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80 Tiger Names & Meanings

Updated on December 2, 2015

“Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!”

Those are three of the many furry rulers of the wild. However, tigers have something special that make them very distinct from most animals: their stripes.

Tigers are really beautiful animals. You’ll likely see them at any zoo that you visit, all because they are a beautiful attraction. If you didn’t know already, tigers are nothing but large cats. Large, not-so-cuddly, wild cats. They are definitely not your typical house cat.

Although they might form a bond with their caretakers or zookeepers, I strongly advise against trying to feed one without the permission and supervision of trained staff, because they won’t see what’s in your hand, but rather see the larger meal standing behind it — you!

Picking a Name

Even though they are not exactly house pets, they still need names to identify them by, right? Right. Oh, and of course stuffed tigers need names too! So what exactly do you call a tiger?

Below, you'll find a list of 80 names to help get your mind roaring!

  • T names: Names that start with a "T" will have a nice ring when talking about the tiger. Remember Tony the Tiger, the Frosted Flakes cereal mascot? ("They’re more than good, they’re grrrrreat!")

  • Location: Naming the tiger after where you got it from, whether it’s a rescue or another country, can make for a great name. You can also just decide to use the countries of origin

  • Famous tigers: There is a lot of famous ones from TV, movies, and books, so feel free to use these names to your advantage!

  • Think cat: Remember, they are big cats and still have many of the mannerisms of a typical cat. So, think about common cat behaviors, traits, and so on and see what names are inspired.

  • Think big: Tigers are not exactly small creatures of this planet, so think names that will make them sound as big as they are!

  • Personality: Your big cat will certainly have its own personality, so take note of the personality and ways to describe it and make names out of it.

  • Appearance: If the tiger has any distinct markings, scars, or anything special about it that sets it apart from others, this is definitely something worth naming over!

Male Names

Male names should sound masculine and sound pretty fierce. Here’s some names that might suit your male tiger!


Female Names

Female tigers are tough too, and they should have a name that says this. A nice, exotic-sounding name suits one very well.


White Tiger Names

Oh, the beauty of a white tiger; they are truly like no other! Pick a name that flaunts its beautiful white coat.

Stay Puft
Snow White

Famous Felines

You can never go wrong by naming your tiger after an established, striped celebrity!

Puss in Boots

"Tiger Names"

Here’s some names that mean “tiger” in other languages, and some names that are just derived from the word “tiger.”

Kaplony (Hungarian)
Tigrio (Latin)
Tora (Japanese)
Sud (Thai)
Nimer (Arabic)
Tigris (Latin)
Babur (Urdu)
Tigre (Spanish)

Country of Origin Names

Here is a list of countries where you can find tigers in the wild, and nicknames that are derived from the country names.


So, whether you are naming a pet, a tiger for a zoo exhibit, a stuffed animal, or even a house cat that wishes it were a tiger, you will likely find a perfect name match on this list.

If you end up liking more than one of the names, I don’t blame you if you do! Try to get everyone else’s opinions about the names you like, and perhaps give the tiger a few days of observation to see which names would suit him or her the best!

Cute Baby Tiger Falling Asleep


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    • profile image

      Reagan 2 months ago

      Yesterday I went to the zoo and I saw 2 tigers and I bought a stuff tiger at the zoo shop and I first named it strips but then I changed it. I'm going to sleep with it every night! It was on March 30 2018 at Detroit zoo.

    • profile image

      Shelbsalises 3 months ago

      I love

    • profile image

      evan 4 months ago

      thank you for the help

    • profile image

      Unknown 6 months ago

      My little sister just bought a teddy tiger. She keep asking what we name it. So,I found the name in this website change the name little bit. Like from "snow white" to "snowy tiger". Btw, thanks for helping me find the name

    • Guckenberger profile image

      Alexander James Guckenberger 6 months ago from Maryland, United States of America

      Tigers are very majestic.

    • profile image

      Unknon 6 months ago

      Best names ever used them from a story that Im doing on paper Lol

    • profile image

      Kitten life 7 months ago

      OMG thats awsome advise Thankyou and adorable video!

    • profile image

      Syd Syd 8 months ago

      Thank u for helping me it really worked and im really happy now

    • profile image

      Khushi 9 months ago

      Thank you for helping me

    • profile image

      Kiwi 11 months ago

      I love that name Alice, ty

    • profile image

      bella 12 months ago

      sofia rojo that is my friends name

    • profile image

      Joni 13 months ago

      From the Thundercats there were tiger names like.










      I saw them from television and the internet

    • profile image

      Robin 13 months ago

      So many more T names for a male:


      Teobald, Teophile (French)




      etc., etc.

    • Goldia profile image

      Goldia 13 months ago from Illinois

      Very interesting topic

    • profile image

      Deanna Williams 15 months ago

      I love this website

    • profile image

      impala67 20 months ago

      +fpherj48 it is PAWla not paula. its a pun/play on words. get it? or you could have PAWl.

    • profile image

      Chefo 23 months ago

      Thanks for names. My favourite name is Bruce!!!

    • profile image

      Charlotte 2 years ago

      I love the names ^_^ Claudia is my favorite and your awesome

    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 2 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      Such an incredibly gorgeous, regal-appearing animal. The sight of a tiger can tempt us to believe they are hugable & lovable ~~but not a good idea to try! :)

      I enjoyed this page, the fascinating names and great photos. Peace, Paula

    • profile image

      amelia 2 years ago

      i love sissy thank you

    • profile image

      Sofia Rojo 2 years ago

      i just got a stuffed tiger and her name is Bianca

    • profile image

      Tague 2 years ago

      For a boy tiger name. Pronounced TA-GOO


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