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How to Stop Dogs Barking

Updated on July 10, 2011
Stop Your Dog Barking NOW!
Stop Your Dog Barking NOW! | Source

Dogs bark for a number of reasons. Your dog may bark to alert you to the fact that an intruder is in your home or to warn you of the approach of a stranger. Dogs also bark to get attention or in an attempt to intimidate their owner or others. No matter what the reason is for a dog's barking, I'm sure everyone agrees that it is annoying and needs to be stopped quickly. Owners of dogs that constantly bark have been charged with disturbing the peace. Fortunately, it is possible to stop dogs from barking without a good reason.

The best way to prevent unwanted barking is to teach your dog when it is appropriate for him to bark. There are various options, but he best way is the reward/reprimand method, which is both effective and humane.

Instead of using this method of training, some dog owners prefer to use an electronic bark collar. When the dog barks, these collars emit a small electric shock. Gradually, the dog barking is reduced as the dog associates his barking with an uncomfortable experience. It is my opinion that this method of training is cruel.

There are several reasons why electronic collars should not be used. Not all dogs associate the unpleasant shock with their barking. Some dogs are able to tolerate the shock so continue to bark. Also, if the metal prongs in the collar are not in direct contact with the dog's skin, the shock will not be felt by a dog with a thick coat. It is worth noting that just using an electronic collar for obedience training is rarely successful in stopping dog barking. For the most effective results, dog obedience training is also required.

Some people believe that electronic collars discourage dogs, even though the collar doesn't really hurt them. Dog owners who think this way often choose citronella collars which work in a similar way to electronic collars. When the dog barks, citronella collars emit a mist. Most dogs dislike the smell of citronella so begin to associate the nasty smell with their barking and stop barking. This method has a similar success rate as electronic collars.

Electronic collars can be useful in training, however, most dog trainers and vets agree that they should not be used as a replacement for obedience training.

Hopefully, we have convinced you that good obedience training is necessary for dog barking and most other dog behavior issues. Your should bear in mind that if your dog stops barking through use of an electronic collar, he will also not bark when an intruder enters your home. A dog that has been given the correct obedience training will understand when it is appropriate to bark and will protect you and your family.

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