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Well That's Just Ducky - Gift Ideas and Other Ducky Stuff

Updated on September 15, 2014

That's Just Ducky - Gift Ideas and Other Ducky Stuff

This lens is all about ducks and things they inspire in our lives. It's sprinkled with Ducky Gift Ideas.

We have ducks at our pond at Stone Mountain Lodge and Cabins and I wanted to do a lens for them.

You'll find all things ducky, including salt and pepper sets, books, duck toys, carved stone ducks, ducky calendars and ducky poetry. Famous cartoon ducks Donald Duck and Daffy Duck are here too!

All poetry copyright Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah) Reprint with permission.

Ducks - An Art Print Measuring 24 in x 36 in


Ducks - Art Print - you may purchase at

Didn't You Always Wonder How One Raises Ducks at Home?

Famous Fictional Ducky's

If you love NCIS, then you love Dr Donald "Ducky" Mallard among other cast members. Read up on David McCallum at Wiki Guide to David McCallum - BTW, did you know that mallard is a type of wild duck & moulard means duck in French?

Donald Duck, friend of Mickey Mouse is the best known Disney Duck.

Daffy Duck, sometimes friend of Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd is THE duck from Warner Brother's Looney Tunes.

Ducky Stuff for Kids

Ducky Stuff for Kids

Ducks, Reading - An Art Print


Ducks, Reading - Art Print by Lopez - available to buy at

More Fun Ducky Stuff

More Fun Ducky Stuff

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, it must be a duck.

Rubber Duckies from Lila's Duck Race

Ducky Feeds the Fish - Bet you didn't know a duck could do that?

Ducky Baby Pictures

Here are the our Spring babies, a few weeks before being released to the Pond.

This year we have khaki campbells, pekins, rouens and blue swedish, all living together as quite a happy flock.

Something I Remember From a Poster in High School Latin Class

Osibili Si Ergo

Fortibuses In Ero

Nobili DemIs Trux

Sewatis Inim


See this Wikipedia entry for the meaning of Osibili

Your Ducky Wedding

Consider Your Colorado Outdoor Wedding at

Stone Mountain Lodge and Cabins

You may have the Ducks at Your Feet

Original Ducky Poems and Poetry

below is an original poem about ducks along with a link to another ducky poem

Tidy is the Nest

Tidy is the nest under mother's care

Should you come to visit, you will see her there

Under her warm belly, safe are babies four

If you act rudely, she'll show you to the door

Little Duckies Swimming Gaily - a poem

A MyFairLadyah Ducky Poem

Little Duckies Swimming Gaily

May Everything be Just Ducky for You Today


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