasound devices operate at high frequencies, its inaudible to us humans but unbearable to cats. Installation is dead simple; you simply situate the device so that it faced towards the car and then switch it on. A motion sensor detects the intruder's presence, giving off a high frequency sound, scaring away the cat.


These 10 options should keep the cat at bay or at least away from your car during the day/night.

I don't hate cats, I love them, but sometimes you have to hate the things that they love or love the things that they hate, which is why the cat now sleeps on my neighbor's car; I don't think he is aware of this yet.


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