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Stuff Tabby Cats Like

Updated on November 18, 2013

Tabby Cats: Their Favorite Things

Gather 'round, humans, because I am here to educate you once again.

In my previous writings, I have I told you some of the general facts of living with a tabby cat. I've told you a bit about where tabby cats come from, and why tabbies do what they do. I even told you some of the things tabby cats really hate. Today, I'm going to look at the opposite end of the spectrum, and talk about the things tabby cats like.

You may be wondering whether it's worth it to pay more for premium cat food, or whether your tabby can really tell the difference between one brand of litter or another. I'm here to answer those questions as only a tabby cat can.

My co-Kitty Piglet will be chiming in, because Addy, our human, said I had to let her help. Fortunately she's a tabby too, and that makes her opinion worth something (but still less than mine!). You will have full advantage of our expertise in the needs, tastes, and desires of tabby cats.

You're welcome.

brown tabby and white maine coon cat
brown tabby and white maine coon cat

A Tail of Two Tabbies!

by Piglet

Ha ha! That was a joke, because my sister CC and are both tabby cats, so we have tails. And we're telling you a tale, get it? Ha! I told a joke.

My name is Piglet. I'm CC's little sister. I'm younger than she is, and I'm also smaller. That's because she's 8 pounds, and I'm 16 pounds, and 8 is bigger than 16. In fact, CC says that 8 pounds is the biggest cat there is. I'm lucky to have her around to explain things!

Today I get to help her with this lens about different products that will help you take good care of your tabby cat. Each cat is different, with different likes and dislikes. So CC and I will take turns talking about our experiences with different food, cat litter, toys, and special treats. We're here to help -- and remember, everything here is tabby-approved!

Why Spend More on Tabby's Food? - by CC

Toroiseshell tabby eating spinach
Toroiseshell tabby eating spinach

This tortoiseshell tabby is enjoying spinach as a special treat, but if she tried to live on it, she would become malnourished.

Just like with humans, a good diet is crucial to maintaining your tabby's health and longevity. Cats cannot live on the same food humans can, because humans are omnivores and cats are carnivores. That means our bodies are unable to extract the nutrients we need from things like spinach or milk or even canned tuna fish.

In the wild, we would get all the nutrients we needed by catching and eating small prey animals. When we live with you, we need food that is designed to nutritionally imitate our natural diet. Spending a little more on good quality cat food now will ensure that we live longer, healthier lives -- that means fewer illnesses, and fewer expensive trips to the vet. Now that's something I can get behind!

It's important to choose a food that's appropriate to your cat's age and activity level. There are cat foods designed for kittens under 1 year old, cat foods designed for pregnant or nursing mother cats, cat foods for senior cats (7 years and up), and even cat foods that can improve dental health and hairballs.

The Best Food for Senior Tabby Cats - by CC

Of course by now you're dying to know what food I eat, and why. So I'll tell you.

Piglet and I both love Professional Light Hairball formula. Piglet loves it because it tastes wonderful, and because we don't get as hungry between meals as we did on our old food. But I love it because it has anti-oxidants for healthy joints. Since Addy started feeding us this, my arthritis has practically disappeared! Now I can climb and run and play all I want. This is great fun in the middle of the night when Addy thinks she should be sleeping.

Silly human.

Professional Dry Food For Adult Cats, Light Cat Hairball Control Formula, Chicken Flavor, 18 Pound Bag
Professional Dry Food For Adult Cats, Light Cat Hairball Control Formula, Chicken Flavor, 18 Pound Bag

Our favorite food is Professional Light Hairball Cat Food. It's designed for older cats, which means it helps them maintain a healthy weight while reducing hairballs. Since Piglet is a long haired cat, and she didn't get her name for nothing, this food is perfect for her.


Professional Brand Food for Tabby Cats of All Ages - Tabby-approved by Piglet!

Eating is my favorite thing to do. I love eating. I even like eating things that Addy says aren't cat food, like spaghetti sauce and chili. But I say, EVERYTHING is cat food! If it tastes good, that is. That's why I'm going to tell you about the different cat foods I've tried.

