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The Best Cat Post, Cat Pole, and Cat Condos

Updated on February 2, 2013

Cat Poles, Condos, Trees and Scratchers for Your Feline Friends

Cat pole, cat condo, cat tree, cat scratcher or cat jungle gym- what ever you choose to call them, they are the perfect to any home that has cats. Aside from creating a cozy play area for your cat they also serve as a purpose to the owner.

Having a designated cat area such as a cat pole, cat condo or cat jungle gym helps keep your cat healthy and happy while also protecting your furniture. Here you will find several different styles of cat condos, jungle gyms and scratch posts that are all functional, visually appealing and a great way to give your cat their own space.

See a Cat Condo in Action!

See why cats love cat condos, scratching posts, and cat poles!

GoPetClub Cat Tree - Top 10 Cat Posts, Cat Condos, and Cat Poles #10

Over 4ft wide and 6ft tall, the GoPetClub Cat Tree is cleverly designed to appeal to cats of all ages. This cat tree is made of wood covered in faux fur and covered with natural sisal rope.

Armarkat Cat Tree Model A6202, - Top 10 Cat Posts, Cat Condos, and Cat Poles #9

Made of wood and faux fur, this cat tree has a unique feature, a fur hammock to cuddle and craddle your cat. It includes 6 scratching poles, 6 levels and the ever-so-cozy hammock. at 3 foot wide and just over 5 feet, it tucks away in corners out of the way while remaining fully functional for your feline friend.

SmartCat Multi-Level Cat Climber - Top 10 Cat Posts, Cat Condos, and Cat Poles #8

While this one doesn't have all the bells and whistles that most of the other Top 10 Cat Condos, Poles and Scratchers do, it still made the list due to it's space-saving design but yet still functional for scratching, climbing, sleeping, and exercising. This is the perfect climber for anyone needing something that doesn't take up space. This cat climber hangs on the back of any door and can be moved to other areas of your home quickly and easily.

GoPetClub 62" Tall Greyish Black Cat Tree - Top 10 Cat Posts, Cat Condos, and Cat Poles #7

A little over 2 feet wide and 5 feet tall, this cat tree and condo combination comes equipped with 3 sleeping areas, 8 scratching posts covered in carpet. The toys are interchangeable and can be put at any level. The entire cat tree is covered in faux fur except for the scratching posts which are covered in carpet.

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Armarkat A7202 72-Inch Cat Tree - Top 10 Cat Posts, Cat Condos, and Cat Poles #6

This cat tree includes 11 scratching post, a private napping area and a furry cradle for warm, cuddling, nap times. At 6 foot tall, this is perfect for your cats to climb, jump, sleep and lounge.

GoPetClub Cat Furniture Tree Condo Scratcher Post Pet House - Top 10 Cat Posts, Cat Condos, and Cat Poles #5

This GoPetClub cat condo, scratcher, post, house and tree combo is perfect for any cat. Covered in white and black, faux fur, it has 11 posts, 8 levels and 3 sleeping areas. Over 3 feet wide and almost 6 feet high, this cat condo is perfect for more than one cat.

Why You Should Have a Cat Condo, Scratching Post and Jungle Gym for Your Own Cat

There are several reasons to create a feline oasis for your cat. Here are 6 reasons why you should provide your cat with a scratching post, condo, and jungle gym combo!

1. Health: A cat that exercises is a healthy, happy cat.

2. A Tired Cat is a Calm Cat: All the playing, jumping and scratching will keep your cat not only exercised and healthy but will also keep him calm. After all, aren't you ready to relax after a long jog?

3. Protect Your Furniture: Everyone knows the horrid effect that cat claws can have on your furniture. Cats scratch and pull at fabrics to clean and to sharpen their claws. It's a natural habit that can not be stopped even if your cat is de-clawed. Having a designated cat are with scratching posts will keep your cats scratching own his own furniture instead of yours. Cat posts are designed for scratching and will hold up for years to come.

4. Calming Effects: Aside from a tired cat being a calm cat, giving your feline friend a place of his own will allow him to feel safe and have his own territory. He will feel better knowing that he can hide and relax in a place all of his own when you have kids or have company over.

5. Prevents Cats from Tearing Down Your Home: With a designated are of his own, your cat will be less inclined to climbing curtains, laying on shelves, knocking these out of his way to find a cozy high spot, staying off cabinets for height reasons and ending up in places you don't want him.

While we both know he won't stay on the condo 24/7, I'm sure you soon find that he does lounge and play there the majority of the time that he is idle.

GoPetClub Cat Tree Condo House in Leopard Print - Top 10 Cat Posts, Cat Condos, and Cat Poles #4

The GoPetClub Cat Tree Condo House in leopard print is small but yet, so functional. It's shabby and chic leopard print adds d├ęcor to your space while creating the perfect cat condo with posts, toys and 2 sleeping areas. The bottom post turns while scratching and the toys will keep them playing endlessly. If leopard is not your color that's ok- it's available in cream


GoPetClub "Jungle GYM" Cat Tree - Top 10 Cat Posts, Cat Condos, and Cat Poles #3

Nearly 9 feet tall, the GoPetClub "Jungle GYM" Cat Tree has plenty of amenities that your cat will enjoy. It includes a top pole that is adjustable to fit low ceilings and also has mounting brackets to attach to the ceiling if needed. This cat post is great for multiple cats as well. It includes 3 baskets, 3 privacy suites, 3 ladders, 18 posts and 2 ropes.

GoPetClub Huge Cat Tree - Top 10 Cat Posts, Cat Condos, and Cat Poles #2

The GoPetClub Huge Cat Tree just keeps going and going! It's 4 foot wide and nearly 9 feet tall, with two posts that come equipped to mount to the ceiling. It has to large cat condos, 2 baskets, a cradle, 2 ladders, 2 ropes, 15 levels and 25 scratching posts covered with natural sisal rope.

The Ultimate Cat Condo, Scratch Post, Tree and Everything Else Rolled Into One! - Top 10 Cat Posts, Cat Condos, and Cat Poles #1

The Huge Multi-Condo Cat Gym speaks for itself. No wonder it's #1 on our list!

With all these luxuries, what cat could ask for more? It's over 8 foot tall and 6 foot wide! Designed for your cat to scratch, climb, jump, play, and even to sleep or lounge on. It includes 19 posts for scratching, 2 cat condos, 2 baskets, a cradle, 4 tubes, 4 ladders two ropes and multiple levels! A must have for any one with more than one cat!!!

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What Are Your Thoughts on Cat Condos, Scratching Posts and Poles? Which is your favorite, do you use them, are you planning on using one? Share your ideas, tips and suggestions!

What Are Your Thoughts on Cat Condos, Scratching Posts and Poles?

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    • malena10 profile image

      malena10 5 years ago

      My cat has one, like your 6 and she is scratching and sleeping on it.

    • Lady Lorelei profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 5 years ago from Canada

      I think the cat condos and towers are definitely the cat's meow. Cats love them.

    • Zebedee32 profile image

      Zebedee32 5 years ago

      They all look very nice. good lens.