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The Safari Shed Magic Grooming Tool for Cats | Cat Grooming

Updated on December 16, 2015

This page recommends the Safari Shed Magic as a good grooming tool for long haired cats. A video demonstration farther down the shows a woman using this apparatus on her pet.

Recently, I had to say goodbye to a beloved, long haired ragdoll cat named el Gordo. He shed like there was no tomorrow. If cat hair ever became a sought-after commodity, I thought that I would be set for life.

Unfortunately, he did not like to be groomed and usually put up a fuss regardless of what tool I was using.

However, on the days when the Master of the Universe deigned to be groomed, the Safari Shed Magic did a remarkable job.

The Shed Magic has a stainless steel blade. It can be washed in the dishwasher, and is considerably more cost effective than the name brand product of a similar nature.

The tool easily and quickly removes tons of excess fur and hair, leaving my cat looking sleek and beautiful. I am assuming it is painless, although not being a cat, I would not know that for sure. I do know that my cantankerous feline appeared to be quite comfortable on those occasions when grooming got the green light.

Even better, on those days when the Shed Master got put to good use, we had no upchucked fur balls to deal with.

The Shed Magic is a light weight tool that fits nicely into my hand. It is easy on my hand and wrists while I am using it. You simply hold the cat, or otherwise convince the cat to sit quietly, while you run the blade in the direction of the hair growth.

I notice that one Amazon reviewer gave this tool a poor rating, saying it was useless because the brush did not work. The Shed Magic does not have a brush, so I am wondering if that reviewer was confusing the item with another product. It happens!

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Photo of Ragdoll Cat Before Grooming

Long Haired Cat in Need of Grooming
Long Haired Cat in Need of Grooming | Source

Video Demo of the Shed Magic

In this video, you can see a woman grooming her cat with the Shed Magic. The cat is a long haired sealpoint. I am not sure of the breed. It could be a Himalayan. However, If my ragdoll cat would cooperate the way this one does, I would be in seventh heaven.

Video Demo: Woman Grooming Cat

© 2013 June Campbell

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    • askformore lm profile image

      askformore lm 3 years ago

      My cat, Morgan, would never allow me to groom him. But thank you for the information. Thumbs up!