Addy used to feed is Iams Cat Food, and I thought it was really tasty. Then one day when the store was out of Iams, she bought some Premium Edge. CC thought it was OK, but I didn't like the taste. And I'll eat anything! Still, eating Premium Edge made CC and me a lot less hungry between meals. Addy says that means it had a good glycemic index so it's healthier. I don't know what that is, but I do know I hate being hungry!

Since I didn't like the taste of Premium Edge, Addy found Professional Cat Food. It's as tasty as Iams, but we're still not hungry between meals, and it really helps CC's arthritis. It doesn't help mine much, but that's OK -- I prefer sleeping on the couch to pretty much anything else. I've never understood why CC likes to exercise when she doesn't absolutely have to!

Premium Edge and Professional make quality cat food for cats of all ages.

The Question of Cat Litter - the box, the litter, and its cleanliness; by CC

grey and white tabby cat resting on a box of cat litter
grey and white tabby cat resting on a box of cat litter

The litter box probably causes more friction between our two species than any other issue. You people take a mighty hunter like a tabby cat, born to roam free, meant to do our business in the fresh air of the great outdoors, and you expect us to use a tiny, smelly box instead. Then you whine about cleaning it once in a while. And if you don't keep it clean, and if we must of necessity go elsewhere, you act like we just ruined your priceless antique rug.

I kid. Addy doesn't have anything that nice.

Anyway, the fact is that everything about the litter box matters. I mean that. It needs to be big enough for us to turn around. There needs to be enough of the right kind of litter. And it needs to be kept clean! Think of what it would be like if the only place you had to go to the bathroom was a nasty porta-potty that hadn't been cleaned in a month. That antique rug might start looking pretty good, right?

It wouldn't?

You people are weird.

Can Tabby Tell the Difference? - The low, down, and dirty, about the low, down, and dirty: by Piglet

Addy is actually very lucky, because even though CC rants a lot, we're both actually pretty easy about the litter box. We're cool with sharing, which a lot of cats aren't. We're a lot more patient than many cats would be about how often she forgets to clean out the box.

Unlike most cats, we can also deal with sudden changes in the brand and type of litter. That means we've tried some very different types of litter, and this one is our all-time favorite!

Just the Crystals Premium 2-Pack. Your Best Choice in Crystal Cat Litter Absorbs More, Lasts Longer, Fragrance Free With Best Odor Control. Conveniently Packaged in TWO Pre-Measured 4.4lb Bags/Box
Just the Crystals Premium 2-Pack. Your Best Choice in Crystal Cat Litter Absorbs More, Lasts Longer, Fragrance Free With Best Odor Control. Conveniently Packaged in TWO Pre-Measured 4.4lb Bags/Box

CC and I have tried several different types of litter and this is the best by far. It soaks up moisture so it doesn't get wet, and it absorbs odors better than anything else we've worked with.


Hip Action Natural Cat Treats for Tabbies - from Zuke's -- healthy and delicious! (by Piglet)

CC and I love these treats, and not just because they're good for us. They also taste fantastic! Mom gives us some every morning. But sometimes she forgets, because she doesn't drink coffee anymore, and then I have to yell at her until she remembers.

Zuke'S Hip Action Natural Cat Treats, Salmon, 3-Ounce
Zuke'S Hip Action Natural Cat Treats, Salmon, 3-Ounce

Addy, my mom, started giving us these treats to help our joints. Unlike most things that are good for me, though, these taste great! CC and I like the salmon flavor best, but they also come in chicken.


Track Ball Toy for Tabby Cats - CC *loves* this one! (by Piglet)

Don't tell CC I'm telling you this ... but she LOVES this toy. She'd just die of embarrassment if she knew I was telling you how entertained she can be by chasing a little ball around a track. She even bats it back and forth with Addy, like she's playing hockey. And she thinks I'M easily entertained!

Of course, the important thing is that she plays with this toy, and play is exercise. And for a senior cat, that's really important.

Bergan Turbo Track Cat Toy
Bergan Turbo Track Cat Toy

There's something about chasing light-up ball around a track that's a lot of fun. It's especially fun at night when it's dark, and it's kind of pretty too.


Turbo Track Extras! - Configure your tabby's toys to her heart's content!

