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The Best Summer Dog Toys

Updated on September 22, 2014

Keep Tails Waggin' All Summer Long

Ah, summer. When the days are long and the sun is shining and the backyard is the place to be. These summer dog toys are designed to keep Fido happy all summer long. From an inground tug toy to a squirting dog ball, these dog toys are not your ordinary dog toys!

Hydro Ball - It Squirts Water Water Whenever Dogs Bite It!

This is definitely one of the coolest (literally) dog toys around. Just run the Hydro Ball under water and then watch as your dog gets a refreshing burst of water each time he chews on the Hydro Ball. A true blast to watch!

Best Summer Dog Toy
Best Summer Dog Toy

Tether Tug

The Ultimate Inground Backyard Tug Toy

The Tether Tug is perfect for outdoor dogs who like to play hard. The bendable pole swivels in all directions, giving dogs the ultimate tugging experience. Just stake in your backyard and let the fun begin!

Tuggo Dog Ball
Tuggo Dog Ball

Tuggo Dog Tugging Ball

Fun for One Dog or Two!

The brand-new Tuggo Dog Toy is a big hit with dogs and dog owners! First, the ball is indestructible. Tuggo is a tough, hollow plastic ball with a durable rope through the center. The rope can be used by a dog to swing or tug it around, or by a dog and human or two dogs for the ultimate game of tug-o-war.

floating dog toy
floating dog toy

Pogo Splash Happy

Made From Neoprene - This Dog Toy is Fun and Floatable!

The Pogo Splash Slap Happy dog toy is perfect for the pool or the beach! It's bright orange color is easy to spot and inside the neoprene coating is an inner bouncy frame that makes the Pogo Splash have bounce-back chewing action (similar to a tennis ball). Dogs love it!

Hydro Bone - A Water-Squirting Dog Bone? What Could Be More Fun in the Summertime!

The Hydro Bone is sure to keep your dog happy, cool and entertained all summer long. Not to mention that you'll get a few laughs out of watching your dog getting squirted with water when he / she is chewing on the Hydro Bone! It's a fun dog toy that's easy to use: just run it under water and then give it to your dog. Whenever your dog chews the Hydro Bone it squirts out water! You can even freeze it for some extra chewing fun.

Cool Teething Stick - Soft, Freezable Dog Toy

freezable dog toy
freezable dog toy

The Cool Teething Stick is soft to chew but can also be run under water and then frozen to provide a fun and crunchy-soft chewing sensation that dogs love!

Hydro Saucer - A Water-Squirting Dog Frisbee!

The Hydro Saucer dog toy is probably the most refreshing of all the summertime dog toys because this one sprays water as it flies through the air and squirts even more when your dog catches it! Lots of fun to watch this one in action too!

The Best Summer Dog Beds

These summer dog beds are not only comfortable, they also work to keep your dog nice and cool all summer long.

  • Canine Cooler - This cooling dog bed works without refrigeration or electricity to provide a cooling effect for your dog. The Canine Cooler uses the laws of thermodynamics to have a feel similar to when you walk on a cold tile floor with bare feet.
  • Cool Bed III - This summertime dog bed works without the use of electricity or refrigeration to absorb heat from your dog and dissipate it into the surrounding air.

kool dogz
kool dogz

Kool Dogz

The ultimate outdoor frozen treat

Kool Dogz comes with everything you need to keep your dog hydrated, cool and entertained for hours on end. Just fill the bucket up with water or chicken broth, add your dog's favorite treats and toys and then freeze. Then attach it to the stand and watch as your dog has the time of his life licking this heavenly treat all day long. As far as summer dog toys go, this one is definitely numero uno.

Deep Freeze Arctic Bone - Half ice, half rubber... 100% fun!

The Deep Freeze Arctic Bone is a tasty frozen treat that can be enjoyed again and again, all summer long. Just fill the mold up with ice or chicken broth (you can even add a few pieces of kibble for some added enjoyment) and then freeze. Your dog will have a ball licking the ice bone and when it's all melted he can just keep on chewing on the rubber half of the toy. Pretty darn genius!

Chillin' Bones - Fill with yogurt, chicken broth or a fruit smoothie for a delicious frozen dog treat

A fun way to give your dog a tasty frozen treat that he'll absolutely love. Plus, it's a lot cheaper than buying those frozen doggie ice creams that you find at the supermarket. You can get really creative and fill with a yogurt, peanut butter and honey mixture or add some frozen berries and water or even chicken broth. Your dog will enjoy these tasty cold bones on any hot summer day. A great way to lower your dog's body temperature, give him hydration and some entertainment all at the same time!

More cool-down dog treats - They sure do make summer a lot cooler!

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