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Top 3 Best Dog Collars

Updated on November 22, 2010
Best Dog Collars
Best Dog Collars

Dogs need a collar but not just any collar. Your canine should have the best collar out there. They only wear one item why not treat them the way you would want to be treated. Here are the best dog collars out there, maybe not the most fancy but definitely the best.

This safety collar glows or flashes at night time to prevent your dog from getting hit by cars and to help you find you them if they should get lost.  It is weatherproof and has a hidden battery pack so that even if your dog goes missing in the rain they will still be protected.

The Planet Dog Cozy Hemp collar is the most comfortable collar you can possibly get for your dog.  It is so soft and made from natural hemp instead of nylon which is a plastic synthetic.  It has a quick release so your dog can be free in your house easily and you can also easily get the collar back on.

If your dog is a little more of a rebel, you may want to consider a spiked collar. This kind of collar also prohibits other dogs from biting your dogs neck as well as making your dog look super cool.  The collar is made of genuine leather and fit that biker personality your dog may been keen on.


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