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stray dogs in shelters

Updated on June 5, 2016

Not all dogs are lucky to have a family!!

we live in a world full of pain, misery, economic debts, wars, betrayals and negativity. All these can go away by just staring into the eyes of a dog. Human race does not deserve such a companion.

Stating that we do not deserve dogs as our companions or not, is a very questionable statement. A significant proportion of people sacrifice their comfort in order to be the best pet owners they can be. A responsible pet owner will be willing to cross the limits, and break any barriers in order to ensure the well being of their pets. And yes; this happens in numerous cases, where pets are treated as family members and have all the comforts they would actually need.

On the other hand, we cannot forget that many times the situation is not as such. not only many dogs had never had someone that would cross the limits in order to gift them the comforts they need, but never had the minimum requirements as well. Dogs starve to death, get hit by cars, killed on purpose by humans or even get abandoned by their "loving families". Just try for a minute to get in the position of an abandoned dog. Just imagine waking up one morning, get in the car with your family, and be abandoned in a foreign country where nobody talks your language. You have no money, no cell phone and nobody seems to care about your anxiety, or existence. it doesn't even come close to what a dog feels. To a dog, its owner is his world. A dog is capable to give its life if needed to save its owner, but we cannot spare 5 minutes to help them or show them some love.

A dog was supposed to live in packs, therefore family is everything. loyalty and bonding is one of the many competencies that dogs have.

it doesn't get any cutter than that!!
it doesn't get any cutter than that!!

Do you believe that human race deserves such an amazing companions by dogs?

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Why is it the humans to blame?

According to PETA, approximately 1.7 million dogs are euthanized annually all over the globe. How did we reach a point where we have 1.7 million surplus of dogs? Unfortunately, it all goes down to the human mentality that we own everything on this planet, and in extend the plane it self as well. Dogs were never meant to live with humans. The place of dogs is in the wild life, where the strongest breeds would survive, reproduce and survive in packs. Lets not forget that the main reason that dogs, are loyal is because of their pack philosophy.

We, humans, changed their whole evolution system. By "building" dogs to meet our requirements in order to have a useful purpose in our daily needs. Creating different breeds, experimenting with their DNA, messing with their minds up until the point that we managed to make dogs our loyal servants. Unfortunately, when a servant stops being useful any more, nobody needs him. This is the fate that awaits thousands of dogs every year.

3.9 million dogs enter shelters every year. Simply because a "responsible" dog owner has not neutered his dog. Or a wise man is afraid that neutering his pit-bull will decrease his masculinity. Additionally, another pet owner believes that her gorgeous daughter should feel the miracle of birth. literately the biggest b**lshit i have ever heard. The same people who believe that it is brutal not to allow their female dog to give birth, are the same people who will separate the mother from her puppies after two months and let them die or end up in a sanctuary. We live in a word where is brutal to neuter a dog, but it is ok to take the puppies away from the mother and let them die. To me this is the equivalent of impregnating a person you really love, be proud of her for going through the miracle of birth, and then throw the kid in the garbage! Further to that, what is the need for an old hunting dog? well it served us for 10 years but now it became weak! We could let him starve to death, why not?. Unfortunately all these events happen daily all over the globe.

From the Denver pit bull dog ban!!!
From the Denver pit bull dog ban!!!

what is the life of a dog in a sanctuary?

A dog that has entered a dog shelter is most likely to never go out again. Unless, if it is a non-profit, volunteer-based sanctuary that does not euthanize and aims to re-home stray dogs. Usually, a dog that has entered the sanctuary is in a terrible health condition. That depends on how long it has been left alone to wonder. Dogs could be starved, dehydrated, extremely weak and in pain. Therefore, treating them and bringing those dogs back to a normal condition becomes extremely difficult, complicated and many times hard breaking.

A dog in a sanctuary spends most of the day in a cage from which he may get out for a few minutes every day. Some sanctuaries may give the dogs health care, some may not. The food is always too little and doesn't always meet the appetite of those poor little creatures.

During freezing winters, and extreme summers, those dogs wait patiently for a loving touch, a passionate cross of eye stares, a comfort hug and someone to play with. For the most this will never happen. Thousands of those dogs will leave this world behind, in which they have only met cruelty, abandon, pain and broken souls. This makes me wonder, it is our making, we brought these majestic creatures to their knees and we keep beating them down.

If you were to get a new dog at this moment, what would you do?

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How can we help solve this major issue?

Since we have created this major issue, it is our responsibility to help them. It is possible that nearby your home there is a shelter with very few volunteers that do their best to help stray dogs. I was blessed to meet such people. People who have devoted their lifes to it. People, who are so creative and intelligent, that if they were selfish they would have succeeded great accomplishments in their life. I was blessed to meet a woman who has sacrificed a huge part of her life into that cause, she keeps sacrificing, despite the fact that she is getting beaten down everyday by judgments of the society, by the cruel reality and by the cold in humans' hearts. But her heart will never be broken, because despite the constant hits and pain, the satisfaction she gets every time a stray dog is re-homed is priceless. The chances is that she will never find inner peace, she will never be able to lay in bed and have a calm sleep without negative thoughts crossing her mind. Most probably she will never achieve what she could on a personal level, but what she has achieved is greater than what many have ever achieved.

how can we help? there are many possible ways to be a part of the solution. Firstly, be responsible pet owners. Neuter your dogs and never abandon them. They deserve more than that. Additionally, become volunteers to organisations that try to help those stray dogs. Such organisations exist all over the globe, and they need our help. Also, if you cannot find the time to become an active volunteer, then donating some money could do a huge difference to those dogs. The expenses to run such shelters are huge and usually they are not supported by the government. Vet cares, food, blankets and many more expenses are forcing those organisations to die and the dogs to be euthanized.


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