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Bosworth and Basil -- The beginning.

Updated on August 6, 2014

Go on... adopt a pet. You won't be sorry.

"Bosworth and Basil? "Yes!" my husband answered. "Bosworth and Basil!" What kind of names are those?" I asked. "The man said he named them English names because they are English Bulldogs" he answered, smugly. The truth was we were adopting them. They were being given away by a wealthy widower who told us that he bought them from a breeder as puppies and learned when they were six months old that he couldn't handle them. Not only were they rambunctious, but he traveled and didn't have anyone to keep them and they got to be too much trouble. I was sad for him, but happy for us. "Okay," I lamented. "But do they have to keep those awful names?" I was thinking along the lines of Bugsey & Mugsey or Duke & Louie as in Ellington & Armstrong. If they were boys, they wouldn't stand a chance with their names in this neighborhood -- not that the neighborhood was bad, but a boy named Bosworth or Basil will get picked on in any "E'slib" neighborhood.

Later for that -- I didn't really care what their names were. I fell in love with them at first glance. They were so cute. Bosworth's coat was a caramel colored brindle with white fur on his stomach and chin . Basil was super cute with his clean spotted brown and white coat, being mostly brown with white fur on his stomach and around one eye and brown fur around the other. They brought something magical to our family. It was as though we were holding our breaths and they were right on time to save our lives -- to save my family. My son had started hanging with the wrong crowd and staying out on the streets at 17 years old. My husband had just lost his job abruptly and was quickly sinking into a state of depression. I had never seen him so troubled. It was the first time in the 20 years since I had known him that he was without a job. And it wasn't pretty. He was sinking into a dark depression and no matter what I said or did, it was futile.

And then the phone rang. It was a friend who I had worked with at the Pittsburgh Zoo. She was now the executive director of the Humane Society and I had asked her to keep her eyes peeled for an English Bulldog. She delivered two -- Basil and Bosworth! That was one of the best days of my life, aside from my children being born. From day one, those dogs brought us joy. They literally brought my husband out of his depression and kept him on the move -- walking, bathing, and just hanging out with them. They also brought my son home -- he couldn't stay away from them. He kicked his bad news crew to the curb to hang out with his dad and his new furry pals. My son and his dad begin to bond over Bosworth and Basil.

This is why it is good to share your life with a dog -- a kid or anyone who needs adopting. Once you take on that responsibility you come to terms pretty quickly that you needed them more than they needed you. Enjoy.

Basil reading on the porch :)
Basil reading on the porch :) | Source
Bosworth the thug
Bosworth the thug | Source
Basil thinks he's a lap dog. Sitting on my daughter
Basil thinks he's a lap dog. Sitting on my daughter | Source


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