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Top 10 Weird Dog Toys

Updated on April 15, 2015

Some of the Strangest Dog Toys your Dog Has Ever Seen!

Dog toys aren't all fetch sticks, balls and squeaky toys. Nope. Here's a list of the 10 most weird, wacky and crazy dog toys we could find. And, yes, these all really do exist on the retail market (meaning they're not just concepts or prototypes). Know of any more weird dog toys? Scroll down and let us know in the comments - we'd love to add them to the list!

#1: Puppy Tweets - Twitter Device for Dogs

This gadget was designed by Mattel and has 500 pre-programmed tweets (such as "YAHOOOOOOO! Somedays you just gotta get your bark on.") that send out whenever a dog wearing the device moves or barks.

#2: Hot Doll - Love Doll for Dogs (I cannot believe I just typed that.)

hot doll for dogs
hot doll for dogs

According to the manufacturer, the point of this dog toy is to get your dog to stop humping pillows and perhaps your neighbors leg and to instead get intimate with the Hot Doll. $220.00

#3: PetZen Dog Tread - Motorized Treadmill for Dogs

Now dogs can get their exercise in the comfort of their own home. The motorized DogTread has adjustable speed, distance and resistance settings for dogs who just can't stop go-go-going!

#4: Fetchtastic - Automatic Fetch Machine for Dogs

dog ball thrower
dog ball thrower

Perfect for dogs who just can't get enough of playing fetch. This dog ball launcher will keep throwing tennis balls as long as Fido wants to chase after them! $164.95

#5: Bowlingual - Dog Translation Device


Ever wonder what your dog is really thinking? This device claims to translate your dog's thoughts and tell you what's really on their mind. $148.00

#6: Bubbletastic - Bacon Bubble Machine for Dogs

bacon bubbles
bacon bubbles

This battery-powered dog bubble machine from blows a windstorm of bacon-scented dog bubbles so dogs can go crazy trying to pop them all. $24.95

#7: Dog Fisher - Treat Fishing Pole Game for Dogs

Throw out a fishing pole with a treat lure and you just might find that you hooked a four-legged-and-furry "fish".

#8: Aikiou - Interactive Dog Food Bowl


For dogs that like to wolf down their meal in 30 seconds flat, the Aikiou dog bowl is perfect. It slows down mealtime by making dogs work for their food.

#9: Dog Fighter - Wooden Puzzle Game for Dogs

dog fighter puzzle
dog fighter puzzle

Ever wonder how clever your dog really is? This dog puzzle puts Fido's brain power to the test and rewards him with treats when he passes the test. As far as dog puzzles go, the Nina Ottosson Dog Fighter is tops. $59.95

#10: Crunchkins - Edible Rawhide Greeting Cards for Dogs

Now you can give a dog with a Hallmark-like greeting that they can actually eat because it's made from a rawhide treat.

Some More Crazy Dog Toys

These dog toys may not have made the Top 10 list but they're still pretty darn weird!

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Know of any more crazy-weird dog toys we can add to the list?

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