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Top 10 Popular Female Cat Names

Updated on March 18, 2013

Cat Naming

Naming a cat is one of the things that should be done to make the communication with your cat and training easy. Cat ownership is one of the most exciting but most challenging tasks that require knowledge on how to take care and train your new cat to be well mannered.

This is because the cat is new to the environment and to the family. It’s hard for you to train you cat without having a name. When you are naming a cat you may consider naming your cat based on the personality that your newly adopted cat portrays.

Cat's Name Influences the Personality

Just like in humans where the females are said to be a little shy and timid as compared to the males, the female cats too are timid and shy especially when in a new environment or with new people. The first and most important step to take after adopting your cat is identifying a suitable name. The name given to a cat especially the female cat has a direct effect on the way she grows and interacts with the environment around her and the people around her.

A name that suggests the cat is beautiful, brave and name that praises or shows the good attributes in the cat will work towards building her confidence. A good name for a cat makes the cat the most adorable pet in your home. You can choose some of these names as they are the most common female names for cats. I have decided to pick ten and name them as the top 10 cat names

Top 10 Popular Female Cat names and their meaning

There are so many cat names for female cats. There are however some of the female cat names that are so popular. These cat names are the most used names for female cats and mainly border the character or physical appearance of the cat. These words include; Abby, Sassy, Princess, Precious, Sophie, Missy, Kitty, Angel, Molly and Lucy

Top 10 Cat Name No1 : Abby

The name Abby is derived from the Hebrew meaning rejoicing. Cats given this name are said to be happy and jolly. You can decide to name your cat Abby if the cat is happy and playful.

No 2 : Sassy

This name is an American name that stands for lively and playful. Most Sassy is cute, delicate and always well mannered cat.

No 3 : Princess

Princess is an English name that stands for royalty. Princess is also known to be beautiful and to have dignity and respect. They tend to be charismatic to their owners.

No 4 : Precious

The name precious is an English name that means highly valued. Cats given this name are so much loved by their owners and are regarded as so valuable. The cats get so much favor from their owner which in turn makes them loving and loyal to their owners.

No 5 : Sophie

It is a derived from a Greek word meaning wise. Sophie is playful and intelligent. They are also sincere and lovely. They enjoy the company of people than they do that of other cats or pats.

No 6 : Missy

It is a Greek name that stands for calm and soft-spoken. These cats are quite and lovely.

No 7: Kitty

Kitty is another name derived from a Greek name meaning flirty. These cats are beautiful that are so good to their owners. Kitty is easy going and love life.

No 8: Angel

Angel is an English name that stands for pure, lovely, and beautiful. This name generally stands for someone who is so good and kind, spiritually viewed as God’s messenger. Angel is lovely, quite but don’t bond easily with strangers or people new to them.

No 9 : Molly

Molly is a Hebrew name that has a meaning of the Virgin Mary (mother of Christ). Cats given this name trust easily are cute and gentle. The size of the cat does not affect the name Molly since Molly’s come in all sizes and color.

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No 10 : Lucy

Lucy is a Latin name meaning light. Cats given this name are curious and alert, they are beautiful and lovable. Their owners show them so much love, affection and attention. This makes the cats become spoiled.

These are the most common names of cats and can be used for naming your cat.


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