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Top 5 Wall Mounted Fish Tanks & Aquariums

Updated on September 26, 2014

Wall Mounted Aquarium Reviews: A Unique Tank For Your Viewing Pleasure

Owning a fish can be difficult for many people due to space restrictions in your home. In urban centers around the world, people live in smaller apartments, or just a small home without a lot of extra breathing room. A great big fish tank is just one more thing in the way. Fortunately for space restricted fish lovers, the wall mounted fish tank / aquarium is here to save the day!

A wall mounted fish tank is a great way to enjoy everything that pet fish have to offer without using up any of the floor space in your home. These awesome fish tanks sit on the wall and can hold a surprising amount of water, letting you own a surprising number of fish, all while being extremely captivating and very attractive. Why bother with a plasma screen TV when you can have a live display like this?

This lens will look at five of the best wall mounted fish tanks & aquariums available on the market today. We'll first touch on everything a prospective purchaser might need to know about the care, mounting and maintenance of these things. Next we'll look over each of the tanks I'll be recommending. I'll be specifically featuring items for sale online. Many internet retailers have a great returns policy and incredible discounts, so that's my recommendation to you. A few pet shops may carry tanks like these too, if you prefer to shop locally.

Care & Maintenance of a Wall Mount Fish Tank

What you'll need to know before purchase

We're almost to the reviews. Skip ahead if you're impatient!

Even though they are pretty low maintenance and low profile, a wall mounted aquarium does not work for all spaces and conditions. Here are a few things you should probably know before you rush out and buy one.

  1. Wall Mounting Required:

    This one may seem a bit obvious, but it's something you should consider. A wall based fish tank will require some mounting, so be prepared for that. Most of the tanks featured here will come with special hardware to affix it to the wall, but you'll still need to whip out that drill and stud finder. Since they carry many gallons of water, they are pretty heavy, so you'll need to follow instructions and mount to a firm location, such as wall studs. If you're not confident in this task, hire a handyman to do it for you.

  2. Maintenance Required:

    Like all fish tanks or aquariums, wall mounted varieties still require some routine maintenance to keep your fish happy and healthy. They require water changes, filter replacement, things like that. Don't hang it too high, or in a place that'll make that sort of thing impossible. Put it in a low, accessible spot so you'll be more likely to maintain it.

  3. Requires Power:

    Your fish aquarium on the wall will probably require electricity to run. Most have a standard cable for a power outlet, much like a TV or other electronic device. If you don't like the look of the dangling cable, you'll have to sort out a system to hide it. A professional installer can run it behind the drywall.

Aquavista 500 Wall Mounted Aquarium with Coral Reef Background, Silver Frame
Aquavista 500 Wall Mounted Aquarium with Coral Reef Background, Silver Frame

Really inexpensive, lots of controls, lighting and filtration built in, 6.6 gallons of water capacity.


Aquavista 500 Wall Mounted Aquarium

An inexpensive, multi-featured aquarium tank

The Aquavista 500 is a great choice because it's pretty simple and low cost, yet it boasts some great features. This particular model holds 6.6 gallons of water, which is enough for a few smaller fish to be very happy in.

Aquavista tanks are low maintenance too, because each tank comes with a built-in filtration system. You only have to change water every so often. There is also a keypad that displays the current temperature and lets you adjust, using the built-in heaters. Build in lights let you illuminate your fish, also using the keypad. It's a cheap wall aquarium with plenty of upside.

One neat thing about this tank is, there are dozens of 'frame designs', so you can pick one that suits your decorating theme. You can swap out the background image too to fit your style perfectly.

1 Gallon Reflection Fish Bubble Deluxe Mirrored Wall Mounted Aquarium Tank
1 Gallon Reflection Fish Bubble Deluxe Mirrored Wall Mounted Aquarium Tank

An inexpensive wall-mounted fish bowl. Does not take up any floor or counter space, and makes a great conversation piece.


Reflection Bubble: A Small Aluminum Wall Mounted Fish Tank

A bubble style tank with no filtration system or electrical requirements

This is a very small tank indeed, and doesn't come with all the fanciness that the larger, wall mounted aquariums & tanks feature.

