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Ten Clues To Understand Your Dog Better

Updated on June 19, 2019
Rawat Jyoti profile image

Jyotiey is a counselor by profession She has a keen interest in spiritualism and psychology.

Do you have a pet? Or planning to get one. Well, you must read it first. Pet owners feel embarrassed about their dog’s obnoxious behavior and maybe you have been facing the issues with your doggie’s changed behavior.

Every particular dog breed responds and their behavior is different. You might be getting mad at your dog’s aggressive mood swings or all abnormal things what it does. Or giggles when it does funny things. Well, I have come up with this post that indicates some of the quite familiar behavior patterns that every dog does. That will eventually help you in interpret your dog’s behavior.

Following are the questions often asked by most of the dog owners.


1) Why does my dog sniff other dog's butts?

Dog's behavior is completely different from humans. People perceive the world mostly through their eyes. The smell is a dominating sense in dogs. But in fact, your doggie is collecting new detailed information about their new acquaintance. Dog's anus has a special gland which can give detailed information like their gender, reproductive status, how healthy they are and even what they had for their breakfast. This smell in these dogs is unique to each dog just like a fingerprint in a human. A dog sense of smell is ten thousand better than a human’s.

So how much information they can get from sniffing other dogs?

In the dog’s world, this behavior is socially accepted way to say “hello”. The same action also answers a number of other questions like, where are you from. Are you going to be my friend? Who is that dude holding your leash?

2) Why does my dog walk in circles before lying down?

Well, many of you have an unstoppable desire to tell your doggie that it doesn’t matter how many times they move in a circle before they finally lie down because that makes them more comfortable. They are not to be blamed for such behavioral issue because this resides in their genes. Scientist believes that this little ritual is left over for once when the creature was half wolf and half dog lived in a woods before falling asleep they settled by walking around and bed down by grass, leaves and with small branches to make a nice sleepy spot.

However, if your dog’s circling seems prolonged or excessive you should consult a vet. Although rare, this may be a symptom of obsessive-compulsive disorder.

However, if a dog keeps circling to the left. He may be a fan of a mass car racing!

3) Why does my dog hump legs, objects and other dogs?

Well, this behavioral issue is familiar with lots of pet owners, you’re doggie whether it’s a girl or a boy, mounts your favorite stuff toy while walking in the park or even tries to hump your legs. If a doggie is more than a year, this is what he or she is seeking, some form of coupling. However, when if he is fixed and mature, this behavior signals a desire for dominance. He may be simply overexcited or simply seeking your attention.

So if you feel embarrassed by your dog’s social behavior. You can check up on their body language when meeting another dog. Try to redirect your pet’s attention with a toy with a treat as soon as they start humping something.

4) Why does my dog drag its butt on the floor?

Many owners recognize the terrifying feeling when their doggie moves across the living room dragging their butt on the floor and can’t do anything to stop this trail. What’s happening they ask themselves? Decoding a dog’s behavior by yourself. Is it normal, well, as normal as anything your doggie does, however, everything depends on context, one possible explanation is that your dog is defecated? And this seems the best way for them to clean their rear end.

Other reasons might be not so innocent. Cleaning their butt on the carpet is innocent. He or she may be suffering from severe health problems or problems with their Inner glands, in a latter case these glands have to be emptied.

5) Why does my dog chase its tail?

Okay! Let’s be honest here.

Its look like so much fun. In addition, this is how your doggie gets rid of so much energy. Doggies are playful by nature and often entertain themselves by doing such things like chasing tail. Being smart and social, They recognize that when they are running after their tails, their master pays more attention to them. That’s why they start to do this more often. However, the reasons for tail-chasing may not-be-so cheerful. If a dog is injured, perhaps after getting his tail slammed in a door. They will try to reach its tail to ease the pain. He may suffer from a parasite bite or skin irritation. Also, dogs who run after their tails can have a psychological issue or anxiety. In extreme cases, excessive tail chasing can be a symptom of compulsive disorder in almost every dog breeds.

6) Why does my dog cock its head while looking at me?

When you whistle or make funny little cute noises, your doggie demonstrates one of cutest behavior ever. There is not solid proof why they do this?

But scientist believes that dogs may just be trying to make sense of what they hear. They might hope to distinguish keywords like ”fetch” or “walk”.

Or simply your pet is trying to determine where the sound is coming from?

Keeping their head tilt all the time is a sign of health problem.

7) Why does my dog eat grass?

Many people wonder why their beloved dog munching on fresh green grass like a cow. This may seem odd. You may be wondering like “Is my pet sick”?

“Bored “? or starving?

In fact, there are several reasons why their pet is eating something that is not on its diet?

First of all, this is a sign of boredom especially when your doggie is young or secondly eating grass may improve the dog’s digestive system. You may not know this but he does know this.

Perhaps your pet may feel the need for fiber. Or they simply like the taste of fresh grass.

8) Why does my dog twitch a leg when scratched?

If you are a dog owner you must be expert in scratching, petting, and stroking. Have you ever noticed how your dog’s back leg start the kick when you pet at one particular spot?

This kicking movement is involuntary. This kicking is caused by the nerve that is connected to your dog’s spinal cord. These nerves send a message to your dog's leg muscle to jerk to get rid of an irritant.

9) Why does my dog howl?

Lots of people know how a lovely day can turn into a disaster. When your doggie starts howling?

Wolves make a low pitch loud sound to send messages to their pack members. But how your pet need the feel to do this?

Behaviorists believe that this habit from past ancestors to modern dogs passed on, this activity is maybe simply necessary for dogs.

10) Why does my dog stare at me?

If your pet’s eyes never leave you, there are high chances that they are just waiting for you to give them a treat or show them affection. After all who can resist those puppy pet eyes? But sometimes this staring can be a sign of aggression, that why before starting back make sure that the dog isn’t scared or threatened or nervous.


So these were some of the behavior patterns that a dog indicates. Don’t forget to check on your pet's behavior. To make a good potential relationship with your dog, it's essential to understand your dog's actions. They try to read your mind. You should try to reciprocate with the same.

Thanks for reading.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


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