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Training Your Dog for Bike Ride-Puppy Training

Updated on June 6, 2016

Exercise your dog for his health

Training Your Dog for Bike Ride-Puppy Training. My training began when my dog was small and puppy training was easy. Even if you haven't educated your pet it's still not too late. Although it may take a bit longer for your dog to understand the turning of the bike, he will still catch on quickly. You will also have to do some training with him to understand the speed you should ride at and the amount of time you pet can tolerate. I have some easy tips for you whether you're doing puppy training or teaching an older pet.

My newest addition to our biking routine now includes a new dog carrier basket. When I feel like riding further with him he gets tired and sometime winded. I purchased a cool basket that attaches to the handle bar of my bike and is specially design to carry a pet. I has a sleeve attached to the rim of the basket which can be snugged around Scooter's neck, keeping him secure inside. He sit in the basket with his head out and can enjoy the scenery as we ride and he can rest. He enjoys the ride from his seat and he lets me know when he needs to rest in it by slowing down his pace as we ride.

First some Tips


1. Use a dog harness with a light weight leash or bicycle leash.

2. Practice first

3. Bring water for your pet


1. Never use a retractable leash

2. Never use a choke chain

3. Never overwork your pet

Take frequent breaks. Be mindful of the temperature you dog can overheat quickly, keep him hydrated. Be careful with small dogs. Attach a pet carrier to your bike or a pet basket in case you pet get over tired or injured. Safety is the key to success when bicycling with your pet. Remember the experience should be enjoyable for both you and your pet.

Here's a photo of Scooter after his bicycle exercise.

Ozzie & Ringo
Ozzie & Ringo

How to Get Started

Practice Makes Perfect

Many dogs love to run and take to bicycle running exercise right away. However, others need time to adapt to the faster pace of running along side of you as you bike. One of the easiest ways to start is to attach your dog to a bicycle leash walk alongside of your bike. I find that a short light weight leash in my hand makes me feel more secure. Start by using a dog harness to have better control over the direction of your dog. Make sure you are on the opposite side of your bike from the dog and practice by walking the bike with your dog. This way he can get used to the bike, keeping the front wheel at within his peripheral vision. This way when you ride the bike he will be used to the position of the bike tire.

You may need to practice on a traffic free area away from any distractions. Once you dog is used to the idea of bike walking you can try riding slowly on the bicycle with him alongside. When your pet has more experience, begin riding at a regular pace. You will find that your dog will run along at your chosen pace.

Biking with your dog

A must have pet carrier

I love this carrier when my pet get too tired to run he enjoys riding in his special place on my bike.

Running your dog improving your health

Do not just off start biking miles on your first time out. Gradually increase your dog's stamina as part of your daily routine. According to canine experts gradually increase the time and distance you travel by 5 to 10 percent every 4-6 rides. Two miles is the usual recommended limit of exercise you should do with your pet.

Remember that the pavement gets very hot during summer months and can do harm to your pets feet. Be careful of rocks, pebbles, broken glass and other hazards that may harm your pet. Stop and rest at frequent intervals for smaller pets, larger one are more physically able to travel at top speeds for longer distances and time intervals.

Have you or do you plan to bike ride with your dog?

Have you ever gone bike riding with your dog?

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Have you ever bike exercised your dog?

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      5 years ago

      Cute I wish I had a bike


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