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Tips For A Healthy Dog

Updated on March 21, 2015

Your Dog is Your Best Friend So Why Not Keep Them Healthy

A dog can definitely be your best friend.

They are very devoted and love attention.

They can also live quite a long time. But owning a dog is a big responsibility and one that some people sadly do not take seriously.

There are those that do and want to ensure that their beloved pooch is happy, healthy and active well into the later years of life. If you want to keep your dog happy or just need some healthy dog tips, this article can help.

Healthy Dog Breed
Healthy Dog Breed

Do these tips vary according to breed?

You will always find healthy dog tips and books for each breed.

The reason is because not all dog tips work the same on all dogs.

Think of dogs just like people. You would not give one health tip to one person and expect everyone to be able to follow the same tip.

Some breeds of dogs require lots of exercise whereas some do not need as much. Some dogs are more prone to being overweight than other breeds so the tips you get should be based on what type of breed of dog you own.

Do these dog tips vary depending on age?

A dog's age will really factor into any healthy dog tips you may be given by your veterinarian.

As a dog gets older he or she will have different sets of problems than as a puppy. You may need to switch dog food to accommodate certain ailments that do occur in older dogs such as joint discomfort.

Also as a dog ages the amount of food you feed the dog will change. Young puppies need to eat at least three times a day. An older dog may only need to eat once or twice. You also need to keep in mind the weather when getting tips for your dog to keep it healthy.

Older dogs may not be able to tolerate extreme temperatures very well.

Puppies are the same.

Veterinary Advice
Veterinary Advice

What are some common tips given by vets?

Common advice given by vets is to keep your dog current on all shots.

You need to keep your dog wormed, on heart medicine and up to date on all shots such as rabies and parvo.

Another tip you may get involves activity. All dogs need exercise. Even the tiny toy breeds. But there are some dogs that absolutely must have lots of activity or they gain a lot of weight or even have discipline problems.

If you have a dog that is a stock breed such as a Border Collie or a Sheep Dog, these dogs need lots of exercise and room to play. It is in their nature to be active.

My vet says my dog is overweight. What dog health tips can I use to help slim him down?

One of the most common topics when talking about healthy dog tips is weight. Many people over feed their dogs.

A dog should be slim.

You should be able to feel the dog's ribs and a curve where the stomach meets the hind quarters. If your dog is overweight it can be just as damaging to him as it would be for you. The best way to help overcome the weight issue is a dual combination of increased exercise and the right food. If you have an older dog you may need to switch to a special formula just for overweight and older dogs.

Another factor may be the amount you are feeding. Generally most dog food brands will advise you on how much to feed and when to feed based on the age of the dog. If your dog is overweight you may need to cut down the food a bit.

Yes, your dog will act like he is starving but if you are feeding him the proper amount he will get over it.

And one big piece of advice is this: do not feed your dog table scraps.

Even though this advice maybe true there is also a better alternative to having a healthy dog than feeding them highly processed dog foods that you buy.

And many vets and animal experts would agree, if you are feeding your dog highly processed pet foods they are at a much greater risk of dying at an earlier age.

So how can you overcome this and ensure you have a happy and healthy dog?

It is much easier than you think... Have a look at this recipe that you can use right now to help you feed your for the right food and with the right nutritional elements for a much happier dog.

This is just one of the many recipes available to any dog owner that wants to improve the quality of a dogs life.

I have prepared food in this way for all the dogs I have owned and saw huge differences in fitness and age with three of my dogs living for just on 18 years of age.

Dog Health
Dog Health

Where is a good source to find information about this

If you want the absolute best healthy dog tips you need to talk to your veterinarian.

He or she is going to know exactly what your dog needs. Outside of a vet you can talk to other dog owners that have a dog the same breed as yours. They may have a solution to a problem or just some general advice to give you.

A third source is the internet. But you have to be careful when using internet advice. Not all forums and websites are going to give you the best tips. Some are on the internet solely to promote or sell their products.

So the website may be telling you to buy X brand of dog food because it is the best when in reality it may not be.

Do you have any dog tips for me if I'm considering buying a puppy from a professional breeder?

Professional breeders are really catching a lot of bad press from animal rights activists such as the Humane Society of America. Most activists believe that breeders are encouraging people to buy pedigreed dogs instead of adopting.

They believe that any healthy dog tips from a breeder are a moot point since the breeder is running a puppy mill. That is not always the case. Some breeders are very responsible. The best healthy dog tips you could receive about buying from a breeder involve looking closely at living conditions of the parents.

Never buy a dog from a breeder that will not show you where the puppy has been kept or how the parents are kept.

Do you have any advice for potty training my new puppy?

Potty training a new puppy can make you want to pull your hair out.

Some breeds seem easier to train than others. And if you have an outside dog it is even easier.

But if you have an inside dog, then you are definitely going to need some healthy dog tips for potty training. Most dog specialists advise that you crate train your puppy. This means that you only have your puppy roaming free when you can actively watch it. When you cannot you need to put the pup in the crate with a bowl of water and some bedding.

They say that the dog instinctively knows not to use the bathroom when in its sleeping environment. When you take your puppy out of the crate immediately take it outside and see if it will use the bathroom. If it does then praise it and reward it with a small treat.

If the crate method is not working for you then you may have to go to puppy pads. These are disposable papers with plastic backing to help keep messes from your floor.

Old Dog
Old Dog

How can I keep my dog healthy so that she lives for a long time?

Healthy dog tips abound and are great for keeping your dog healthy as possible.

There are going to be some accidents and some mishaps with your dog over the course of its life.

But the right tips, along with responsible owners, can ensure that a dog lives its life to the fullest extent possible and remain healthy.

A dog's health is very important and maintaining it is the responsibility of the dog owner. The keys to good health for your dog include adequate food, exercise, discipline, grooming and affection.

Making sure that your pet has fresh clean water daily is also very important. Owning and caring for a dog is a big responsibility and one that shouldn't be taken lightly.

Are there books or publications that give healthy dog tips?

If you want healthy dog tips you need to turn to books and publications as a secondary source, or a second opinion source, other than your veterinarian.

Your vet can help tell you what works best because he or she sees pets often. But keeping a dog book around is still helpful. If you shop at Petco or PetSmart you can buy a book or magazine based on your dog's breed.

For me, my dog has a large area to roam so he gets plenty of exercise and good food.

Are you a dog lover like me? - If so, I would really like to here your comments on how you keep your dog healthy.

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