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Ugliest Dog Breed

Updated on October 6, 2014

Ugliest Dogs Pictures


Ugliest Dog Breed : Overview

Before I decided to write about the ugliest dog breed I was surprised to learn about the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest which is an annual event that is held in Petaluma in the U.S. Like other competitions there is motivation that is equitable to a prize for a winner. I really don’t understand the motivation of this contest because I don’t think it’s meant to promote breeding standards as other dog contests would. Nevertheless I have decided to write about the ugly dog breeds as voted in this contest, since its inception. I don't want to be labeled the advocate for some breeds being labeled as 'ugly dog breeds’ I am just following the chronology of events as they have unfolded since this World's Ugliest Dog Contest began. I expect mixed reactions about this topic and I look forward to understanding more about this contest from your reactions and opinions.

Brief History of World's Ugliest Dog Contest

There are diverse opinions on the exact date that this contest began with suggestions that the contest have been in existence since 70’s. The most formal date for this event happened back in the year 2000/2001.

The Prize of the Contest is $1000

The table below highlights the winning ugly dog name, the dog breed and the year that the ugly dog won the contest.

World's Ugliest Dog Contest Summary of Winners

Ugliest Dog
Ugliest Dog Breed
2000, 2001
Mixed Breed (Not confirmed by the Owner)
Chinese Crested
Chinese Crested
Internet Elections Compromised
Chinese Crested-Chihuahua
Chinese Crested
Boxer Mixed Breed
Princess Abby
Chinese Crested/chihuahua mix
Chinese Crested
Wikipedia is the Source of this information

Ugliest Dog Breed – Chinese Crested Breed

Chinese Crested Breed seems to have carried the day on all the events of the World's Ugliest Dog Contest. This makes it the world Ugliest Dog Breed, there seems to be a tendency of other dogs that are crossed with the breed to bear similar breed characteristics that are regarded as ugly. A good example is Elwood who won the 2007 contest.

Elwood Ugliest Dog Contest Winner 2007


Ugliest Dog 2007 Winner: Elwood

The dog was a cross of the Chinese Crested and Chihuahua. Like the other Chinese Crested Elwood had the following characteristics:

  • Hairless
  • Dark Colored
  • Scanty Fur Mohawk like on the head
  • Bug Eyes
  • Long Wagging Tongue

Elwood was euthanized .

Sam Ugliest Dog Winner 2003-2005

Sam was a Pure Chinese Crested Dog but was unfortunately blind. He won the contest three times in a low and died a hero in 2005. He was euthanized due to a persistent heart problem.

Ugliest Dog Breeds Video

Sam Ugliest Dog Winner Contest 2003-2005


Ugliest Dog Breed Poll

Do you think crossing dogs makes them ugly?

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Chinese Crested Breed Profile

Chinese Crested History:

This dog breed is believed to have its ancestry from the hairless breeds of Africa and seems to have been spread round the world by merchants. The dog was further bred by Chinese and therefore acquired the name Chinese Crested.

Breed Characteristics

The breed is recognized by AKC and has the following breed characteristics:

  • Weight of the breed ranges from 5 to 12 pounds
  • It’s a hairless Breed that has a smooth skin and has different colors and characterized by spots on the skin.
  • On the head and extremities the breed has hair puffs that are characteristic of this breed.
  • The breed is categorized as a toy or small dog breed


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    • profile image

      DoItForHer 5 years ago

      I don't like the ugliest dog thing as it does promote breeding- breeding of the backyard variety. The worst of the worst are chosen, then some of those are treated horrifically. Teeth are pulled. The worst of food is given to promote ill health and, therefore, ugliness. Genetic blindness can make for quite the homely dog. Encouraging aggression so the dog snarls to show the ugly, yellowed, broken teeth would be a good way to display another level of ugliness.

      Most people don't do this, and I've never heard of anyone doing what I said, but I have no doubt that people do what I've written, and more, to win the prize of having the ugliest dog. Too much incentive to use abuse as a tool to help win the prize.

      Don't mean to be a buzzkill, but that is exactly what I did. :-(