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Top 5 Most Beautiful Cat Breeds

Updated on December 26, 2013


Cats come in many different breeds that vary in coat length, fur color, body build, face structure, and eye color. This article introduces you to the most dashing cat breeds out there, pictures and videos included.

#1. Bengal cats

Silver bengal cat
Silver bengal cat

Bengal cats are probably my favorite breed of cats- I became fascinated with them the first time I saw one, and within a few months, bought my very own kitten. They come in a variety of coat and eye colors, but a common trait of all is the large, expressive eyes, long muscular body, and a beautiful wild look. Bengals are bred from Asian Leopard Cats, giving them their distinctive leopard spotted or marbled pattern.

Bengals are one of the easier cat breeds to be trained, and can be walked on a leash and even taught a variety of tricks. They are known for their endless energy and playfulness as well, giving them the title 'the most dog-like cat'.

Bengal cat doing tricks

A well trained bengal cat performing tricks at his owner's command.

Bengals Illustrated 2014 Bengal Cat Calendar through April 2015
Bengals Illustrated 2014 Bengal Cat Calendar through April 2015

Beautifully illustrated Bengal Cat calendar with different pictures on every page.


2. Tonkinese cats

Tonkinese cats originated as a mix between Siamese and Burmese cats, and are characterized by their beautiful ice-blue eyes, gradient fur with darker areas focused on their muzzle, ears, paws, and tail, and their solid but not bulky build. The Tonkinese are playful and intelligent, often talkative cats with open personalities and make great pets. These beautiful cats do well with children and dogs, and doubles great as a playmate who runs throughout the house in games of tag but also affectionate lap cats who will crave your attention.

The Guide to Owning a Tonkinese Cat
The Guide to Owning a Tonkinese Cat

The complete, perfect guide that will educate you in owning a tonkinese!


3. Toyger

Just like its name sounds, this relatively new breed was bred to have tiger-like fur- in other words, a 'toy tiger', toyger. They are characterized by their bold, branching stripes, long, muscular body, and sharp amber to green eyes. Toygers are highly interactive and intelligent cats, and like bengals, can be taught to walk on leashes and perform a variety of tricks. They are laid back and fit easily into any household, all while bringing you a sense of truly taming the wild.

Learn more about Toygers from this exclusive Toyger review by animal planet.

4. Abyssinian

Abyssinians, rumored to originate directly from the sacred cats of Egypt, are characterized by their large, pointed ears, Agouti ticked fur (each strand of fur has 4-6 different bands of color on it), and large, almond shaped eyes, usually rich gold or green in color. They resemble small mountain lions or cougers with their compact but athletic bodies and alertness. Abyssinians are relatively small cats, but full of energy and playfulness, highly interested in everything going on around them, and make engaging companions for people of all ages.

5. Siberian cats

Siberian cats, which originated from the cold climates of Russia, are characterized by their long, multicolored fur, lion-like mane, and round but muscular bodies. They have slightly longer hind legs, giving them an incredible jump despite their large size, and are powerful, agile cats. These magnificent cats are surprisingly gentle creatures as well, known for being great with children and bonding with their human companions well.

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