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Turning Kids Toys Into Fish Tank Décor

Updated on September 4, 2013

Fish Tank Décor Using Kids Toys

Kids get really excited when they first receive their toys. They scream, they play with it for hours, they even sleep with them. But eventually, the time will come when they will get tired of them or they outgrow them. And this is something that can happen very fast in a child's life. So what do we do about the toys when they have outlived their use? Well, if you are charitable, they would be donated to an orphanage. If you're an entrepreneur, they would be sold in a garage sale. But if you're like most people, they would just go into the trash can and end up in the trash heap somewhere, adding to the pollution on this planet.

Well, now here's an idea of what you can do with unwanted kids toys. Turn them into fish tank decorations. We'll like at how this can easily be done and why they make some of the best aquarium décor you could imagine.

Why Kids Toys Make Great Tank Décor - They are really detailed

Marvel Toys In The Aquarium Décor
Marvel Toys In The Aquarium Décor

Have you looked closely at your kids toys lately? The ones sold today are so extremely detailed, down to the most minute facet of the character. You would never be able to find fish tank decorations having this kind of detail.

Kids toys come in a huge variety of themes. These are mainly based on some famous cartoon series or movie show. And when kids get them, they usually have more than one character from the same show, usually a hero and a villain. They might also have other little accessories and items that go with the characters plus a cave or vehicle, depending on the cartoon. So without much effort, you have in your collection a whole theme that you could build into your aquarium. All you probably need are some rocks and aquatic plants to add to it.

Another cool fact that makes the toys ideal as aquarium décor is that since they are made for children, the should not contain any chemicals or components that is toxic, unlike normal household décor. This is especially true if the toys come from reputable brands like Hasbro and Mattel. Safe for the kids would generally mean safe for the fish.

How To Prepare Toys For The Aquarium - Just think where those toys have been

Dirty toys
Dirty toys

Now that you've selected the ideal set of toys as your fish tank décor, its time to do a little preparation. Yes they do need to be prepared. Chances are those toys have been played with to they max. They've gone to the most gross places and have collected an unknown quantity of bacteria which you really do not want to transfer to your aquarium. Here's what you need to do.

1. Inspect the toys. You need to ensure that there is not a single piece of metal on or in the toy. Metal will rust and this will poison the tank water. If there are any metal parts or components, remove them. If they really can't be removed, then you will have to skip the idea of using these. If the metal holds up joint, you could always glue the joints together with some aquarium silicone glue.

2. Wash the toys. Get rid of all those years of bacterial colonization. Wash them in plain water, never use any soap or detergent. Chemical detergents leave a residue that is really hard to get rid off and this will leak into the aquarium water. Give it a good scrub with a sponge or soft brush. An old toothbrush would be great to get into the joints and details.

3. Rinse them out. After the wash, swish them around some new water. This will flush out the dirt that you washed off.

3. Air dry them. The best way to dry them out is to air dry them in bright sunlight. Sunshine has Ultra Violet rays that will kill off any microorganisms that might still be on the toy. Leave them in the sun for a couple of hours.

5. If your toys floats, which it most likely will, you can plus them to a rock using aquarium silicone glue.

Now they are ready for your tank.

Toys That Look Awesome In A Tank Of Water

Not all toys are created equal. Here is a small list of the type of toys you should be considering.

  • Toys that come in a set. The more the better.
  • Heroes and villains. It would be awesome to have two enemy factions that look like they are in battle.
  • Lego. Create your own scene.

What Do You Think? - Interested in turning your kids toys into tank decorations?

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