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tarantula bites and general tips

Updated on October 31, 2009

Bites and general info

Hey guys, Well id like to start of by saying im an experienced Tarantula keeper and i also breed my T's to. I want to help by giving advice on more than often asked questions i get asked and just general advice on tarantula's them selfs


Yes as a tarantula breeder i have been biten by many difrent sized and difrent species of tarantula which i would also like to add it was completely my fault and happy to say every one that nailed me did survive and i did not fling my hand and kill them

if you do get bit by any tarantula even the soft touch mexican red knee or chilean rose and it is your first bite from these docile species you must go straight to hospital once the tarantula has been safely put back and you wraped your hand up in a clean cloth, some of you may disagree on this. The reasons for doing this is, is because some people are alergic to the venom which can lead on to more problems , its better to be safe than sorry.

Once you no you are not alergic to the venom you may treat yourself at home by washing the puncture wounds with soapy water then cover with a clean cloth. Pain wise the bites are no worse if not less than a bee sting

Now i have some old world species like the P.Regalis, OBT, H.Lividum and so on i have been biten by my P.Regalis and H.Lividum. Both times were my fault i was not looking at were i was placing my hand and got taged. These are a different story the pain from both of these were pritty bad, the best way for me to describe it is it felt like someone had got a 4 inch nail made it red hot and stabed it into my hand it burnt like hell after about 5 mins my hole arm felt like this completely on fire and i was cramping up and sweaty (not feverish). This i no is normal from a bite from these guys but with a bite from any thing like these beautiful T's hospital is a must no messing around just go straight to hospital and get someone to take you due to cramping, in fact you cramp that bad you actually have to ppride your hands open just so there open so driving your self is out the question. Don't walk try relax remember what's pushing the venom around your body your heart. Although the venom will NOT (i cant stress this enough) kill you it will cause massive cramping of the mucles and quiet abit of pain.

Handling of your T's

people say its not a good idea to handle any T. My opinion is this you can hold any tarantula you want. Iv handled all of mine . My Old World and New World Tarantulas and not once have any of them bit me. Remember guys old world tarantulas only have 1 yes 1 defence and that's biteing were as new world have 2 some have 3 flicking hairs and biting and the additional 3rd shooting poo lol yea both tarantulas give signals like the threat posture and kicking of hairs and slaming there front legs on you to scare you of (ill go into detail on that later). When handling new world species (Docile) pick them up as you please, From my experience some of the docile new world T's shouldn't even have fangs they neva use em lol as for new world aggressive which i hate that word aggressive because there not there just defencive. I always go for the way i hold my old world T's once you have sucsesfully got them out of the container place your hand flat as possible don't tower you hand over them they hate it and that's one Reason why there so defencive so flat as possible, let your T be aware your there by gently stroking its back leg slowerly and gently. before you even touch em they are aware your about to. it'll then ither sit there and just think no im comfy im chilling lol or it'll walk/run onto your hand do not panic ok panic is your worst nightmare believe me lol and just handle it like you would usauly.


now i have been asked many questions about the threat posture like "When my tarantula goes into threat posture some times his fangs don't come all the way out why is that?" anouther is "My tarantula went into thret posture on my hand and he slamed down on to my hand and it didn't bite me. Does this mean something is wrong with my T?" well no there aint anything wrong. Tarantulas use this technique to scare a preditor away it's a warning basically if you come near me im having ya. Although tarantulas go into thret posture and there fangs are waving at you n your no dought thinking oh hell no lol well good news here's why it didn't bite that person, tarantulas use biteing as a last resort when defending them selfs, when they go into threat posture yea they may apear like there biting when they slam down but there not (not at first) there actually slaming there front legs on the ground first basically if your hand was there instead of feeling a pinch at first you may feel a little slap from your tarantula first which is kinda a funny feeling and some what ironic. But now you no this don't be fooled not all the time they use this technique it all depends on the level of thret and so on and well if your T is hungry it'll bite you lol so don't always asume there not using there fangs.

