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The Three Amigos: My Pound Puppies!

Updated on September 23, 2013

Meet Josi, Vern & Weezul!

These three rescue pups light up my life! Much like the Brady Bunch, when my husband and I met - I had one dog and he had two. They all got along instantly and soon we merged into one happy family!

"That's the wayyyy we became the Brady Bunch!"

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The Three Amigos Gang!

3 Wiley Pups = Mischief!

  • These three pups brighten up our days as they greet us at the door, curl up on the couch with us, and happily chase leaves across the back yard. They are all rescue pups. My husband and I feel that adoption is the only the we want to find new pups for our family. No breeders for us. We'll provide homes to lonely pups looking for love and attention. These rescues are all mixed breeds and have provided us with countless hours of laughter and joy.
  • Just last night I looked over at Weezul sleeping beside the bed. She had somehow gotten ahold of a pillow and was sleeping with her head resting right on that pillow just like a human. It was sooo cute! I just watched her as I fell asleep. Sweet dreams for me!

The Three Amigos lounging on the couch!

Josi = Amigo #1

Josi = Amigo #1
Josi = Amigo #1

Josi - The Oldest Amigo

15 years old & Alpha of the Pack

  • Josi was my husband's first dog. He picked her up from the pound in California. She was about 8 years old at the time. Now she is about 15, has hip dysplasia, and suffers from chronic allergies that affect her skin. But does she let that get her down?? No way, Jose! She is determined to climb the stairs up to her crate all by herself! We had to put up a doggy gate so we can carry her upstairs ourselves. We are the "dog-scalators" (doggy escalators).
  • Josi's favorite things are tennis balls, sleeping on the couch and lots of belly rubs!

Josi's Very Favorite Toy

Loofa Dog Latex Texture 18-Inch Plush Filled Dog Toy that Squeaks, Colors Vary
Loofa Dog Latex Texture 18-Inch Plush Filled Dog Toy that Squeaks, Colors Vary

She usually tears toys apart the moment she gets her jaws on them, but this one she carries around as gently as a mother!


Vernon = Amigo #2

Vernon = Amigo #2
Vernon = Amigo #2

Vern - The Middle Amigo

9 Years old & Very Shy

  • Vernon is my husband's second dog and he was hand-picked at the pound by Josi. She needed a companion but wasn't the most welcoming. After she interviewed several potential companions - she selected Vern. He is about 9 years old and is verrryyy attached to his Daddy. He loves nothing better than to be snuggled up with a warm human under a blanket. It makes him feel safe and protected. He is a little sensitive about his feet and is a little scared around strangers.
  • Verns favorite things are chasng squirrels, chasing cats (even though he hasn't yet caught either), and snuggles from his parents!

Weezul = Amigo #3

Weezul = Amigo #3
Weezul = Amigo #3

Weezul - The Baby Amigo

5 Years Old & the Most Patient Dog Ever!

  • Weezul chose me many years ago when she was a 1 year old puppy wandering the country-side. I left the ouse to go to work and she was chasing cars on a busy road! I opened my car door and she ran right up to love me. I took her to the local animal shelter in case her owners were missing her, but when her time was up at the shelter - I was waiting with leash in hand to bring her home! I had ferrets at the time, so my ex named her Weezul so she would feel part of the weaselly family.
  • Weezul's favorite things are FOOD, meeting new people, and sleeping in a warm sunbeam!

Add Peanut Butter and You Have a New Best Friend!

Advice From The Three Amigos

- There is no such thing as too much wet food

- The scratch at the door means "NOW"

- Hearing improves with treats!

Josi's Favorite Dog Food! - Natural Balance Duck and Potato

Ms. Josi has gotten older and has developed food allergies. Natural Balance makes food that does not cause the rashes or itching and makes her feel A-Okay. Since the pups like to nibble on each others food - they all get Natural Balance. We tried the other flavors, but Josi had a reaction to those as well, so it's Duck and Potato all the way for these pooches!

The Proceeds From This Page Benefit the ASPCA!

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    • BuckHawkcenter profile image

      BuckHawkcenter 7 years ago

      This is a wonderful lens! I'm so glad you added it to the Best of Pet Rescue on Squidoo. Give your three darlings a big snuggle and a treat from me and all the darlings at BuckHawk Center.

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      So adorable. Thanks.