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The Drinkwell Lotus Cat Drinking Fountain

Updated on March 12, 2015

When my husband and I got our two lovely cats, we were determined to be "normal" cat owners. We would not, under any circumstances, allow our cats to rule the roost. They were our pets, not people. We did not work for them, they did not pay the mortgage. Our plan worked and we were headstrong...for about 4 hours. It was then that we realized that Milo only liked to sit on one certain pillow that had to be positioned and fluffed in one certain way. And Baxter only liked to sit on our combined laps, meaning we had to basically sit on top of each other so that he could sit on us. But oh well, they were worth it and we liked to squish together for midnight movies anyway.

Then came Milo's insistence that each sip of water he take be a cool temperature and fresh from the faucet.

Again, I did not want to be ruled by my cat, but I couldn't help feel that maybe it wasn't a totally ridiculous request. I mean, it's water...not caviar. Maybe he was afraid of backwash. Maybe warm water was giving him heartburn (at 8 months pregnant, I can relate...). So I acquiesced. But the problem was that my husband and I both work. AND we spend the occasional weekend away (partly why we made sure they had each other). So to make sure he was comfortable, I began leaving water bowls everywhere. I mean EVERYWHERE. I used cat bowls, soup bowls, mugs, dessert bowls. Basically, any type of vessel that would hold water. I would put them in each and every corner of the house and up against various walls. After all, I did not want him to get dehydrated or think his main cat bowl was the only option. After the fourth or fifth time that my husband accidentally stepped on one of Milo's water bowls, he said enough was enough. Milo would just have to learn to drink from one single cat bowl. I convinced him to give in to at least two, but that was it. No more.

Milo was devastated. He would scream at me as I did the dishes and give me the cold shoulder while we were on the couch. I was anxiety-ridden. I mentioned the situation to a few other cat lovers and someone finally gave me the secret - "what about a fountain?"

I ordered the Drinkwell Lotus the very next day. And I am telling you, it works wonders! It has two different levels, or bowls, and the water is constantly being filtered! The greatest part is that it holds much more water than a normal cat bowl, so when we are away for the weekend, I never have to worry that either cat will go without water. They can drink straight from the bowl, or drink the water flowing from level to level. The lotus needs to be plugged in, but we have left it running for months at a time and have never had an issue.

So for now, life is peaceful in our cat house - and all are properly hydrated.

What products have you turned to in an effort to appease your feline friend?

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    • profile image

      tbonestakes 4 years ago

      Cats are amazing creatures and very independent. My family has three and we cannot due without them. A water fountain is a great idea, nice lens!

    • lesliesinclair profile image

      lesliesinclair 4 years ago

      This circumstance is sort of like what my tech system demanded of me after I bought my first laptop - suddenly I needed to take care of it and surround it with peripherals. Nice story.

    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 4 years ago from Arkansas USA

      I should have bought this years ago. Love the review!

    • Diana Wenzel profile image

      Renaissance Woman 4 years ago from Colorado

      My three girls are in need of a fountain. Like you said, it's water, not caviar. Seems like the least we can do for our fabulous felines. They are more than worth it. Besides, now that Grizzly Girl, Little Pip, and Sugar Bear know that Milo and Baxter have one, they don't understand why they are suffering with warm, unfiltered, non-aerated water.