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Top 10 Dogs for Kids with Allergies

Updated on February 23, 2017

Many people are affected by dog allergies, kids are the most vulnerable to dog allergies. The top 10 dogs ideal for kids with allergies are breeds that don't shed much and are good for kids.

Although dog allergies are a challenge to many pet owners not all dogs cause allergies. Some dogs shed less or have no fur at all. It’s important you choose the best dog breed that does not cause allergies to kids. The following is a list of dogs that are good for kids with allergies


1) Bichon Frisé

They have a white puffy coat but don't let it fool you. These little pillows don't shed, are jolly and easy to train. All you have to do is brush their curly fur and they won't leave dander and dust all over. This breed is awesome for a family looking for a small, cheerful dog with less risk of an allergic attack on the kids.


2) Poodle

This breed also comes in three sizes like the schnauzer: Standard, miniature and toy. They don't shed, but they require a lot of care and grooming. They're can get a little yappy but are easy to train. But if they are too prissy, get labradoodle as they also have a hypoallergenic coat.


3) Bedlington Terrier

Not exactly the best looking dog for kids with allergies, at first glance, he looks more like a lamb. This terrier is a perfect addition to a canine loving laid-back family. They don't shed (super good for kids) and are very mild-mannered.

4) Yorkshire Terrier

Kids sometimes don't have access to a big yard. This is not a problem because the Yorkie is perfect for such. These dogs are just fine playing and cuddling indoors. They also don't shed or have a lot of dander. However, they do require heavy grooming, so keep the brush in hand when they paw at your lap.


5) Schnauzer

Kids love to be the center of attention and a good old fashioned game of "Follow the Leader" so what better than a shed less dog. Expect to have a buddy by your side at all times because the schnauzer loves his owners so much that he won't let them out of his sight. He can however be stubborn and energetic. They come in three sizes: Standard, giant and miniature. As they don't shed, they're much less likely to trigger allergic reactions in kids.


6) Shih Tzu

They have long, silky locks, but despite this, they shed very lightly. They however do need a lot of grooming. Apart from their good looks or kids, they are extremely affectionate, kind and easygoing. Only fault is that they do tend to become jealous of babies. This breed is perfect for kids suffering constant allergic reactions from different dog breeds.


7) Italian Greyhound

This little perfect Italian breed has a thin coat that makes him shed less and easy to keep clean of allergens. An Italian Greyhound is very playful and loyal, and doesn’t need a big yard. The downside is that they're extremely sensitive to cold areas so not for a families living in cold climatic regions.


8) Basenji

These little critters don't shed but most importantly, they don't bark. They have little dander and are darling, making them a great choice. They however, not often, make a yodeling noise, and can be hard to train. Not a problem because they come packed with a lot of lovable personality and less risk of an allergic attack.


9) Samoyed

This dog is a dream come true for sneezing owners. They do shed but make up for it with no doggie dander or odor. This makes them the perfect option for kids with allergies. They're known for being gentle laid back and "smiley," great around kids.


10) Chinese Crested

Okay so you just want to avoid allergies completely, well the best way is to get a dog without any hair. They do produce a little dander and can be a bit clingy, but they're very good with kids.

Allergies are triggered by different causes and are unique for everyone, so it is important to do individual research on potential allergens. Check out the different causes of dog allergies to determine the best dog for your child.

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