However, if you just want a single betta fish, a goldfish, or a couple of guppies, this is a good option for you. It's small, light, and takes up very little space. It doesn't come with any filtration, or any electrical requirements. That means you can hang it anywhere, but you'll need to change the water periodically (which is pretty easy to do if its at eye level.)

This little wall mount fish tank is a great statement piece and a conversation item, and it's attractively housed in a reflective frame, making it appear like a submarine porthole. It might work well for children who want their first pet. Very cool indeed!

Aquavista Panoramic Wall Aquarium, Black, 5-Feet Wide
Aquavista Panoramic Wall Aquarium, Black, 5-Feet Wide

5 feet wide, lighting, heating and dual filtration system built in, auto feeder.


Aquavista Panoramic Wall Mount Aquarium

A beautiful, widescreen tank with auto feeder

The Aquavista Panoramic Wall Aquarium is a great tank worth your consideration. It takes the same awesome features of the 500, and adds in some extras.

Like the 500, it mounts much like a plasma screen TV would do, but it's almost 5 feet wide, so your fish will have tons of room to move, and people will have a lot more tank to look at.

It comes with dual filters, air pump, C02 generator, lighting and controls, and a nice feature is the automatic feeder. Going to be going away for a few days? Not a problem, just load up the feeder and it will do that work for you.

It also comes in a 6 foot wide version. You'll definitely want to measure and make sure it'll fit in your home, but this is the Rolls Royce of the category.

Aussie Aquariums Wall Mounted Vista

An attractive, modern wall mounted aquarium with nice features

The nice thing about these beautiful Aussie Aquariums are the custom cut metal enclosures, making them an absolutely stunning piece of artwork. Few other tanks look as good as the ones produced by this awesome company. Beyond the good looks, they also boast some competitive features.

This particular model holds 7.5 gallons of water, and comes with a built in custom multi-featured underwater filtration system, as well as a built in lighting setup with a colour changing remote control, so you can change how it looks depending on your mood. It comes with a fish starter kit, and a changeable backgrounds. It's large enough to handle quite a few residents, and it's compatible with salt water setups if that's your preference.

If you read the reviews you'll see how many other customers are captivated by this product.

Aussie Aquariums Mini Wall Mounted Aquarium

A portable fish tank with wall mounts, very affordable

If you don't have a ton of wall space, you can still enjoy the look and feel. There are a few very small wall mounted fish tanks & aquariums for sale, including this one by Aussie Aquariums.

Despite the lack of water storage, this is a nice tank for a small number of residents. With just 2.5 gallons of water, it's probably only suitable for a few fish, perhaps a handful of tropical fish, goldfish, guppies or a single betta fish. I wouldn't go much over that limit.

It comes with the same fish starter kit that its larger sibling has, along with the built in lighting and submersed filter to make maintenance and viewing a breeze. It's also pretty light, at only 18 pounds.

It's a really nice option for an office space or a waiting room, since it provides both entertainment and visual intrigue.

Benefits of a Wall Mount Aquarium Tank

Why Get One?

There are numerous benefits to owning a wall mounted fish tank. I've listed a few of my personal reasons below:

  1. An aquarium or fish tank on the wall makes a fantastic statement piece. Everyone who walks into your home or business will be transfixed by the beautiful scene. Having it on your wall places your pets at eye level, making them an irresistible piece of moving art.
  2. You will save a lot of floor space with one of these aquariums, and it also reduces the need for art on your wall. You can effectively kill two birds with one stone, saving space and having a statement piece for your friends to ooh and ahh over.
  3. The wall mounted aquariums for sale today are pretty low maintenance. You usually have a touchpad control for the temperature, a built-in, whisper quiet filter, and built in lights. This means that your overall maintenance can be as little as a few minutes every few days.

Would you put a wall mounted aquarium or fish tank in your home?

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    • BikePro profile image

      Graeme 5 years ago

      @floppypoppygift1: Yeah, that last mini wall mount tank would be good for a little betta! I appreciate the comment.

    • floppypoppygift1 profile image

      floppypoppygift1 5 years ago

      Yes, I love bettas and these aquariums are easy to take care of. Cheers~cb