How Smart is a Tarantula REALLY

T's are not exactly dumb in fact i think its fair to say they have quiet a few charicteristics of a human and in some ways they are smarter than us. Humans get defencive when thretend so do tarantulas they breath they need warmth food water humidity and so on In fact what we call aggressive species i call the scaredy species because you look at a human who suffers panic/anxiety attacks or just generally abit scared of the world now compare that to the aggressive tarantulas from were im siting there just T's that are scared of there own shadow just like humans can be were as the docile T's are calm and to me there the brave species. Neva think your T's are stupid dumb or anything they can build perfect burrows build amazingly strong eggsacks with there bare hands no tools to build it with using silk come on now thats amazing =] 

Any other info

if there is anything you would like to no about Tarantulas please ask and ill do a wright up for you

thankyou for reading through please comment if you miss believe something or wish to correct something wich you may think i am wrong on

im open minded even if you wish to leave an insult please do so

this was written on my own personal experiences from past and present remember this before wrighting any comments

thanks again =]


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    • profile image

      Riaan Colyn 125 2 years ago

      I have a T but I dont know what kind he/she is......I want to know if he/she is an aggressive species and handling him/her is a good idea.....back to the previous qeustion .. how do I know WHAT specie my T is.....I do know that it is a Baboon spider but what sort?......hope you write back thanks... :)

    • ThomasMurray89 profile image

      ThomasMurray89 2 years ago

      I have received a rose hair from a buddy of mine and have had it about a year. He/she has not molted and now he/she is trying to bite me when messed with. What to do? His/her aquarium has just been freshly changed and now he/she is really defensive when touched. Worried. Any info? Thanks.

    • profile image

      Soulless Draco 3 years ago

      I have had my Chilean rose for 2 years now and for the past month she has been very active in the cage. usually she just chills out hardly moves, but she has been moving around a lot in the cage. she is eating but two times in a row when I try to feed her instead of going for the food on the tweezers she goes for my hand and on bout occasions she has bit me. she is not being over fed or handled the wrong way, shes on her own and I have always feed her using the tweezers just this past month she has been really weird. she has moulted already about 3 months ago any suggestions

    • profile image

      Filipino Blood 3 years ago

      Sir, is it possible to remove prey leftovers from Orange Baboon Tarantula Substrate to prevent mites? :) please answer me.

    • profile image

      Len 4 years ago

      Hi I want to know. I have a red rump tarantula . So what is the exact humanity I can give him to grow faster and more happy?

    • profile image

      kyle dias 6 years ago

      Well I dnt no much just got one myself but if u r allergect too bees dnt chance it I have read a lot on them and this is one of the key factors if u insist on holding her use gardening gloves see how she goes then slowly get her used to u then try without gloves that's my advice good luck and enjoy ur new friend

    • profile image

      David 6 years ago

      Hey, I was wondering, I've looked a lot online and haven't found much, I just bought a new worlds spider, a G. Rosea. My problem is this, although she is VERY docile, I'm deathly allergic to bee stings, I have an EppiPen But I've never had to use it. I was wondering, What are the chances of my T's venom having the same affect as a Bee sting? I REALLY want to hold her, but I'm not too keen on dying. Thanks.

    • flagdust profile image

      flagdust 6 years ago

      the information is very helpful it even made me sign up to HUB... i'd like to hear from a tarantula expert...

      i have a pokie its a 2.5" p. regalis and i'm so afraid to clean its exo-terra enclosure(with live plants in it,) because of what i've read from the forums about their bites, that they do hurt bad, really really bad...this is my concern will mites hurt my pokkie? if so then it'll be a suicide mission cleaning up its enclosure... as of the moment i place 3 dwarf frogs with my Pokie and whole lots of pill bugs/rolly-polly's which have been recently an odd source of food for Sean my P. regalis since the b.lats have their "some sort of a defense mechanism" where they turn back and white fluids comes out from the B.lats behind... any tips where i can clean it without hurting me and my tarantula?

