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The Best Dog Toys of 2015

Updated on April 9, 2015

So Many Dog Toys Out There; Which Ones are the Absolute BEST?

You could test a different dog toy out every hour for an entire year and not even put a dent in all the different dog toys that are available. Let's see, first there are the types: chew toys, tug toys, fetch toys, puzzle toys, treat toys. Then there are the shapes: bone, ball, frisbee, stick, animal, etc. And the colors: endless. So how does one find those ultra cool, mega fun, tough and entertaining dog toys without sifting through piles of junk first? Easy. Let us sift through the 99.9% of the worthless ones and let you know what the absolute best of the best dog toys of 2014 are. Our job is to know about all the new and exciting dog toys on the market - ones that are not only unique and entertaining but that are also high quality, durable and affordable. We hope you enjoy our list!

Tether Tug Outside Dog Tugging Toy

For dogs that love to tug, the Tether Tug is heaven in the backyard! The Tether Tug pole easily and quickly installs into the ground (set up takes less thank 5 minutes) and then dogs can pull, tug and spin the Tether Tug in any and all directions. Now dogs can have a fun-filled game of tug of war anytime they want - and dogs can play all by themselves!

Seamsters Bone
Seamsters Bone

Seamsters Weave Bone

A Rubber Bone With Rawhide Sewn Around It!

The Seamsters Bone is made of safe and non-toxic rubber for starters. It is actually two halves of a bone held together by the thin rawhide strips (included. Additional refill strips available separately). Inside is a compartment big enough to hold some kibble, treats, peanut butter or cheese. Even when the rawhide is chewed and the inside treats are eaten, the Seamsters Bone makes for an entertaining chew toy. The Seamsters Bone comes in two sizes: 6" x 3" or 9" x 3" - each one comes with three rawhide strips, however additional rawhide strips can be purchased separately.

The Seamsters Weave Bone retails for $21.95.

green feeder bowl
green feeder bowl

Green Interactive Feeder

One of the Hottest Pet Items of 2013!

When it debuted, the Green Feeder dog bowl took the pet industry by storm. It was impossible to keep in stock because the demand was so high. And customers were writing raving reviews about it. What is it? The Green Feeder is a sort of food bowl that dramatically slows down the eating time of dogs with plastic blades of grass that pop up all throughout the bowl. This creates a maze of food that eaters must carefully weave their tongue through in order to finish their meal. It's virtually impossible to wolf down food in mere seconds with the Green Feeder bowl. With hyper-fast eating leading to things like bloating, gas, gagging and vomiting, you can bet that the Green Interactive Feeder continues to be a huge hit.

The Green Interactive Feeder retails for $29.95.

chicken dog toy
chicken dog toy

Squawking Chicken

A.K.A. World's Most Annoying Dog Toy

This popular chicken dog toy is hilarious (for the first five minutes). When squeezed, it lets out a 10 second long squawk. Now, ten seconds doesn't sound like a long time, right? Well, time is relative so ten seconds in a candy store - quick. Ten seconds listening to nails on a chalkboard - long. The Squawking Chicken is more along the lines of nails on a chalkboard (though not quite as bad). So why is this annoying toy so darn popular? It does make a great gift for someone who maybe gave your kid a drumset for his birthday...

The Squawking Chicken toy retails for $14.95.

Destroyable Dog Toy
Destroyable Dog Toy

Rip 'N Tug

Dogs Can "Destroy" it, Over and Over Again

For those pooches that get great satisfaction out of destroying things (you know, tearing up shoes, shredding stuffed animals) this might just be the perfect gift! The Rip 'N Tug chew toy is secured by Velcro sides and, after enough tearing, opens up to reveal a treat or some kibble inside. (Even though the real treat was the fun of "ruining" the toy!)

The Rip 'N Tug chew toy retails for $15.95.

Here's a Video of a Dog "Destroying" the Rip N Tug - Now, That Looks Like Fun!

nina ottosson puzzle
nina ottosson puzzle

Nina Ottosson Dog Brick

This Ever-Popular Puzzle Is Challenging and Fun

In the dog puzzles category, Nina Otttosson reigns queen. Her line of quality pet puzzles and pet games are made in Sweden, from either recycled plastic or from hardwood found in the forests of Sweden. The Nina Ottosson Dog Brick is a favorite, with sliding blocks and removable bones hiding little treats and kibble for any doggie up for the challenge!

best dog toy
best dog toy

Bubbletastic Bacon Bubble Machine

Blows Bacon Bubbles Everywhere!

If you have a dog who loves bacon and bubbles, well, things won't get much better for him than the Bubbletastic Bacon Bubble Machine! It blows a ton of colorful bacon-scented bubbles so that your doggie has the fun job of trying to pop them all!

The Bubbletastic bacon bubble maker retails for $24.95.

buster dogmaze
buster dogmaze

Buster DogMaze

Drastically Slows Down Mealtime

The Buster DogMaze is similar to the Interactive Green Feeder in that it is a food bowl designed to slow down the amount of time it takes a pet to finish a meal. However, rather than using plastic blades of grass to separate the food pieces, the Buster DogMaze utilizes a maze-like channel to make meal time more of a "follow the trail of breadcrumbs" activity. The DogMaze is fun, entertaining, challenging, but most importantly it allows your dog to have a slower meal, rather than a race-to-the-finish engulfment.

The Buster DogMaze bowl retails for $27.95.

See How the Buster DogMaze Works - Yes, It Really Does Slow Down a Dog's Eating Time!

best dog toy
best dog toy

Cagey Cube

The Ultimate Toy for the Ball-Obsessed Dog

For ball lovers, the Cagey Cube is going to be extremely fun, highly entertaining, and of course, mildly frustrating. You see, there is a tennis ball inside the rubbery cage. It can come out, but there is only one space large enough on the cube for the tennis ball to fit. It takes some practice, and even a few "cheats" to show the dog how to do it, but after that, the dog knows that ball (that heavenly ball!) CAN come out and, doggone it, WILL come out!

best chew toy
best chew toy

Busy Buddy Jack

The Chew Toy With Multiple Chewing Sensations

Most dogs seem to really enjoy the Jack chew toy because there's something for everyone: hard nylon chews, soft rubber nubs and tasty rawhide rings (replaceable). One of the best features of the Busy Buddy Jack is that the rawhide treat rings are positioned in such a way that they are easy to taste and smell but impossible to just wolf down the treats and gorge on them. So it keeps dogs interested and playing for longer periods of time.

Dog Toy Poll

Has Your Dog Found His/Her Dog Toy Soulmate Yet?

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Let Us Know Your Favorite Toys... - So We Can Add Them to the Best Toys List of 2014!

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