With these extra pieces, you can make your Turbo Track Toy into any shape you want.

Tabby Cat Drinkwell Fountain - by Piglet

Addy has a desktop fountain that I really love. It has little glass gems in it, and a screen over the pump. I love to drink out of the fountain, and I love to paw at the glass gems and spill them all over the floor, and I love to fish out the screen and hide it.

Addy gets annoyed when I do this, but I think that if she's going to get annoyed, she should get me my own fountain!

PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Cat and Dog Water Fountain, Pet Drinking Fountain with Carbon Filter, 168 oz. Water Capacity
PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Cat and Dog Water Fountain, Pet Drinking Fountain with Carbon Filter, 168 oz. Water Capacity

Cats love fresh water. We also need plenty of water in order to stay healthy. A Drinkwell Fountain ensures that we get all the water we need.


Toys for Tabbies: Fur Mice! - by Piglet

Fur mice are some of a Tabby Cat's favorite things. I love playing with my fur mice. In fact, I'll let you in on a secret.

I use my fur mousie toys for a special magic ritual. I stalk my toy mouse, and then I kill it 'til it's dead! And then, I walk through the house announcing my triumph. This alerts the dark and pesky forces of the universe to stay away! It's important to remember, though, that this only works if I howl really loud, and if only if I do it at 3 a.m.

Ethical Shaggy Plush Giant Mouse Cat Toy with Catnip
Ethical Shaggy Plush Giant Mouse Cat Toy with Catnip

These fur mouse toys are some of a Tabby Cat's favorite things! I like they black ones best, then the gray ones. The white ones don't taste as good.


Mahogany Cat Tree - For those stylish tabbies. By CC.

Maybe you're one of those people with fine furniture made of exotic hardwoods and designer upholstery. If you are, you probably don't want any old car tree -- but since you're someone of taste and good sense, you know you need one. Fortunately, there are cat trees available in the finest mahogany, to show off your tabby cat to perfection.

Lotus Cat Tree - Cat Condo Climber (Mahogany Finish/Beige Carpet)
Lotus Cat Tree - Cat Condo Climber (Mahogany Finish/Beige Carpet)

Why not have a cat tree that's also a beautiful piece of furniture?


Tabby Cat Condo for Small Spaces - by CC

When Addy and Stuart were first married, they had a tiny little apartment with a balcony. I was used to roaming the wide open prairie. Fortunately for me, there was a yellow pine tree next to the balcony, and I used to jump off the balcony railing and climb down it. Addy and Stuart didn't find out until their downstairs neighbor ran into them one day and said, "Oh, you're the people with the gray tabby cat, right? I see her climbing the tree all the time".

Thanks, lady, way to totally blow my cover!

Anyway, if Addy or Stuart had any sense, they'd have gotten me one of these cat climbers for small spaces. But, they're humans. What do you expect?

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brown tabby and white maine coon cat
brown tabby and white maine coon cat

Hi! I'm Piglet!

And I'm cute!

Hi! My name is Piglet. I'm writing this lens for my Addy, who's my mom. I hope it will help people take care of tabby cats like me.

I'm a brown tabby and white Maine Coon mix. I weigh more than 16 pounds. I'm bigger than all the other cats in the neighborhood! I'm smaller than my sister CC though, so when she's in a bad mood (which happens a lot) I steer well clear of her.

I live in San Francisco with my mom and dad. I like eating and sleeping and petted and picked up.

CC the Tabby Cat
CC the Tabby Cat

About Me: CC the Tabby Cat

Bow before me!

I'm CC, a grey tabby cat. I live in San Francisco with another cat who's twice my size, but I can still totally take her. My human staff consists of Addy Bell and her husband Stuart. I employ them for their opposable thumbs and their more-or-less constant body temperature of 98.6 degrees fahrenheit. For sentient furniture they're not too bad.

What's Your Tabby's Favorite Thing? - Let us know!

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    • indigoj profile image

      Indigo Janson 

      6 years ago from UK

      My tabby loved her catnip fish. She'd have had so much fun with Piglet's suggestions, too. I hope lots of other tabbies find their humans taking the hint and buying them new toys here.


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