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Top 10 Dogs that Get along with Cats

Updated on April 8, 2013

Small Dog Getting along with a Cat



Small dogs make wonderful pets for children especially when they get along with cats. Many dog owners may find a reason to also keep cats in their home. When you have both cats and dogs in the same house, it’s important to choose the right dog breed that will get along with your cat. It’s also helps to know your dog well before you introduce a cat to the family. Nearly all dogs can be trained to get along with cats but there are dog breeds that will always want to chase cats around. In most cases small dogs breeds may be more difficult to get along with cats unless proper introduction is done.

Whether the cat or the dog is adopted first, as a pet in your family may not be an issue if they are introduced to each other in the right way. It is important you learn how introduce your cat or dog to each other. It may also be helpful to learn from dog behavior training experts on how you can train your dog to get along with cats.Dog aggression towards cats can be greatly minimized when you take time to understand the reinforcement methods useful for training dogs to get along with cats.

How to tell if your Dog Gets along with Cats

As emphasized above, it’s important you know how your dog gets along with cats; before you introduce a cat in your home. There are diverse dog behaviors that indicate your dog will not get along with cats unless the dog is trained properly to tolerate cats. Here are a few indicators on whether your dog will get along with cats;

  • Does your dog chase cats in the neighborhood or when you are walking your dog- dogs that don’t get along with cats will often bark and chase any cats at sight. If you observe your dog chasing cats it may be helpful you stop this dog behavior. This will be a great way to get started with making your dog more cats friendly. This behavior can be seen when you are walking your dog, when you are in a pet shop or vet clinic where your dog sees a cat.
  • Does your dog fight with the cat at home- if you have a dog and cat already in the house, you may closely observe the behavior of your dog towards the cat in the house. Some dogs can be so tolerant that they will be willing to even share a bowl with your cat. By making these observation you can see how your dog gets along with cats.

Introducing Cats to Dogs

You should be very careful when you are introducing your cat to your dog especially if your dog has not had previous experience with cats. You should seek the advice of a dog behavior expert if you think your dog will not get along with cats.

Personal Observation:

Besides the breed factor, I have observed that the younger the dog the more easily it will get along with cats. Introducing cats to dogs at an earlier age is somewhat successful that when the dog is old. The previous experience with cats is also an important factor when considering introducing a cat to your dog. For instance; a dog that has been adopted as mature and has previous experience of doing well with cats is likeier to be a good candidate for living in a family that has cats.

Dogs that Get along with Cats

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Small dogs for Kids that get along with Kids

Small dog breeds make great pets for a family that has kids and they also become great pets for children if they get along with cats. There are a number of small dog breeds that are thought to get along with cats. These breeds may either naturally get along with cats or may be trained to get used to living in family that has other pets.

The trainability of the small dogs to get along with cats makes them the ideal family pets, in the first instance they may not get along with cats but with proper behavior training they will get along.

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Top 4 Small Dogs that Get along with Cats

The following dog breed will easily get along with cats:

1. Maltese
This is a wonderful small white dog breed ideal for children and gets along with cats. This is a dog weighing less than 10 pounds that can be trained to get along with cats. Most people who have maltase and keep cats can attest that this is a great dog that gets along easily with cats.

2. Chihuahua
Like maltase Chihuahua are small dogs that also weigh less than 10 pounds and are wonderful pets for children. Chihuahua is arguably one of the best small dog breed that gets along with cats without any doubt. This makes it even easier when you introduce them at an early age and they grow together in the same house. Chihuahua dogs are very tolerant of cats.

3. Bichon Frise
Another small white dog breed that makes a perfect lap dog due to the small size, Bichon Frise makes good friends with cats from the early age. They are characterized by a less aggressive behavior that makes them ideal cat friendly dogs.
4. Shih Tzu
Shih Tzu dog breed is very easy to train and adapt to an environment that has cats. Considering their warm personality and tolerance; they make good small dog breed that get along with cats.


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