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Greyhound Racing = Abuse and Mistreatment

Updated on December 21, 2011

The Abuse of Greyhound Dog Racing

Unfortunately, to the racing industry the greyhound became a commodity, Greyhounds have been exploited and abused. Since 1990 there have been more than 51 media-documented cases of mistreatment of the breed, involving thousands of dogs. These cases include shootings, abandonment, left to starve, sold for medical experimentation, electrocution, and clubings. Even though the numbers have dropped due to awareness to the public as a servere issue, there are still thousands of greyhounds every year put to death as death itself isn't enough, the inhumane ways that they are put to death is inconceivable and the reason is even worse. Money, it is all about the dog making money. When they can't run anymore they are of no use to the owner and trainers. Some do not even make it to the track being elimated as puppies. While racing the dogs are kept in less a than a ideal enviroment. They are kept in very small kennels and only let out to relieve themselves, race, and when they are moved from one track to another. If they are good racers and they don't get injuried their racing careers can last up to five years, but that is the minority. Most of the dogs careers last a year or two, if that long.

There are various adoption agencies throughout the US for ex-racers and even though this has helped lower the amount of dogs put to death, the only way to rid the breed of this intolerable cruelty is to elminate the Greyhound racing industry. Gray2k USA is a activist group that is lobbying for legislation to put a stop to greyhound racing. Dog racing is now illegal in 34 states, but is still legal in 19. Even states that have banned live racing may still permit off-track or satellite wagering.

Unwanted Ex-Racers

Stop the Abuse

The only way to stop this abuse is to put a end to the Greyhound racing industry. If people would quit going to the tracks and stop betting on the races, the tracks would close.

Greyhound Dogs as Pets

Greyhounds make great pets. They are calm, sweet and gentle. They have the nickname the "45mph couch potato." They only need a moderate amount of exercise and are great apartment pets if walked on a regular basis. They are great with kids and I have found out that it is a myth that they can't be around smaller animals. It is true of some, but not all. As with any dog breed, each dog has a individual personality.

Greyhound Adoption

At this time there are many Greyhound adoption agencies all over the United States. Almost all the dogs are ex-racers who have been saved. The dogs do not go to a kennel. They go to foster homes and there they are evaluated. So the agency can place the dog with a owner that is the best fit. Almost all of them are housebroke before homing.

If you are thinking about adopting a dog that is sweet, calm in the home, pedigreed, and beautiful. Please consider this breed. The only other breed in the world that are being killed on a daily basis more than the greyhound is the pitbull dog.

Greyhound Adoption Agency Links

" It is up to us as human beings to enforce the rights of Animals, but before this can be accomplished, we must come together as a people, to agree what the true meaning of HUMANE is."

Experience the Love of a Greyhound


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