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The Litter Locker

Updated on June 12, 2013

We love our cats. They are an important part of the family. They give us love and affection and in return we feed them and take care of them. But if there is one thing we don’t like about cats, it is having to deal with the litter box. Oh, we will deal with it, because our cats are worth it. But what a pain it is, that litter box. Not only does it take a lot of upkeep, with all those trips to the trash can with the waste, it’s also, frankly, unpleasant. It smells bad, especially if you have a small house or apartment, especially in warm weather. If there is one thing we wish we could change about having a cat is the smell of the litter box.

But what if there were a way to deal with the litter box in a way that cuts down on the upkeep, the trips out to the dumpster? What if there were a way to get rid of the cat waste that was easy and convenient? What if you could do all of this while eliminating the smell that comes with a litter box? What if there was an innovative invention that made all of this possible? Well, there is. It’s called the Litter Locker. And it’s simply fantastic.

Love your cat, but hate the smell?  Try the litter locker to seal away kitty litter smell.
Love your cat, but hate the smell? Try the litter locker to seal away kitty litter smell.

What is the Litter Locker?

The Litter Locker is a simple but entirely ingenious invention. Basically, it is an odor free way to dispose of used cat litter on a daily basis. To use the Litter Locker, all you need to do is scoop out the used clumps of kitty litter with the scoop that comes with the unit and place it into the Locker. Then, using the large, easy to use handle on the side of the Locker, you simply deposit the smelly used litter into a odor proof plastic bag. Turning the handle locks away all smells, even in a confined spot like a small kitchen or bathroom.

The plastic bags that hold the used litter in the Litter Locker system need only be changed when they are full. For most cats, the plastic bags can handle up to two months of waste per cat. This means that those daily trips to the trash can are gone forever. What’s more, because the Litter Locker is constructed using Microban antimicrobial materials, the unit resists and prevents the growth of odor causing bacteria on its surfaces. Not only does this add to its ability to free your home of cat odors, it keeps the Litter Locker clean and stain free.

Because the Litter Locker is made from heavy duty plastic, it carries a full one year warranty. It’s also made from 25 percent recycled materials, so that you can help yourself to an odor free home while helping the environment. The used cat litter storage bags are made from extremely strong seven-ply plastic, ensuring not only that the smells are locked tightly away but also that accidents caused by breaking of the bags are eliminated. There really is nothing worse than spilled used cat litter!

Buying the Litter Locker

The Litter Locker is made by Petmate, a company well known for producing many quality pet accessories including litter boxes, pet kennels, pet feeding products, pet bedding, and many others. Information on the Litter Locker is available on the Petmate website, as well as information its various replacement parts and accessories such as waste bag cartridge refills.

The various products made by Petmate, including the Litter Locker, are available at many well-known pet product retailers, including such places as PetSmart, Petco, and your local independent pet stores. Great deals on the Litter Locker can be found online as well. offers the Litter Locker at a very competitive price as do the online stores for Walmart and Kmart. Given the innovative convenience and reliability of the Litter Locker, it is a very widely available product.

As many extremely satisfied customers will tell you, owning a Litter Locker makes owning a cat an even more enjoyable experience. Gone are the days of a smelly house. Gone are all those trips to the garbage can with leaking bags of used pet waste. Here to stay is a clean litter box, a very happy cat, and an even happier cat owner.


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      3 years ago

      The cat food should be a brand that has a good retioatupn and been around awhile.. also do the research on what should be in the food and what should not be. As a cat gets older the food needs to change to a better food. Some cats can handle dry and wet other cats only dry. The best combination is a tsp or two with a quality of dry food twice a day depending on your pets size. There are cats that will eat just dry food, but those sometimes end up with more hairballs which is not a problem for the cat, they throw them up easily enough but then you have to clean them up.. so that is a factor for you to consider.As for cat litter.. again make sure it is a good brand. There are ones out there that are just down right weird. But the clumping litter is good but again you want a good brand that has been around awhile and doesn't have a lot of dust when you use it. I have several brands that I like and let price make the final decision. Unlike food you can change the litter without problems. With food it isn't a good idea to change the food a lot.Hope this helps.


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