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The Outdoor Cat

Updated on March 24, 2014

How an Outdoor Cat Lives

When it comes to lifestyle choices in pet felines there are three types of cats. The indoor cat which is a total 'Pussy' when it comes to going outside. This photo is of the Pussy of our family. Her name is Shasta and she is a Maine Coon. Shasta is an indoor / outdoor kitty but she spends most of her time inside. If you live in a city it is best that your furry friend fits under this category. The outdoors in the city are a killing field for most animals. Just like a lone human would not be able to survive long in the jungle, most lone kitties will not survive long in the city. The second type is the outdoor cat which is usually their style when they live in the country. It seems cruel to keep a feline indoors if it has the urge to explore the outside in the country. The indoor / outdoor is the third. This cat can take or leave the outdoors at a moments notice. Suburban areas are home to most of this type of cat.

Happy Cat

I have two beautiful kitty cats and each has their very own personality. This includes a preference in being indoors or out doors. The one that likes to be outdoors is named Happy. He is a black and white tuxedo breed and we got him when he was a tiny kitten at the ASPCA. Happy was a wild and crazy kitten that was impossible to catch to return to his cage when he got out so they called him Trip. I remember they kept him in a cage on top of a refrigerator. I don't remember why they did that. Happy used to bite ankles and hands because he did not want to be caught. His fondness for biting did not diminish for many years. We live in the country and we have a dog house that this cat has claimed as his own.

K&H Manufacturing Outdoor Kitty A-Frame Cat House

This A frame style cat house comes heated and without heat. I like that it has a second entry area to keep the cat safe from predators and my favorite feature is that there is no assembly required. Completely waterproof and has a two year warranty.

To see more houses and get more information and pricing click below.

Videos Build a Cat House

Video instructions on how to put together your own cat house.

Ideas on how to keep your outdoor cat comfortable.

Winter shelter for street cats. How to build a cat house for these cats.

How to build an insulated cat house using a cooler.

How to add heat to a do it yourself cat house.

The how to build a wood cat house. This is done using wood pallets.

NatureSPA Premium Pet Fountain - with UV Purification

This great filtered water dish is for keeping your cat hydrated. Indoors or out a supply of stagnant water is not very good for any animal. I love the way this lights up while providing a stream of fresh water at all times.

This coniuous flow of fresh water will encourage your pet to drink more.

It has a UV light purification system that cleans out microorganisms and bacteria. An LED light provides illumination and there is even a low water shut-off.

For more information and price click below.

Safety Cat Collars

One of the most important things you should get is a collar. It is best to get your cat used to wearing a collar when they are kittens. If you are in a suburb and you want to keep a happy community you will want to get one with a bell. It will help to warn birds at feeders that a cat is in the area. There is nothing worse than getting a little present on the stoop from your cat and an angry call from a neighbor who saw your cat getting it. With a collar that is the least important thing you want to look for. In order to keep your kitty safe be sure to get a breakaway collar to prevent a possible hanging. Another important feature is a color that is reflective. Sadly a lot of drivers will not slow down even if they see a small animal but at night there is no chance to warn any driver. Animals having reflective eyes is great but every bit of warning helps.

  • This collar has all of the features you need to have a safe outdoor cat.

    Vedante Super Reflective Break-Away Cat Collar with Bonus Glow in the Dark Tag

Outdoor Cat Photos - Photos look better with no text

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Cat Links

If you are a cat lover you will absolutely adore these links. I have a few blogs and these go to some of the cutest cats.

Heated Kitty House

K&H Outdoor Kitty House

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