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three monkeys of a mahatma

Updated on February 24, 2011

 Mahatma means a great soul. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the national leader of India, is hailed as Mahatma. He is the one who paved way for Indian independence. He guided the nation not only for the political freedom, but he was always insisting upon freedom from all the other fetters of social life.

Seeking truth in everything was his way of life. For defending truth he was ready to undergo any suuffering or sacrifice. His path of non-violence is the torchlight of his matchless method for achieving freedom. He dreamt a nation free from corruption, caste discriminations, selfish motives and inhuman behaviors

The words of Jesus Christ attracted him more and lead him in his path of truth and non-violence. He never hesitated to lay down even his life to defend truth and human rights. His path of non-violence was actually guided by the teachings of Jesus Christ. The Sermon on the Mount guided him to take up the path of non-violence which brought him success in his personal life as well as his fight for freedom of India.

The three monkeys and Gandhi

The three monkeys of Gandhi were symbols of Gandhi's search for truth. The three monkeys are seen in three postures. One is closing its mouth, another one its ears and the third one its eyes. If we are careful with our senses we can avoid so many of our sins and lead a pure life. That is why Jesus pointed out that eyes are the light of the body. If the eyes are pure, we can see truth. So also the sense of hearing and speech keep us pure if we handle them carefully.

The three moneys of Gandhi teach humanity a great lesson to be free from many troubles and diseases. It is the shortcut for avoiding sin. It is a shortcut to achieve success in life.


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      yuvraj singh 3 years ago

      This is awesome website

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      shruti khandelwal 4 years ago

      this monkeys are to good , and i would like to be like you. just hopings are there.

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      Prabhansh Paliwal 4 years ago

      U and i can adopt these three monkey

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      alex 5 years ago

      yo i have all the qualities of the three monkeys

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      akanksha 5 years ago

      this is a very nice website

    • tammyswallow profile image

      Tammy 6 years ago from North Carolina

      Hello there Paulose! There is a lot of potential here in your article. I would recommend you fix your title.. If a reader's first impression is your title page, then you will want to make sure it is grammatically correct and properly capitalized. If it isn't polished, people will skip it.

      You need to remove this partial sentence: The three monkeys and Gandhi

      Great photos attract readers. You can get free photos from Wikepedia Commons and add them to your hubs.

      There are many people here on hubpages like me that love learning about cultures all over the world. When explaining things like the Three Monkeys, you could share a personal story on why it means so much to you.

      You are off to a good start. Hope this helps!