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Sweetie oh sweety! A friendly dog

Updated on May 5, 2012

Here is an article by Bernard Benny. This a love story - between Benny and Sweety - happened 16 years ago! This happened when Benny went from Riyadh for a vacation to India and stayed in Bangalore when Sweety fell in love with him.

The article first published in The Desert Times on 17 September 1997. The Desert Times was privately circulated newsletter for a group of Indian expatriates, then working in Riyadh. Benny and his Jaya were in United States when I last heard of them. If any of you desert friends are aware of his contact details, please do share with through my facebook account. Even in FaceBook I couldn't this lovely couple.

Now read on the Love Story...

Sweetie oh sweety!

By Bernard Benny

Sweetie oh Sweety!
Sweetie oh Sweety!

I started hearing about her in the month of October 1995. It was at that time that I was preparing for my previous vacation. The information about her started pouring in from all sides. Her qualities were so good that in the corner of my mind a passion already developed for her. Accordingly to the details that I already received she was whitish in color with brown eyes, cute face, soft skin, sniffy nose etc. Even her style of walking had elegance. When her she sees you she will start moaning to show her love and affection towards you. Maybe this is the reason why they christened her as Sweety.

Before going any further and to clear the doubts which some of you will be having, I hereby inform you that Sweety is none other than the pet dog of Mrs. Jaya Benny.

It was exactly in the month of January 1996 that I first met Sweety. Whatever the descriptions mentioned above matched her in actual also. She came at my side and showed her friendliness to me. Actually she was a Pomeranian with nice mannerisms. As the days passed by our friendship became very close that daily morning she used to greet me with a namaskar (Namaskar is Indian way of greetings with folded hands) by stretching her front legs and bending a little. After that she started playing Kabadi (Kabadi is a popular sports), Hide and Seeks etc., etc. I found her company very interesting. She used to accompany us while we went outside. Her approached to the seat in which I was driving showed her willingness to drive even the car.

As the weeks passed by she started taking more freedom with me that whenever she finds an empty space besides me (even while sleeping) she will come and stick to my sides. Her warm body gave me some relief from the chilliness of the cold climate of Bangalore. Weeks of her company paved way into months and I realised that the time has come for parting. Jaya told me that one day when I went outside alone; Sweety was waiting near the window till I returned. Even though they tried to call her back she did not heed to their calls.

Finally the day of separation came and I told her that I am going for a good cause and all that; she listened to everything carefully in silence. When we moved out I could hear her barking inside the locked room. Later I came to know that she refused to take food for some days till Jaya went back.

The climax of this love story was even drastic. When the time came for everyone to part, Sweety refused to accept the new family members to whom she was entrusted. This search went on for some time. In the meanwhile the enquiry with the Airlines officials as to whether a lovely dog can be taken aboard was raised. And the rules and regulations of the airlines; like the weight of the dog should be so and so, this certificate and that certificate is required etc., - made the things worse. At last, one of Jaya’s cousins got a deputation in Bangalore with whom Sweety made friendship and a solution arisen at last.

The aftermath of this whole affair was even worse. The thoughts about Sweety resulted in sleepless nights. Whenever TV serials and movies with dogs were shown, Sweety mania had caused to switch off the TV. Toys resembling Sweety which were displayed in the shops will result in emptying of the wallet may a times.

As an inference I would like to inform my dear Desert Friends that is better not to have a pet - especially when you have children. Even if you have a pet, than please don’t develop any attachment with them.


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