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Striped Mullet

Updated on January 29, 2013

Striped Mullet For Bait and Food

Striped mullet are common worldwide in warm to temperate coastal waters.

In many parts of the world they are popular as live or cut baits in saltwater fishing.

Striped mullet are also farm raised in Asia where they are popular as a food fish.

Striped Mullet Information

Striped mullet have a rounded, silvery body, dark bluish green back and dark longitudinal stripes on the sides, and a small mouth. Adults grow to around 18 inches in length. Immature mullet are 3 to 8 inches long. They spend a great deal of time close to shore around the mouths of streams and rivers or in brackish bays, inlets and lagoons with sand or mud bottoms.

Striped mullet can often be seen in coastal waters, jumping to evade predators. Because they are one of the most common prey items of fish such as spotted seatrout, people often use them as bait. In Florida, striped mullet can be found on the menus of many restaurants. In other areas, mullet are harvested for use as a bait fish. Striped mullet are also widely cultivated in freshwater ponds in Southeast Asia where they are marketed fresh, dried, salted, and frozen.

How to Catch Striped Mullet

Fishermen in the South catch mullet in the shallows, using cast nets to cover schools of fish. Cast netters may snare mullet from the shoreline or from boats. A high quality, fast sinking cast net is essential for success.

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    • profile image

      ratetea 6 years ago

      I'd be curious to hear some cooking tips for this fish. Where I live, striped mullet are very cheap at local stores, often $1.99 a pound. They're also supposedly one of the most sustainable and healthy (contaminant-free) options for fresh fish. I just tried cooking one and it came out okay, but not great. If I could figure out something really tasty to make with this fish, it would be a good regular food source.