    • profile image

      flagdust1125 6 years ago

      i have a pokie its a 2.5" p. regalis and i'm so afraid to clean its exo-terra enclosure(with live plants in it,) because of what i've read from the forums about their bites, that they do hurt bad, really really bad...this is my concern will mites hurt my pokkie? if so then it'll be a suicide mission cleaning up its enclosure... as of the moment i place 3 dwarf frogs with my Pokie and whole lots of pill bugs/rolly-polly's which have been recently an odd source of food for Sean my P. regalis since the b.lats have their "some sort of a defense mechanism" where they turn back and white fluids comes out from the B.lats behind... any tips where i can clean it without hurting me and my tarantula?

    • profile image

      Greg Hutchinson 6 years ago

      This is a great site. Full of great and cheerful information. Thanks!

    • Shaddie profile image

      Shaddie 6 years ago from Washington state

      Ruben, take a picture and send it to someone who keeps tarantulas on here and I'm sure we would be happy to help.

    • profile image

      Ruben 7 years ago

      hi dude, i got a new spider and it looks like a T but i don't know what specie or if it really is... how could i know?

    • profile image

      daisy 7 years ago

      Hay show me a picture of u got bitten by a tarantula

    • profile image

      daniel skutta 8 years ago

      i don't have a tarantula but im getting one my question is how do you know what to get do you just know or what?

    • profile image

      Damo2135 8 years ago

      awwwww well i hope your better now ... yea they get abit "grumpy" at times but ya no they have there content days which is great them days i like lol..

      yea when bitten by a baboon some will have completely different affects than others i mean when i was bitten by my orange baboon my god i was in agany my whole arm was well it felt like it was on fire and the bite site was throbbing like crazy and genneral cramping but wernt as bad as i thought it would have been to be honest i was expecting more cramping and pain wize was strong but thought it would of been worse so all in all it wernt really as bad as some say lol

    • spiderspun profile image

      spiderspun 8 years ago from Utopia, Ontario Canada

      Thank you for your answer to my question. I did get nailed by an orange baboon tarantula. He was handled since ling size, but I caught him on a bad day and he tagged my finger. Sting pain numbness 4 inches past the bite area. Oh boy he surprized me.

    • profile image

      Damo2135 8 years ago

      lol good man i never neglect any of my T's for biting me if i could id kiss em back after lol na none of my T's scare me none of them some may6 act all tuff n strong but really there just little softys lol yea ok they can pack a good bite but im bigger and capable of doing worrse to them :P (never would though)

      ahh yea the good old T.blondi's they are HUGE lol wouldn't want to experience a love tab from 1 with there ultimate 1 inch+ fangs yyYYOOOOOWWWWCCCCHHHHhhh :P

      cheers 4 the comment bud

    • profile image

      MARTYN DUFFIELD 8 years ago

      I agree 100% i have only been bitten once by my tarantula and i love her for it i have respect for her and always will the perfect pet for any1 who wants a low maintenance pet i will always want a goliath bird eater and cant wait to get one they are the best. any1 who loves tarantula's message me on fb. martyn duffield

    • profile image

      Damo2135 8 years ago

      well new world nothing really just a quick wipe and bandage and a quick check up to see if there is any elergic reaction my old world again clean the wounds bandage and some mucle relaxation pills to stop the cramping about it really they can stick you on antibiotics in a form of pills or hand out a nice antibiotic in the form of a jab so(called anti-venom injection)but i never have needed this they can also give you something for the pain but again i just grin and bare it but i don't go for my new world any more i treat my self because i no im not alergic to the venom but my old world its a must or ya guna have massive cramping and by the end of the night ya just look like a stiff sweaty mess

    • spiderspun profile image

      spiderspun 8 years ago from Utopia, Ontario Canada


      When you go off to the hospital with these T bites, what exactly do they do for you there especially the bites from the old world sp.


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