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Symptoms of Worms in Dogs

Updated on July 10, 2012

Symptoms of Worms in Dogs

Courtesy for this image goes to Dog-Obedience-Training-Online
Courtesy for this image goes to Dog-Obedience-Training-Online | Source

Symptoms of Worms in Dogs: Overview

The symptoms of worms that are observed in dogs may vary depending on the kind of worm that has infested the dog. It is easy to identify the worms if the symptoms are more vivid. As you will find out dogs can be infested by worms in a number of ways that are preventable.

If you observe your dog for these symptoms of worms in dogs, you can consult your vet if you consider your dog to be infested by worms. It’s imperative that you take this to consideration since dog worm infestation is a serious condition that time and again has caused death of puppies.

One important measure of taking care of puppies is de-worming as recommended by your vet. You will find these symptoms of worms in dogs to be very useful when you are tackling a case of dog worm infestation.

Symptoms of Worms that are Obvious

If you observe any of this signs in your dog or the environment where your dog lives, you should consider your dog to be probably suffering from dog worms’ infestation. It is important to know that early diagnosis will help your dog recover and lead a healthy life. If dog worms go unnoticed they can cause severe harm to the health of the dog and depending on the worm type the dog may easily succumb and die. The worms have a relatively shorter lifespan and therefore multiply very fast. They are parasites that can cause severe anemia within a very short period of time. Proper care a regular prophylactic is the best ways to help your dog live a worm free life. Consider these signs to be the absolute indication that the dog may be suffering from worm infestation.

Worms and Eggs Identified in Dog Feces

The most obvious and confirmatory sign of dog worm infestation is observation of the dog worms or eggs in feces. If worms or their eggs are identified in the dog’s feces, the dog is obviously infested with worms. Depending on the number of worms that are seen in the feces the severity of the condition may vary. If there are many worms that are counted in the feces, you should consider seeking professional advice. You should also consider taking the worm specimen to a Veterinary Lab for identification and diagnosis. This is very important especially when you are in a breeding kennel where the chance of infection spreading very fast is eminent.

Sudden Behavior Change Characterized by Scratching the Rear

Tapeworms may be found around the anus and the rear part of the dog and may cause severe irritation that may be characterized by severe itching. The dog is seen to continually rub the rear and scratch against objects such as tables, the ground, and any object they may come across in the house. This should not be confused with anal gland related problems. It is therefore advisable that expert help is sought if this behavior is persistent and no other dog worm infestation signs are observed.

Vomiting Visible Worms

Dogs may throw up worms if they are severely infested by the dog worms. It’s imperative that in case your dog vomits worms, you should collect these worms and take them for identification. The lung worms and round worms are more probable worms that are likely to be thrown up.

Symptoms of Worms in Dogs

Increased Size of the Stomach (Bloated Appearance)

The dog may gradually develop a pot bellied appearance due to increase in the size of the stomach as more and more worms are reproduced. Worms especially round worms are notorious for increasing rapidly and causing the increase in the size of the stomach and in severe cases they cause the bursting of the intestine or abdomen.

Increased of Appetite, Lethargy and Gradual Mass Wasting

Like all diseases worm infestation will lead to body weakness despite the dog having a very good appetite. Eventually this will gradually lead to weight loss depending on the dog worm burden.

Other Symptoms of Worms in Dogs

  • Bloody Diarrhea
  • Dog Coughing
  • Skin Problems characterized by loss of hair and a dull coat.


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