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The story of a little dog with a big heart

Updated on November 4, 2010

Meet Tara!

Tara was named after the buddhist White Tara, the goddess of compassion amongst other things. This little Fozu is aptly named she is so in tune with our family, I am sure she has been with us before.

Fozu is a what you get when you cross a toy fox terrier with a shitzu. Not sure if this was done deliberately, or why, I am just glad it happened cos we ended up with Tara.

We dont use the 'd' word around Tara because she doesnt know that she is a dog, and we are ok with that. She has bought so much sunshine into our lives it is a very small price to pay.

She loves unconditionally, and her welcome is as enthusiastic when you walk in the door if you have been away for minutes or hours. If you want to play she wants to play, if you are tired and want to rest, then she will sit or lay with you, she just wants to be with you. No expectations, no demands, just lots and lots of love. She loves to discuss all topics and is just as comfortable discussing philosophy or watching master chef she loves to listen as well as add her two cents when she wants.


The proud owner

What can I say, I LOVE, LOVE LOVE my dog. I am so glad that we got this little one, after losing our other dog we decided that we would not get another one. I think if you are a dog owner, and lover, you are one for life. It wasnt long and our promise was broken, I found my self checking out the classifieds and was strangely drawn to this one ad. Just couldnt get it out of my mind, I am pretty sure Tara was calling out to me! lol


One little ad in the newspaper

I couldnt get this one ad from the newspaper out of my head. As I said we had decided not to get another dog but I looked anyway. Then I mentioned it to my partner, and he said the magic words 'why dont you ring?'.

I did, and discovered that it was a private sale and it was way over the other side of town. I told my partner its too far, and he said the magic words 'why dont we go for a drive and see?'

I rang back, and we were in the car and on our way. I had been told there were only two pups left, one boy and one girl. I dont know why but I felt like we had to rush. This time I was going to get a male dog.

We got to the house and were ushered in side to check out the pups. The boy pup was chubby, and an extrovert. The girl pup was much smaller and terribly timid. She took one look at us and ran and hid behind the couch.

'I want that one' , my partner said at the same time. We looked at each other, laughed, I paid the woman, and my partner fished out the pup from behind the couch.

On the way home she stole our hearts.


Why Tara?

The white Tara is the buddhist goddess for compassion amongst other things. We are a spiritual family, and Tara's eyes seem to overflow with compassion, so thats how we arrived at the name.

She is very caring and knows when you are feeling good or not so good, and she adjusts her mood to suit. If you want to play she does too, if you want to chill and have a lazy day, so does she.

She is the perfect companion, and loves to ride in the car.

How we spend our time

Tara loves to part of the action. If I am writing she will be sitting on my lap. If I am painting she is on my lap, she reallys likes to get amongst the painting process and it is not unusual for her to lick the canvas, or for me to discover she has a blue nose. The first time she did it I was horrified but I turned to the canvas and realised it was an improvement so I am happy for her to help out whenever she wants to!

We go for walks along the beach together, and because she is so tiny (3 years old and nearly 4kgs) she really feels the cold. So in winter she wears a coat, or her favourite pink hoodie! One woman got quite offended by Tara's coat and said to me 'That dogs coat is better than mine!' She sounded really put out about it. I just laughed and I said ' I believe you might be right!' The woman didnt get the joke, Tara did, in fact I am sure she winked at me as the lady strode off .lol

She also likes chasing her tail, apparently they are suppose to grow out of it. I think Tara has decided to flout convention because she just loves roaring around the front lawn at a great speed. She then latches onto her tail and quite often ends up somersaulting accross the lawn. It is hysterical and we clap and cheer, and she does it all over again!

I have tried to video it on several occasions but as soon as I pull out the camera she stops. What is that?

She also loves to sit on my lap when I crochet, especially when the rug is getting big enough that she can sit under it!

She also like to open the cushion cover and crawl between the cushion and the cushion cover making her own sleeping bag.

A few of Tara's favorite things

Brentwood Poodle 25 by 25 Floor Cushion, Lime
Brentwood Poodle 25 by 25 Floor Cushion, Lime

Tara may be little but she loves a lot of cushion. Very comfy



I love that when she wags her tail , her whole body wags. She doesn't hold back!

Tara's favourite toys

Sergeant's 47712 Rope Chew Multi Dog Toy
Sergeant's 47712 Rope Chew Multi Dog Toy

Great for dogs with small mouths and a desire to chew


Look into my eyes and tell me all your secrets

they are safe with me

As Seen On TV Snuggie for Dogs in Pink
As Seen On TV Snuggie for Dogs in Pink

We need snuggles and cuddles, and by the way I look good in pink

Power Paws, traction socks for dogs, L, Blue w/Bone
Power Paws, traction socks for dogs, L, Blue w/Bone

Sometimes we need a little help people

Dog Playtime Dog Gift Basket
Dog Playtime Dog Gift Basket

Perfect for the pampered pooch



Do you think Tara is cute?

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